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I must admit, the first time I asked my wife to eat in Latasia Fusion on a Saturday night, I thought twice about visiting this place. I was expecting an al fresco setup with a garden but instead the place was small and literally a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant. If George Ramos did not rave about how good the vegetarian food is, I wouldn’t even consider to eat here. I was flabbergasted by how good the vegetarian food even better than its meat counterparts at a low price of less than P100 for a complete meal! This beats the cost of a Jollibee meal these days and it gives you healthy benefits that not even a chicken joy or jolly burger can provide.

I won’t give a lecture on how vegetarian food is the best diet for a guilt-free eating to a healthy living (as Latasia Fusion’s slogan suggest). I was a struggling, trying-hard vegetarian at one point (if you been reading my blog for some time now) and the last thing I want to hear is somebody preaching about the bad effects of a carnivorous diet. I was only able to sustain it for a month and then I was back to my steak-eating ways. I had a lot of excuses which includes the availability of delicious vegetarian cuisine at a low costs as possible. Latasia Fusion was able to break this excuse by providing vegetarian versions of our favorite Kare Kare, Shawarma, Barbeque, Lengua, Morcon, vegetarian egg and eggless mayonnaise, etc… You have to taste it to believe it and if this was near our place, I wouldn’t mind eating here the entire week πŸ™‚ Also, one of the complaints of people going to a vegetarian diet is that your Uric Acid will drastically increase because of eating a lot of soya, nuts, and beats. Alex is a living testimony that this is not so even if you eat it on a daily basis. Although your body needs to undergo an adjustment period as the body cleanses the toxins in your body at the start.

Latasia Fusion’s menu is a mix of latin and asia cuisines (hence the name Latasia) owned by Alex and wife, Fortune. They make sure that they serve a complete meal consisting of meat, vegetables and dessert. Snacks such as muesli and granola are also available for those on the go. Alex Orlino, who is an animal rights activist and a member of PETA ( People for the ethical treatment of animals) was determined to become a vegetarian to live his convictions. Thanks to his wife Fortune with her Kapampangan culinary powers, she was able to cook creative vegetarian dishes that is palatable to the Filipino taste and at the same time healthy for the body. Alex has been a vegetarian for 5 years now and in fact, he shares this conviction to people who visits Latasia by giving out free packet containing brochures, stickers, and video materials to inspire people to become a vegetarian. Their lunch menu changes every day and you have to go there when the vegetarian Kare Kare is available. Fortunately, their vegetarian shawarma best seller is available everyday. To those who may be interested to know their weekly menu, you may contact them so your trip there will not be wasted but then, if you are already there why not try out their other dishes as well.

Overall Ambiance

There are only two square tables and a long table attached to the wall. The photo makes it a little bigger but imagine that this place is already crowded if there are 10 or more people eating at the same time. I’m sure this posts would create an awareness of Latasia and I do hope that they would have a chance to expand.

The master chef, Fortune with her mom cooking right before your eyes. This is honest to goodness home cooking in a typical kitchen of a typical Filipino household.

There is no fancy kitchen equipment and the sight of this cooking pan is enough to make you crave for the vegetarian dish about to be served.

There are Fil-Americans who frequent this place which is a good indication of how good the food is despite the way it looks from the outside.

The Vegetarian Food

Latasia Barbeque (Their mock red meat dish made of glutten) — I’ve tasted glutten before and I swore to myself that I won’t eat it anymore. However, Latasia Fusion’s BBQ version changed my mindset on glutten and this is the first time I liked it.

Vegetable Mix. This is the best dish for us during that lunch time which I thought was a menudo version. I can’t believe that this is just vegetables with glutten.

Pininyahan. — Tofu with Pineapple and Raisins. Let’s just say that this one is an acquired taste. This is the only dish that we did not even attempt to finish.

Thai Green Curry — I’m glad that we waited for this dish as it was being cooked when we arrived. If Thai green curry could taste this good, I’m excited how a vegetarian Kare-Kare or Morcon would taste like.

Mock Chicken Pattie. My wife loved this and is a good substitute for spam or ham lovers out there.

Turmeric Rice – Turmeric Spices is the key ingredient in making this yellow rice and it also taste as good as it sounds.

Two Dish + Rice (P40) with Autumn Shake (P40). Imagine, one decent meal is only P40 πŸ™‚ So, I did not hesitate to buy two more dishes so that I can taste all the vegetarian food they serve during lunch. By the way, the Autumn Shake (Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango) by Jess is the best seller in the house for only P40. This healthy raw fruit juice is a good compliment to the Latasia Fusion healthy meal experience. (thanks Kaka for this tip!)

Other Specialties

You should really try the fruit shakes by Jess. Aside from the autumn shake, we tried the Chiz Shake (P35) which is creamy cheesy milk shake that we love. Although, after a few sips, the sweetness of the chiz shake is not too appealing anymore.

Vegan Shawarma! (P40) This is the claim to fame of Latasia Fusion and this is available everyday! We had to take out this vegetarian shawarma just to be able to taste this shawarma version that a lot of people are talking about. Indeed, it is at par or even better (I should say) than the meat based shawarma. One has the option to choose from Harros, Fajitas or Falafel for the filling with 5 variance of veggies.

Barbarri Bread (P45) Thanks to Dawn for this tip on Latasia’s Barbarri bread. She would take this home everytime they would eat in Latasia. The bread itself has been coated with pesto and garlic & parseley dip and is just wonderful to combine with the eggless mayo garlic, a homemade sauce made of tofu. You have to toast it in slow heat to bring out its crunchy taste.

