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Just to help you out specially for those who have just discovered my blog. This is a helpful index on all my posts about Tagaytay Restaurants and Places.

My Top 10 Tagaytay Restaurants

1. Nothing beats an Antonio’s Dinner @ Tagaytay!
2. a Manos Greek Tavern Dinner
3. Bag of Beans: Beyond English Pies
4. Discover Verbena @ Discovery Suites, Tagaytay
5. Paul Huang’s Fire Lake Grill @ Cliff House, Tagaytay
6. Highland’s Steakhouse finally in Mall of Asia!
7. Breakfast @ Antonio’s “Halfway House”
8. Sonya’s Secret Garden
9. Opium Bed @ Buon Giorno, Cliff House, Tagaytay
10. Antonio’s Grill

Sanctuario Revisited: Ho-hum food?
Inspiring story but a disappointing lunch @ Carlos Restaurant

Tagaytay Adventures
Cliff House, Tagaytay — US Ambiance in a Tagaytay Setting 🙂
Taal Vista Hotel Reinvented — Amazing!
Guide to Trekking Up to the Taal Volcano – world’s smallest volcano!
Relaxing Tagaytay Escape @ Nurture Spa
Sanctuario Spa, Tagaytay


4 thoughts on “Tagaytay Index by Our Awesome Planet

  1. Another hidden restaurant in Tagaytay is Season’s. It was previously privately owned but they opened it to the public as a venue for (garden) weddings. They also have cottages for the newlyweds and their families. The restaurant is known for their homemade dinner roll baked on the spot and you can order for more, all for free!

  2. Hey Anton,
    Thanks for your quick reply. My boyfriend and I are planning an overnight trip to Tagaytay. Can you reco some romantic hotels or b&bs? Heard that Country Suites is nice. Wonder if you’ve tried it out and if its really worth the money? From the reviews, it made me think of Napa/Sonoma. Just dont wanna get disappointed. Thanks!!!

  3. Hi Anton! I need your help, can you recommend resto/restos in tagaytay where we can have our stopover breakfast? My officemates and I is planning an outing next weekend in Calatagan and we are looking for a place to have our breakfast in Tagaytay. A place not too expensive but serves good food. I knew right from the start that I should ask you about this. Thanks so much!

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