[Kawayan Cove #1] Bamboo Beach @ Kawayan Cove


So far this is the best beach I’ve seen in the Nasugbu Area. Very clean and well maintained. I’m starting to use the beach evaluation guide provided by Allen Staley of Laiya Cocogrove on the primary considerations for Swimming beaches. I’ll start off this Kawayan series with a beach evaluation guide of the Bamboo Beach @ Kawayan Cove.

Beach: Bamboo Beach
Location: Kawayan Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas
Rating: 3 Stars!


Sand quality and color: Consistently Beige
Water quality: Very Clear and Clean Water. You can see your feet clearly
Pollutants: obviously clean and looks like a big swimming pool.
Gradient: perfectly gradual slope
Waves: calm and small waves action
Currents: No noticeable currents near the shoreline
Underwater obstructions: Mostly sand, and some rocks near the edges
Marine life: Plenty of fishes that you can feed. Oh and by the way, we feed them squids. I’m not sure why but that was what they gave us to feed them.
Other hazards: Fishes that might nibble your hand because of food. Also, if you are not fond of fishes, be warned! It was said that they were trained since fishes tend to avoid or swim away but this one follows you around, swimming in circles. It is like they are protecting you from being harmed.

(my additional considerations)
Sunset: The sun directly sets in front of the beach!
Winds: Kinda hot and less winds passing through the beach area.
Availability of Good Food: awesome Filipino Food.


Beach Evaluation Guide by Allen Staley

Technically the beach maybe defined as the area from the shoreline up to the natural sand area and if developed/landscaped shaded with other amenities up to 50 meters beyond the natural sand area.

Primary considerations for SWIMMING beaches

Sand quality and color – People tend to equate sand color with cleanliness but that’s not entirely so. The advantage of really fine white sand is that it doesn’t absorb heat, walking barefoot is comfortable and you leave clearly defined footprints. Boracay beaches have this quality. The only finer white sand beaches I have seen are in Palawan and it took a microscope before one could say for sure which sand was finer and whiter.

Sand that looks beige when wet in the morning or late afternoon can become unbelievably white when dry at midday. That’s why there are different opinions as to sand color all of which are correct just viewed under different conditions.

Water quality – clarity and lack of pollutants. Clarity is obvious but due to wave action that disturbs the bottom, one may have to go to deeper water say 5 feet before judging actual clarity.

Pollutants – natural debris not a real bother but lots of plastic bags and styrofoam are unattractive. Water born bacteria is not so obvious but a health hazard if swallowed and may cause skin rashes.

Gradient – The slope should be gradual with no surprises such as sudden drop-offs.

Waves – Experienced swimmers can enjoy big waves but such would not be safe for non-swimmers or small children.

Currents – Even a good swimmer could be in a dangerous situation with a strong undertow. While at the beach don’t loose sight of your children even if they are wearing a floatation device. Most children’s floatation devices do not provide real safety value and may only provide a false sense of security. It is advisable to provide children with life vests suitable for water sports such as ski-jacket/vest. Sport equipment shops in Makati sell small sizes for around P600.00.

Underwater obstructions – Swimming area should be fairly clear of rocks and corals with sharp edges. In clear water you can see were you are stepping otherwise be sure to wear protective footwear.

Marine life – unavoidable but infrequent natural situations when marine life could be problematical for casual swimmers. Experienced divers and snorklers know what to avoid and follow the rule IF YOU CAN’T IDENTIFY IT DON’T TOUCH IT. Please don’t allow collection of marine creatures, once out of the water most die quickly and are then discarded only to stink up the beach.

Other hazards – Based on experience the most common injuries are to the feet. Cuts, stubbed toes, sprained ankles – not life threatening but such can otherwise ruin a perfect holiday. Just use protective footwear while at the beach.

Exposure to the elements, sun, sea and sand leads to sunburn. Remember you can burn just as easily on a cloudy day. In addition to sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration are possibilities. Wear hats, protective clothing, drink plenty of fresh water even if you are drinking other beverages.

In extreme cases such as near drowning or cardiac arrest quickly available CPR treatment and medical oxygen maybe the difference between life and death.

Consumption of alcohol and swimming at night, greatly increases the possibility of accidents. Please be guided accordingly.