Latasia Fusion

Thanks Alex and Fortune for bringing Latasia Fusion to life in UP! I do hope that your two-month old business becomes successful so that you can branch out to other places in Malate or Makati πŸ™‚ Thanks for inspiring me to reconsider the vegetarian diet. I think i would start first with a pescetarian diet (no red meat only fish and chicken).

This is a must try vegetarian cuisine and let me know what you think about this place. One of the reasons I am passionate about blogging is to promote the bests food and beach places in the Philippines. I think this is one of the best vegetarian filipino restaurant in Metro Manila. Please post your Latasia Fusion experience in the comments.
Katipunan Ave corner Ramon Magsaysay, Quezon City (near UP Katipunan Gate Outpost)

Tel: +632 433-8255
Fortune Bucud +63919 514-1549
Alex Orlino +63919 258-8600

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34 thoughts on “Latasia Fusion – Vegetarian Food that is making a difference!

  1. Thanks George for introducing me to Latasia… It was indeed a pleasure discovering it. It is just so far from our place. I wouldn’t mind eating here everyday πŸ™‚

  2. hi anton, what would you recommend? most of the chinese vegetarian food my mom eats kind of gross me out. maybe Latasia will enlighten me and my taste buds πŸ™‚
    i think this is located near Thai Canteen right? I miss “Mommy”. Dont know where she relocated again!? Would you know by any chance?

  3. Latasia Fusion
    906 Katipunan Ave (at R. Magsaysay near the UP Campus Katipunan gate outpost)
    Quezon City

  4. hmmm Thing Girl would love that restaurant but its so far….i on the other hand will probably leave the place with a sad face…gotta have my meat anton!

  5. Hi guys! I was able to finish this blog posts already and you should really try Latasia Fusion. Specially if you are contemplating to become a vegetarian one of these days.

  6. Hi Sir Anton.
    Great Post. Wala ako masabi—you made it so much like an adventure going to latasia…which admittedly truly is!
    Tama ka, sana mag branch out sila dito sa makati or sa ortigas…at least for the officeworkers like us who seek a cheaper and authentic alternative to the vegetarian places in the metro.

  7. Hi Anton! You should also check out BODHI’s only full-service resto on Ortigas Ave past Greenhills (if you’re coming from Galleria). I think it’s in Madison Square or one of the other mini-malls that have sprouted on that side of Ortigas. It’s a more upscale, more interesting version of the Bodhi’s in mall food courts. Highlights include mock fish fillet in tausi sauce (complete with nori “scales”), the hotpots and mock chicken nuggets with gravy. They also have vegan beefsteak and chicharon! The prices however are very reasonable-not upscale at all.

  8. Thanks also for the reco on Bodhi, I’ve been to others and I didn’t like it. But I guess this one might be different.
    Are you vegetarian ba ? Just wondering how did you know this stuff…

  9. @ george,
    Yeah, I do hope we have more places like this… but knowing the pinoys, this won’t really take off and will continue to be a niche market for healthy people or terminally ill folks….

  10. hi anton, how do you go there if you’re from makati?.. can you leave a msg on my tagboard if you can answer this?.. i doubt i will remember to visit this post again.. but i really want to try the place.. πŸ˜‰

  11. Hello!
    Just thought I thank you for reconnecting (sort of) to an old friend (Alex or Ronnie). I googled his name and brought me to your masasarap na vegetarian selections. Wow, they all look good and healthy recipes. Paguwi ko next time, I’ll make sure to come by an try some of your great entrees.
    If you happen to get in touch with Ronnie or Alex, please tell him isang mainit na pagbati from Minnesota, USA. I’m not sure kung matatandaan pa niya ako, maybe if I say 7-9-8.
    Al (or Bebot)

  12. Since I have been “trying” to avoid beef, pork and chicken for the past 3 years, I vowed to check out Latasia. I was so delighted with the dishes which I tried yesterday (tandoori, kare-kare and shawarma) that I dropped by again this lunch to take home food. Again, I was pleased. Comparing the taste of its offerings with 3 other restaurants serving vege meat, I believe it is the best and really value for money. For non-vege meat eaters, note that due to absence of animal fat, it cannot match the real thing 100%. It would however be an excellent healthy alternative.

  13. Thanks Anton for the blog site about Latasia Fusion. Latasia is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Yes, bebot i vividly remember you. How are you these days? Hope you can check out the place when you come hear. Our phone is (632)4338255. Me mobile# is +63921 3766686. Both vegetarians and non-vegatarians are invited to the place to get a taste of the Latasia experience.

  14. Is this place near the MRT station? How do you get there from the MRT station at Quezon City exactly? Which jeepney or bus do you take? Or if you take a taxi, how far and how much is the fare?

  15. I’ve been wanting to check out this place for a long time na. Thanks for this post! Ü I’ll try it once I get a little time on my hands. Good thing UP’s not too far from our house. Ü You should also try Blissful Belly on Xavierville Ave. I forgot the name of the building on which they rent a spot but when I swing by there next week, I’ll get their complete address for you if you want. Ü Vegan food galore din. Ü

  16. hi! what a wonderful and comprehensive review! i’ve never been to Latasia but now i sure would like to try.
    is the place still there?
    can we post this review at our multiply site? it would benefit so many vegetarians looking for places to eat.
    please check out our site and let us know if it’s okay with you to post your review there:

  17. This is so crazy!
    My name is Latasia and I’m a vegan.
    I’m sure you don’t pronounce it the same but it’s still cool.
    I need to eat their sometime.

  18. Is this place still open? If so, why was it removed from That’s the biggest and most comprehensive vegetarian site in the world. Someone should add it there!

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