Je Suis Gourmand: Revisited


My favorite restaurant in the Makati area just got better 🙂 Last January, we celebrated my son’s birthday in Je Suis Gourmand ( see Aidan’s Je Suis Gourmand Birthday Dinner ) and I’ve complained about how small the place is. Last June, the place just got bigger and I would dare to say more romantic. I’m glad that they can accommodate more people already because before you would usually need to reserve to eat here at night. They now have two private rooms for celebrating special occasions — how I wished they renovated earlier 🙂 This is my favorite restaurant because you can’t go wrong with any of the dishes you order here. Secondly, I love places where the Chef is always in the restaurant and interacts with his guests. Lastly, it is has a cozy environment conducive for chatting with friends and co-workers. To top it off, the waiters are very friendly and parking is never a problem.

I love the red lamp effect which adds to the overall romantic mood of the place.

Warm Duck Graton Salad with Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar Vinaigrete (P320).
This salad has a very unique taste and the duck blends very well with the vegetable and the vinegar vinaigrete.

Braised Ox Tongue with Tomato and pickled Sauce (P350).
This is one of the best sellers in the house. A lot of people would swear that this ox tongue literally melts in your mouth! It does not have that tongue after taste or that coarse texture when you bite into the ox tongue meat.

More information
Je Suis Gourmand Inc.
GF Net1 Center Bldg. Fort Bonifacio, beside Neo Spa and BPI
Parking in Mcdonalds in front of Gourmand
Tel# +632 815-8801-02

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14 thoughts on “Je Suis Gourmand: Revisited

  1. Hi Anton,
    Nice blog.. I always read your blog since i soooo love to eat and i love to go places.. Your website has always been my default site for good food and good places..
    Just a suggestion, try to feature THAI KITCHEN.. It’s the best Thai resto so far.. Im wondering lang kc why di ka pa nag fe-feature ng thai restaurant..
    The food’s really good.. They have the perfect satay, chix pandan, bagoong rice, tom yum and many others..

  2. After reading your blog, I went there the other week and tried the Braised Ox Tongue. and I must say, it’s melt-in-your-mouth experience. the taste is not overpowering. I also tried their mushroom salad (I forgot the name) and boy, I suddenly miss my mom’s cooking. *drooling* Anyway, I also tried their SoufflĂ©, not bad but nothing special. Overall, it was a great dining experience.

  3. MMMMM… Je Suis Gourmand rocks!!!! I loveeee the Braised Ox Tongue, the taste is heavenly..
    I also agree with you Michelli, Thai Kitchen ( The one in Morato, I just don’t know the complete address but it’s right beside Shakeys and infront of Italianis and Heaven & Eggs )is the best Thai restaurant in the city. I go for their freid spring rolls, chicken pandan, bagoong rice, garlic squid and thai halo2 for desert.. Im so hungry!

  4. I had an amazing dish at this place…Roasted Bone Marrow. Long shank bone sawed length-wise…you just scoop out the bone marrow with a spoon. It is other-worldly!

  5. This was my third visit to JSG, but the food in my opinion was not as good as before. I don’t know maybe the kitchen had a bad day of some sort. We had the Onion tart with Emmental cheese which was again very good just like before. But the salad was just okay, the arugula was not as fresh as we wanted it to be. The sauteed Portobello Mushrooms with poached was not very good either. For the main courses we had the Pig Trotter which was just okay but the serving seems to be way smaller than before. The veal cheek Bourguignonne was way to salty, the Prawns with Linguine was just ok. The Lapu Lapu with leek cream sauce and the Braised Lamb Shank was fine though, but I still felt that they tasted way better before.

  6. Hi Anton,
    I learned about Je Suis Gourmand through Our Awesome Planet. We went there last 13 Feb. The food was great, and so was the overall ambience of the place. Parking was also ample. Thanks for the review.

  7. Having heard of JSG through a colleague who is now a chef in china, I visited JSG with my family to see what it was all about. After all my friend knew good food, not only to appreciate it, but to cook it for a living as well.
    Sadly, almost everything we ordered did not in any way impress. The appetizer sampler that had rillettes, foie gras, and boudin was the only thing that I would consider decent. I had the rack of lamb which they offered in generous portions, which would be great if it was any good. First of, it seems they used the same old marinade of salt/pepper/mustard/thyme, which is perfectly fine since it works, but in the cooking they somehow managed to cook the lamb while leaving the coating of mustard still somewhat uncooked. I can’t even imagine how they managed that. The side dish was a simple rattatouille which had irregularly cut and very very tired looking vegetables coated with inferior olive oil and truly was disgusting. For starch, there were a few chunks of potatoes, prepared who knows how and was really not in any way appetizing. The sauce was a simple demi glace of sorts, which would have been great if it was really genuine demi glace and not some goop that could very well have been made from a brown powder that comes in a big red box.
    The bread that they served with the appetizer was also not inspired, I am told by my friend who worked with JSG for a while that the bread was not made in house and well, not their fault, at least not directly. Baguettes are possibly the easiest breads to make, flour, yeast, water, and salt, that’s it.
    What I did like was the soup which was something new, at least to myself, I can not recall the name but it had tomato, tarragon, cream, cheese and shellfish.
    Over all, I am not at all impressed and would never likely to go back to JSG, though I honestly feel that this was a fluke, possibly because of one incompetent person (maybe a trainee since they do accept apprentices there) whose work was not inspected by his chef.

  8. We simply love Gourmand! Been eating there since it opened.
    My ultimate favorite meal there would still be the Braised Ox Tongue, and the French Onion Soup.
    Strangely though, I also seemed to like the small and cozy restaurant it used to be, because the food was also better before (?). Maybe it’s just me, but I liked their old menu better. I miss their old desserts too, especially this white chocolate and strawberry souffle.
    We still keep coming back though… BF simply loves it.

  9. I would really love to go to Je suis…. where is it exactly at the Fort? Is it the mc donalds infront of St Lukes?

  10. Do you recommend this place for a dinner date of four? and if so how much do you think a dinner here would cost me? thank you…

  11. I just ate here last weekend! LOVE EVERYTHING!!! love the place and super love the food! everything was so delicious!! we ordered the ox tongue, foie gras, braised lamb, salmon steak, spring chicken, french onion soup and creme brulee!! thanks anton for the tip! animo lasalle!

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