Playa Calatagan- First Signs of Life’s a Beach


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Playa Calatagan Mornings @ Calatagan, Batangas

My son is almost 21 months old now, and he enjoys going to the beach or simply swimming in a pool. You can see the joy of discovery painted on his face every time he sees a pool or any body of water. So we would usually grab the opportunity of taking a day trip to Calatagan, Batangas just to enjoy nature, the beach, the beautiful clouds. Recently, we were so happy that the river pool in Playa Calatagan was opened last September — finally! As a bonus, there is a kids pool where my son can enjoy playing with his balls in the pool without the risk of drowning.

The river pool is awesome! It has Jacuzzi bubble stations, and a long stretch of water that ends with an infinity pool. There is no monthly dues in Playa Calatagan. The pool and facilities are exclusive to members and their guests. The model is pay as you use the facilities which a lot better than paying a flat fee rate per month. My only disappointment with Playa, is that the beach is not that nice during the rainy seasons and it would just get a lot worse with typhoons like Milenyo. Finally, I was able to update my original Playa Calatagan posts after 6 months.

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Playa Calatagan has a long shoreline and the flags of Playa Calatagan are very prominent.

The Beach sand quality is not exactly white– more of brownish in color. It is fine but it would be similar to Boracay Station 3 quality of sand.

During low tide, you can see the sand really brown in color and there are a lot of dead sea weeds lying around. Frankly, it is annoying to see these sea weeds but you’ll be happy to see that Playa Calatagan would always have people cleaning these weeds.

Here is the vision for the river pool. Only the pool portion is complete while the clubhouse is still being constructed. I can’t wait for the day that Via Mare will start serving food here.

Here is the mouth of the river fool facing the main pavilion. The coconut trees are very young still so we have to wait for a few years to really see their beauty.

We would usually rent these cottages that are near to the Jacuzzi stations along the river pool. You just can see the face of my son, Aidan when he plays with this Jacuzzi bubbles. It would costs us P500 for a 3-5 people capacity hut for half a day. we would usually arrive before lunch time and stay until the sun sets.

There are also Cabanas that you can rent if you want to relax since usually it would have cushion sheets that would seduce you to sleep.

We love the kids pool so that Aidan can play on his own.

There are still a lot of open spaces for development. Via Mare will be opening soon and they will build a sort of hotel so that people can stay overnight.

I enjoyed walking with Aidan in the beach and I know that he also enjoys it. I hate to put this picture of the afternoon low tide in Playa. Maybe, the beach is really not that nice during the rainy season. I can’t wait for summer to come in…

It was always lovely to see the sun sets in Playa. However, during these rainy season, it would be usually cloudy that you won’t be able to get a clear view of the awesome Calatagan sunset.


18 thoughts on “Playa Calatagan- First Signs of Life’s a Beach

  1. Hi Anton,
    Is Playa a membership only resort? if so, how much does membership cost and how to get one? thanks. the place looks so beautiful, even if its the rainy season..what more in the summer!

  2. hi anton! great site! anyway, can you tell me how i could visit the resort? do i need reservations? is this a members-only type of resort? im planning on going there with my wife for our aniversary on january. please email contact number of the resort and/or website. thanks!

  3. hi anton! could you give me details on how can we make reservations to the resort? is it exclusive for members? thanks

  4. hi there, what if, if we are not a member? and we just want to go there for a trip?
    send me some details about the rates, because my family and i are interested to go there because it is such a great place

  5. hi anton,
    Is playa exclusive for a membership resort only?If not.Can you tell me thier contact numbers so that i can make a reservation to visit there? My family are plans to visit phils in august.We are from holland. Please e-mail me the contact numbers of the resort or thier website.

  6. Hi is it exclusive for members? We are planning for a family outing this summer. Can you please send me a quotatio for a group of 20? Thanks

  7. Hi Anton,
    How much was the price of the house that engr. grace nicolas built? Are there more houses built there already? Was it in Phase 1?
    Best regards,

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