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On a Friday night, I treated my wife to a Chocolate Warehouse Sale. This is not a secret anymore but this is the first time that we dragged ourselves in Pasig to check out this place. My success criteria for a great warehouse sale is the amount and pieces of clothing that my wife would be willing to buy. Even if we went there on the third day of the sale, she was still able to buy a lot! The sale is still ongoing over this weekend, but I doubt that you’ll find your size or most of the nice stuff are gone already. Anyway, here is a tour of the place just in case you decide to visit here on their last 2 days of sale. They hold the warehouse sale twice a year, May and November.

These three mannequins would welcome you in the second floor where the sale is located. Unfortunately, it is not child-proof ๐Ÿ™‚

I can emphatize with the guy. I could imagine him saying, “naku, ang tagal tagal namang magshopping… halos pare pareho lang naman ang istura nung mga damit… ang cheap pa… nagkamali ako, sana di ko na siya dinala dito…gutom na ako, di pa ba yan tapos?”

Aidan’s thought balloon: “Poppa, thanks for bringing me to this playground…”

I actually asked the lady in black, if all the clothes are locally made. I guess I insulted her, I didn’t realize that Chocolate is an imported clothing merchandise… silly me…

Free Slice of cake and drinks with good deals for your shopping. Can you get any better deal than that? Also, it was great to know that they accept credit card payments. Same price when paying in cash or via credit card.

This is mine!!

Genevieve Matabang
25 S. Santos St., Sto.Rosario,
Pateros, Metro Manila 1620
Phone: +632-6436993/94
Fax: +632-6414526


20 thoughts on “Chocolate Clothing Sale

  1. Hi Mr. Anton,
    Thank you very much for posting our sale! I always read your blogs and just hoped if you will try out our warehouse sale by emailing you. =) I didn’t know that you were able to check out our sale! Too bad I was not able to meet you! My sched last friday was until 5pm only.=) If only i knew, i could have assisted your wife to buy more!hehe..
    Yes, we usually have our warehouse sale twice a year (May or June & Oct or Nov). But last January we had one due to requests! So if there’ll be another this January 2007, I’ll email you earlier.
    By the way, I’m Gen, the Merchandise Mgr. at Chocolate and if you have any other inquiries you can call me at 6436993/94/6414526. And oh, if this is not a secret anymore…I’ll give you our next warehouse sale, you can come the day before the scheduled warehouse sale!!! Promise! =)
    Again, thanks so much!!!

  2. for all those who emailed their contact details, thank you very much. we will surely include you to our list and invite you to our next sale. =)

  3. Waaah! I can’t believe I missed this sale !
    Ill email chocolate too for invites to their next sale in January 2007…

  4. hi:)ms. gen send u an email wid my details ๐Ÿ™‚ dont 4get 2 nclude me on ur list ๐Ÿ˜€ tenx :)) …luv ur blog AnToN… :))

  5. @gen > don’t forget to add me to your list…my email is on its way to you. nag-iipon na din ako just in case you have sale on January…
    @anton > keep posting more info…your blog is very informative…more power!

  6. hey gen, my email bounced. says your inbox is already full. do you have another email addy? really wanna be included in your mailing list. thanks!

  7. I used to live in Pasig and my cousin did inform me about this sale twice already. Unfortunately, I was not able to go on both sale schedules.
    I’ll just wait for the next and promise not to miss it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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