Cupcakes+Sonja: Opening Nights


Cupcakes by Sonja’s Baby Models πŸ™‚ Yummy, Indeed!

At last, Sonja’s Cupcakes finally opened in Serendra last Thursday Sept. 21. They are usually open from 3pm-9pm since the cupcakes are baked in the morning. We usually go at night, but most of the cupcakes (at least the best ones) would be sold by then. The cupcakes ranges from P50-P80 per piece and it is usually addicting that you get to buy two at a minimum. Sonja is getting a lot of trials and repeat customers which signifies that this is a start of something good πŸ™‚ The place is quite homey with the retro bakeshop feel to it which I believe, perfectly matches with the Serendra concept. She is still selling a limited assortment of the cupcakes and usually produces to sell fresh within the day. The cupcakes would only get better over time as the staff would be trained and become an expert in baking the cupcakes.

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you think.

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I love it when the owner is always in the store. It gives a warm and personal touch to the Sonja’s cupcakes experience and she is very friendly so don’t forget to say hi to her.

I was ecstatic to see this! One of my blog post about Sonja’s has been framed and posted on the wall πŸ™‚ When I asked Sonja for a free copy of the press kit with the CD, I asked her to autograph my press kit copy (naks). Surprisingly, she reciprocated with the idea for me to sign my blog posts hanged on the wall. It was fun joking around with the signatures since we are not really a celebrity.

Btw, I only get to know Sonja through my blog and the first time I met her was when I ordered a dozen of the assorted cupcakes.

My Top 5 Cupcake Favorites!

1. Melt-in-your-mouth Flourless Chocolate Cupcake. Dense Valrhona flourless chocolate with rich velvety texture. Dissolves in your mouth with pure sublime Flavor.

2. Creme Brulee Cupcake Tart– Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with a sweetened Cupcake Short Crust

3. Heavenly Pistachio – Pistachio Dacquoise with flaky almond praline and pistachio bavarian.

4. Sweet Pleasures — Layers of creamy milk chocolate mouse with a flaky hazelnut praline crust and thin plates of milk chocolate.

5. Berries and Cream — Brown butter almond cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream icing.

Coming Soon! Cupcakes (Complete Lineup)

Sonja with cupcake lover, Aidan πŸ™‚ Congratulations on a great opening, Sonja! Wishing you all the best πŸ™‚

Cupcakes by Sonja L. Ocampo
1C03 Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel no. 856-0308
Mobile: +63 906 477 0833


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28 thoughts on “Cupcakes+Sonja: Opening Nights

  1. Hi, thanks for your blog that i’ve been introduced to Sonja’s cupcakes! I’ve been at the bakeshop around 7pm and the pistachio and choco mousse cupcakes were gone already. Should have been there earlier. Nevertheless the ones I tried did not spoil my visit. I love the newly-baked Creme Brulee tart and being a carrot cake lover, I enjoyed the Bunny Huggers Carrot Cupcake! The strands of fresh carrots were just fantastic and the topping was, oh, so good!! Heavenly!

  2. Hi Anton!
    I’m so inggit that some of you guys have already been to her place!! I want to try some!! I hope to pass by this weekend. The place looks amazing!!

  3. Hi Anton! My Hubby and I were at the opening night last week (I posted it in my blog too!). But there was only 1 flavor left (strawberry and cream). But it was really, really good. We would definitely go back for more… Thanks for letting us know about the opening!

  4. Thanks for the post. Yes, the cupcakes are a it pricey but you can tell Sonja uses premium ingredients. I love the flourless chocolate, too! The Bunny Hugger was so flavorful and moist with just the right touch of cream cheese topping. The Berries n Cream – wow talk about really good whipped cream! For those who like tangy the passion and lemon drop is a must.

  5. hi anton!
    i’m so happy to hear there’s a new store dedicated to cupcakes here in manila. we will surely go and try this out. i miss the old bakeries that sell cupcakes from our old hometown.
    this is pretty exciting for us. taste of home
    tammy thornes

  6. @JJ Baby
    Yeah we love the interiors too specially the retro ref — galing.
    We try to stay away from Sonja, napapabili kami everytime ng one or
    two cupcakes. Aidan loves it too πŸ™‚

  7. I went back last night to get my cupcake fix and was shocked to see the price increase on my fave flourless choco variety. Last week it was either P65 or P75. Now it’s…P98. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the cupcakes but this price change will make me buy less of them. I suppose I didn’t expect to see a price increase so soon after the store opening – and a significant one at that.

  8. I can clearly see in your photo that the flourless choco cupcake cost P65 last week, meaning it’s undergone a 51% price increase. Wow. I work in retail and a price increase that big is normally a no-no as that would mean really testing the price resistance of your customers.

  9. I guess she’s still at the dry run stage when she priced them. My guess is she was probably selling them at a loss without realizing it at the time.
    Nonetheless, I’ll gladly pay that amount for her Flourless Choco Cupcake. Some cafes sell their flourless for more and sometimes it’s not very good. A hit and miss.
    Another flourless chocolate cake I love is Bizu’s Jolie. I think it’s sugarless and flourless. It’s so good. Now I feel like going out to get me some!

