I’m actually sick since Thursday. I guess the fatigue of hosting our regional guests got to me. I’m resting the entire weekend and no blogging for me until Monday (hopefully). I’ll leave you with this post on the next Bulacan Sale since most of you might be planning for the long weekend. You need to have the email invite to be able to enter this sale. In the invite, they don’t have Mango brands anymore for this sale but instead here are the other brands: CK, Diesel, A/X, D&G, Replay, A&F, True Religion, Hollister, FCUK, AEO, Esprit, Zara, Anne Klein, Tommy, Juicy.


111 thoughts on “THE BIG GARMENTS SALE Nov30-Dec2

  1. hi! can u send me an invite? been reading your blog too. thanks for the resto tips, made my research easier for my systems analysis class πŸ™‚

  2. hi anton! thanks for the info about the sale! πŸ™‚ please send me the invite again. thanks soooooo much! πŸ™‚

  3. hey there! its always nice to read your blog on lifestyle updates. how do we get an invite for the sale? thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. hello. I’ve been reading your journal for quite some time, and i very much enjoy it!
    how may i get an invite for the sale? would you be able to send me one?

  5. hi anton,
    i really want to check out this BIG garment sale in bulacan. can you please send me an invite?

  6. hi anton,
    i really want to check out the BIG garments sale in bulacan since i missed last years. can you please send me an invite?
    thanks in advance,

  7. Ello Anton! πŸ™‚ ive been a big fan of your blog. Im dying to go to the Bulacan Sale again, hope you can hand me an invite :)thanks!

  8. hi anton,
    i enjoyed reading ur blog and the bulacan sale made me excited…how can i get an invite? can you please send me one?…thanks

  9. hi anton! hope that you’re feeling better. have been a fan of your blog for some time now, especially your articles on different restaurants.
    how do i get an invite for the sale? thanks.:)

  10. hi anton! i’ve been lurking here for sometime now πŸ˜‰ and really enjoy reading your blogs.
    hope u feel better.
    can u please send me an invite?

  11. hi anton! i’ve been lurking here for sometime now πŸ˜‰ and enjoy reading your blogs.
    hope u feel better.
    can u please send me an invite?

  12. Hi! i was directed to your blog by a friend and it’s great. i’m in town for a few days and was hoping the big sale would be on! could you please send me an invite?

  13. hi anton… ive been reading your blog since late last year and i got hook since then… aside from checking my emails and friendster.. checking your blog has been a part of my daily routine…thanks for always upadating us about new stuff and restos (more please!)…btw, i wanna go to the sale.. can you please send me an invite..too bad they dont have mango brand anymore but i’m still looking forward to go there… thanks…

  14. hi anton! i got to know your blog while browsing for good dinings. i didn’t know that this blog has much to offer than i expect! now the sale—-ive read from your post last year that you and your wife enjoyed the sale in bulacan.
    can you send me also the invites so i can visit the place.
    thanks anton!!!

  15. Hi Anton. Hope you feel better. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. By the way, can you please send me an invite?

  16. hi anton, i enjoy your blogs so much. would be nice to get an invite to the sale, thanks! im especially thrilled because im also from bulacan!

  17. Hi! Am a regular reader of your blog. It is great and so informative.
    How can I get an invite to the big garments sale?
    Thanks and more power to you.

  18. Hi Anton,
    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for sometime. I just hope you could help me out. I’ve been planning to change my camera and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions. I have a one year old who’s so hard to photograph being so active and all! (I’m sure you know what I mean!) I remember you mentioning that you had an SLR that takes great pics of babies. Would you know of any digicams that may also achieve the desired results? (aka fast, quick and reliable) Thanks much!

  19. Hi, love reading your blog! I chose to eat in one of the restaurants you wrote about for my birthday. Bistro Filipino in particular πŸ™‚ I’m happy with the choice, and I have you & your blog to thank for that.
    Anyway, how do you acquire the coveted invitation?

  20. hi anton! i’ve been dying to check out this uber intriguing sale eversince i read about it in your blog. how can i source an invite? =) muchas gracias!

  21. Hi, Anton! May I please request for a copy of the email invite to the sale as well? Would really appreciate your help on this one. πŸ™‚ Thanks, and hope you feel a lot better soon!

  22. sorry for disturbing you, i was wondering if you could also send me an invite to the sale? no worries if you can’t. many thanks. =)

  23. Dear Anton,
    May I extend my admiration for wbat you are doing. By sharing your experiences with us, you have made us enjoy your thrills and discoveries vicariously. You have made us want to see more of our own country and experience our own culture.
    I always consult your blog whenever I wish to know about new food discoveries and old and new places to see.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Last year, I read about the Bulacan warehouse sale. I would like to be able to go to the place and buy some items. I wonder if you would be so kind enough to extend me an invitation to the place along with the directions (I seem to recall that you had given this out in your earlier blog.)
    More power and keep your blog journals coming.

  24. Hello! I’ve read about your previous trip to the mango sale in bulacan and ever since i’ve been on the lookout for any update on this. I hope i can get an invite. thanks!