If staying at a resort, check if there are people who can help you when necessary. Also inquire as to hospital locations just incase emergency treatment is needed.

24 thoughts on “[Kawayan Cove #1] Bamboo Beach @ Kawayan Cove

  1. i know that place. hehehe=) we have a house in tali beach and a member in punta fuego. =) from what i heard, it is a exclusive resort. i’m not sure though. anyway, i wanna check that out too. so, is it an exclusive resort?

  2. hi anton! please share mw some insights how to get there…or one should at least be a member perhaps? Really want to check that place. Thanks!

  3. hi mindz! i think that kawayan cove is a private residential club or something. one should be a member to get in just like punta fuego. Anyway, if u wanna get there, you’ll have to pass by tagaytay then go straight ahead. then you’ll see signs going to nasugbu or punta fuego. you can follow them or always turn right in dead ends(i mean either you turn left or right, but right turn goes to nasugbu and left to calatagan). Sorry, i’m not so good in directions. hahaha=) coz i’m always asleep when i got to fuego. =)

  4. hello anton,
    in my search for the nearest, best beach to spend the weekend , i decided to call laiya cocogrove by calling the number on their website . grabe, sobrang turn-off. The guy had a twang and sounded very bored and uninterested in having guests over to visit their beach. Really, if you want guests over at least TRY to sound welcoming…

  5. I know that place–it’s not really a resort, it’s a private residential seaside community. You have to be a lot-owner to go in or enjoy the place. YOu can also be a guest of the lot-owner I think. SO far no memberships I heard. EIther you are a lot owner or a guest.

  6. how about the price? is it reasonable? or affordable?
    kawayan cove is former bamboo beach right? i’ve been to that place during my high-school days in ARASOF.

  7. hi anton! i’ve heard of the place and my officemates would want to go there. though i can’t get anything about reservation on the place. could you help me please? who can i contact for a reservation? thank you very much.

  8. checked out kawayan cove yesterday. it’s the best hands down.
    very exclusive. you have to be a lot owner to enjoy it though. no membership. nothing fancy. simply perfect.

  9. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place/resort to visit right in nasugbu. Wanna check it out too. Hope, that it’s not just what people say about it just like in bakasyunan in zambales where it was in the net that says they are the cleanest and greenest resort in zambales, when in fact it’s not…

  10. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place/resort to visit right in nasugbu. Wanna check it out too. Hope, that it’s not just what people say about it just like in bakasyunan in zambales where it was in the net that says they are the cleanest and greenest resort in zambales, when in fact it’s not…

  11. i’ve been in Kawayan cove last week end, ok naman yung place but parang boring, ala gaano tao sa loob ng resort kc para sa member lang pala yun… hanggang paligid lang kami ng beach na yun

  12. hey! is this private resort or something? 🙂 It seems like its a nice place. can you please tell me some info on how to get there, cottage costs and all that.. thanks!
    im riz btw, just trying to surf the web and i found ur blog. 🙂

  13. I am a proud owner of a beautiful lot in Kawayan Cove. I went to Bamboo Beach often as a kid and I remember telling myself that I would love to have a home in this place. Luckily, I am now old enough (and lucky enough) to afford a lot. I’m so looking forward to starting my second home here.
    Yes, it can be considered a “boring” place, but I with friends and family, I would rather have all the privacy and serenity away from the party animals of Boracay, Matabunkay or Anilao. Kawayan Cove is in a class of its own–low key and tasteful. I hope it remains like this!

  14. i’m interested in this location: sounds good for a post christmas get away…anyone? can i ask for details? rates and exact location here’s my #09106062850

  15. dear anton;
    do you happen to have any contact information of a smacking but affordable resorts in bamboo beach, playa calatagan and balai isabel, they don’t seem to have any correct contact info here in manila from their websites. email me please
    thanks again and more power

  16. Hi. My Fiancee and I are planning to have our wedding here. Unfortunately, we don’t know any member that could endorse or sponsor us… As per Kawayan Cove Admin, we need a member who could sponsor us for us to use the facilities. Do you know anybody that could help us. Tentative date for the wedding would be on June 18, 2012. Thanks in advance…

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