  10. Their choices were not many yesterday but I am glad I was able to wait for the Berries and Cream. They are the best for me coz it’s the only one that doesn’t taste like I am eating sugar πŸ™‚ My close 2nd will be Bunny Hugger since I am biased over carrot cakes. Hehe. But still, it’s sweet by my sugar tolerance level.

  11. Cathy B: I was there yesterday too. I think you ought to consider the Red Velvet Vixen. The cream cheese frosting’s good – not sure if it’s the same as the Bunny Hugger that you like – and the cupcake below the frosting’s not too sweet.

  12. I tried cupcakes by sonja today. While the cupcakes were good, and I am sure Sonja is a nice girl, the service was horrible.
    We were there at 2:30 p.m. Apparently, the shop does not open until 3:00 p.m. Neverthless, the girl at the cashier, Cathy, took our orders and our money, then gave us a number. There were two other people waiting for their order ahead of us.
    The cupcakes that we ordered were already on display. However, NO ONE WAS DOING ANYTHING TO SERVICE OUR ORDERS OR THE ORDERS OF THE PERSONS BEFORE US. There was this other girl arranging cupcakes on the display shelves. She was obviously aware that there were customers waiting
    When I asked about our orders, Cathy responded in an irate voice that they would still open at 3:00 p.m. and we should not expect to be served until that time. Of course, she told us that after taking our payment.
    As I said, the cupcakes are good. But I do not think it is worth spending more USD 1.25 (or Php 75) if we get terrible service. If you will be charging that much for cupcakes, then your people better be trained to treat customers well. I’d rather go elsewhere.

  13. HI, Anton!
    I love your blog. I love it even more now that you posted about this new place. I have to say I tried it after reading your post and I loved her cupcakes!
    What did I have? I can’t recall the names exactly. Loved the choco flourless, strawberries with the cream was also good. The red one was yummy, too.
    The place was also so cute. So much thought and care into making the place feel so welcoming.
    Thanks, again, Anton!

  14. i’ve finally tasted these famous cupcakes! and they are so so good! the chococalte surprise for me is the best! although i can’t wait to try the pistachio one, they weren’t available on the day i dropped by their shop. i’m sure they are good too! πŸ™‚ highly recommended are the vanilla suprise & red velvet vixen… they’re all on top of my list too. πŸ™‚
    notsolillulu was right, they had a very significant price increase which was evident in your photos and the current price list. they are quite pricey really. the most expensive cupcake at P130! wow!

  15. ..Just as i have read sonja’s cupcakes in the newspaper..and I’ve just seen the must-get-some treat for christmas..i’d love to get this Peppermint Patty..I think i’ll be there in a minute…

  16. I think the cupcakes are overrated, dont get me wrong but i was so damn excited to try-out these famous cupcakes– just like magnolia, and we even got lost looking for the little bakeshop. when my friend and i entered the bakeshop, everything we saw was CUTE, the cupcakes, the decors, the colors, everything. after ordering (we didnt actually mind the price hehe) because as ive said we were so much excited in tasting the cupcakes. as we await for it outside, we were taking pictures of the candycanes and the cute little bakeshop.. =) after eating the vanilla sunshine and chocolate surprise, my friend and i had to react, the icing was SOOOOOOOOO sweet, we had to drink water after every bite, i dont know what went wrong maybe the one who made the cupcakes were hurrying or just didnt notice she/he had put a lot of sugars.. no exaggeration on this, i love to eat sweets.. and desserts are really my fave esp on buffets but i was really disappointed. . but the berries and cream was good! anyhow, that was my experienced =(

  17. The place itself is really really cute! The cupcakes for me were just okay and by far toooo expensive. This place is really overrated as the products are nothing really special. The Vanilla Cupcake for me was a bit dry and the icing was too sweet. The Carrot Cupcake though was pretty good but not the best that I had. The Berries N’ Cream was just ok but the cake base was a bit rancid already. Some other cupcakes were super expensive at 130 pesos each. They increase the prices too much! The service staff was pretty rude as well.

  18. I haven’t tried the cupcakes here yet. I’ve heard they were good. However, the only thing that’s stopping me from going here is that I’ve heard that the icing on the cupcakes are synthetic. The decor looks lovely though.

  19. i finally tried sonja’s last night. the red velvet was pretty good. my husband and i shared the cupcake since we’re on a pseudo-fitness thing (so i guess between the 2 of us the P68 price tag wasn’t so steep!). service was slow, but we expected that. the coffee was expensive! i’ll try the peppermint patty soon. sure the cupcake was good, but not exactly addicting (unlike krispy kreme!!).

  20. i have been going to sonja’s for such a long time but last week, when i went there, the cashier really ticked me off. she was rude and obnoxious. i just asked her if our cupcakes were ready and she informed me that it wasn’t because they had a line. however, i pointed out to her that i ordered first and therefore i should get my cupckaes first. she deliberately got pissed off then kept murmuring to herself. nagdabog pa sya. ang rude!

  21. i so love the cup cakes especially the Creme Brulee Cupcake Tart. its really delicous. i so love sonja’s cupcake…yummy…uuummm

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