  25. anton i went to their last sale courtesy of Ms. Divine…kaso lang nakalimutan ko na ang email address nya so I can ask her for an invitation to their next sale. Do you have it by any chance ?
    This time around Im planning to drag my mom, my sis and best friend. Hmmm, it’s going to take tremendous self-control since Im also planning to go to chocolate clothing’s sale in January.
    Get well soon by the way : >

  26. hi anton!
    we are addicted to your blog. thanks for all the great things about the philippines. speciall love the food stuff.
    btw, how can we go to the bulacan sale?

  27. Hope you get better soon…i’m sure you’ll get a lot of TLC from your wife and Aidan… will miss your blogs for a while though πŸ˜›

  28. Hi Anton! Hope you’re feeling better…
    Could I have an invite again? I went to the last one and am looking forward to the next πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot!

  29. Hi, I’ve been an avid reader of your great blog for months now. Hope you’re feeling better now. How does one score an email invite to this sale? =)

  30. hi Anton,
    You really have a nice blog. Lots of information on food, food and food! (yum yum). also, thanks for blogging about the apparel sale. I’m really excited to go there. Can you please forward me an invite? More power!

  31. Hi Anton! I’ve become an avid reader of your blog for almost 3 weeks now and I really enjoyed it.
    Is it possible to get an invitation for the sale in Bulacan with my friends?
    Hope you feel better now.
    Gob bless!!!

  32. I hope you’ve recovered with the TLC I’m certain your family has been giving to you. Despite PAGASA’s dire storm warnings, pls email me an invite to the Bulacan sale.
    Happy holidays, from my family to yours
    Cherrie, Julianna & Clay

  33. Hi Anton!
    I came across your blog while I was searching for Mader Ricky Reyes’ Golden Sunset.I hope you can give me an invite too:) Would it be ok to bring some girlfriends?Or should they have their own individual invites as well?Thanks so much . Hope you can reply before the sale ends.

  34. hi! im so happy to know that krispy kreme is already here in manila! my friend told me about the garments sale and she gave me a copy of your email to her, but i hope that you could also send me an official invite of the said event. im a budding business woman, and im planning to widen my horizon by selling clothes too ( i only sell accessories). thanks, and im dying to shop!

  35. Hi Anton,
    I always check your blog and check out some some of your featured resto and food but I’m more interested in the sale..;-) can i ask for an invitation. It would be much appreciated.

  36. hi there, i always visit your site to have an update on the latest wannabees in town. good thing have seen this big garments sale before its too late. wanna join the fun! can i have my invite.. thanks!

  37. hello anton,
    Im one of your fan from Bulacan but it is only on your blog that i found out about the BIG sale somewhre in Meycauyan. Im planning to go there and have some shopping galore…can you please send me an invite? Hope im not running out of time…God bless you more!!!

  38. I hope you guys have a good trip to Bulacan today, I’ll wait for your update. Hope I can still get an invite, I heard about this sale in one of your old posts. Thanks πŸ™‚

  39. Hi Anton! I think I saw you at the garments sale today together with your baby and wife. Thanks for referring me to this sale. My sister and I went and we were able to buy nice dresses and clothes at good prices. We had to trim our selection though because we were able to fill our baskets during the first hour. The people there were so accommodating. Good thing we went early on the first day of sale because the more common sizes and the beautiful choices had been bought so fast. Thanks again!

  40. hi Anton! i just got these link to your blog… i really find your blog interesting and helpful to someone like me! im not much of a “malakwatsa” person so i really don’t know where to buy good and cheap stuff! im really glad to have found these blog. ill always check your blog for great stuffs! thanks and more blogs to come… pls send me an invite and get well soon.

  41. Hi Anton, Can you please send me an invite too? πŸ˜›
    Is this somewhere in Madrigal Park? Thanks!
    send it to poweribo at yahoo dot com

  42. Hi Anton!
    I went to the Garment Sale in Bulacan with my husband and daughter last Saturday. They still had Mango apparel, but didn’t see enough of Zara. My young daughter had a field day as almost all the ladies items we bought were for her – small sized.
    It became a crush at the payment lines and it took me like an hour or so to pay and get my purchases bagged. The warehouse owner served free softdrinks, water, candies and even distributed some packed lunch.
    Maybe the next time around they can improve the point-of-purchase processing and cut down the long queues. (I guess if one had wanted the short lines, she can go on a weekday instead.)
    Another tip for future buyers: inspect the merchandise – the 2 bags I bought had missing eyelets/accessories and the shoelaces for the Polo sneakers were short.

  43. how can i get an invite next time? can you please send me one also?Ü
    and why was i only able to stumble on your website today? it’s so underground info loaded! really great!

  44. Hey Anton,
    Would you know when the next big sale is scheduled? Please forward the invite if you happen to get one πŸ™‚
    You rock!

  45. hi anton, i just joined in recently when im searching for a nice play to stay in tagaytay beside highlands, thanks for your updates…reading ur blogs and got somewhat engrossed thats y i signed in oap. Thanks a lot, reading ur blogs is so enjoyable, hope baby Joshua will just be come around in due time…Btw, hope u cud send me the invite too for the bulacan sale, ive never been there pa kc. thanks and regards, dianne

  46. hi anton, when is the next sale scheduled? i’d like to request for an invite too. thanks! congrats on baby joshua!

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