18 thoughts on “Snake, Water Bug, and Centipede looking Shrimps

  1. i love crawfish! but they’re not easy to peel! hahaha=) prepare to get cut by the sharp shells! but they’re so good! i remembered once, i was in beijing, i ate 4 fried scorpions! hahaha=)
    anyway, anton! halata ba na mahilig ako kumain?! =)

  2. they call it mantis shrimp at seafood restos here in HK,i think. Deep-fried with salt and pepper they taste sooo good. The flesh is white with some purple streaks when cooked. It tastes like a cross between squid, lobster and prawn. i really like your blog, by the way. adding it now to my daily reads apart from marketmanila and of course lori’s dessertcomesfirst.

  3. the alupihang dagat isnt a CRAWFISH at all… THEY ARE CALLED MANTIS SHRIMPS. crawfish OR CRAYFISH are lobster looking things that live in freshwater…

  4. Hmm…I don’t think that’s Mantis Shrimp. Seems to me if they were Mantis Shrimp they’d be killing everyone with their super powers (you can read up on them via the Oatmeal’s comic).

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