Pacquiao Wins!! Congratulations, You make us, Filipinos Proud!!


I was happy to see the look on my father’s face when we watched Pacquiao in Rockwell. The overall anticipation leading to the 3rd round knockout was priceless. You have to be there to experience it. All the Filipinos were in awe of Pacquiao’s speed, power, and tiger look determination. Congratulations again, Manny! I do hope that you take care of your blessings and share it with the people.

For those who were not able to watch it, thanks to youtube for this video clip 🙂
Pacquiao – Morales III Grand Finale 11-08-06 PT 1 of 2

Pacquiao – Morales III Grand Finale 11-08-06 PT 2 of 2

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It was my first time to watch the live feed. At 9am, you can start to see the hosts preparing and chatting with each other before the actual video take.

The hairs in my arms and neck literally stood up when Sarah Geronimo sang the Lupang Hinirang. Simply Awesome!!

W: 43 L:3 D:2 KO’s: 33 — whew, what a great record!

Manny Pacquiao fight was sold out in the Thomas and Mack center ! Simply amazing.

I love you and I hate you. How I wished I was right there inside the ring!

The first knockdown was met with wild up roar from the rockwell crowd. It is always fun to watch a boxing match and share the enjoyment with hundreds of people.

Sheer power of Pacquaio!

I love you and I hate you pose part 2.

The final blow that brought Morales to the canvas for the third time.

Morales never knew what hit him and decided this is enough.

I intentionally capture the silhouette to remind me of this glorious day and the look on Morales face as the entire rockwell crowd were jumping up and down with joy.

Congratulations for this mighty victory. Well done, Manny!!


3 thoughts on “Pacquiao Wins!! Congratulations, You make us, Filipinos Proud!!

  1. ‘ton,
    bigla kong naging IDOL si Sarah Geronimo!
    thanks for her pic while singing our national anthem!
    and sorry for standing up and blocking your shots in the last few pix….

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