Up close and personal with Ms. Earth Candidates



I have a hectic week now because my team are hosting our regional team mates for a week’s conference here in Manila. Being a Filipino host, I would like to make sure that our guests had a good time (in a good sense) and enjoy memorable experiences in Manila. I surprised them last night and I was able to pull off an awesome surprise.

My plan was to invite them to the World Music Room for a Karaoke gimmick. Little did they know that there was a Ms. Earth party where you can be up close and personal with the Beauties. Upon arriving at the second floor of the World Music Room, it took them 30 whole minutes to finally figure out that they are partying with real Ms. Earth beauties. They can’t believe it at first and thought that the sash was made up and everything was a hoax. What a clever gimmick huh? It was cool fun and they left with smiles on their faces including our lady friends 🙂

I do hope that they had one memorable fun evening. Unfortunately, Ms. Earth Philippines and Canada were on another batch for a different event that night. This the second consecutive year that we were fortunate to have the Ms. Earth pageant held here in the Philippines. To all the ladies, Good Luck on Sunday!!

Adrian, our Australian friend, was noticed immediately by the ladies. Too bad, by the time, he realized that the Ms. earth ladies were for real, it was time for them to have their beauty sleep.

Job, our Thailand friend, finally found the chance to have this photo with Ms. Thailand. We were wondering why Ms. Thailand do not know how to speak Thai. A controversy maybe?

Prem, our Indian friend, chose Ms. Slovak Republic as the most beautiful Ms. Earth candidate of the night.

The event was open to the public for P500 which already includes a beer. Thanks to Wars and our Jaycee friends for the invite to this awesome party! I’m not sure if OAP readers will be interested to know about parties like this in the future. Who knows, the Ms. Earth pageant might be held in Manila again in the near future.


5 thoughts on “Up close and personal with Ms. Earth Candidates

  1. i was there last night at starbucks in promenade and was wondering what the commotion was all about. and why my boyfriend was standing there all agog. but it wasn’t because oh the ms earth candidates, although they were stunning. it was because of the lens that this guy was using with his dslr to take photos of the girls. hahaha!

  2. anton, the miss earth beauty pageant is organized by filipinos….that’s why it’s held here in the country last 2005 and 2006 (not sure about the previous pageants). they were supposed to hold it in chile this year but i guess they don’t have enough budget or something so it’s held here again…which i think is a good thing…miss earth is the fourth most prestigious beauty pageant after miss universe, miss world and miss international….strange that miss thailand can’t speak thai…:P

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