The Good Body by Eve Ensler (creator of Vagina Monologues)

Finally , Eve Ensler’s The Good Body will be showing in the Philippines courtesy of the New Voice Company. I was happy to receive the email below and I’m sure would not miss its premier shows either on Nov. 10 or 11 @ 9pm. I’m sure it would be a night of laughter, and intellectual stimulation on the subject of Flabby Stomach. The main cast of the show would be theater veterans MONIQUE WILSON, PINKY AMADOR, and JUNO HENARES.

See you there! I do hope that the show won’t be disappointing because I heard mixed reviews about it.



The New Voice Company, fresh from its success in Singapore with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspects of Love, premieres a brand new, provocative, hilarious play at the Music Museum on November 10 and 11 – Eve Ensler’s THE GOOD BODY.

Botox, bulimia, breast implants: Eve Ensler, author of the international sensation The Vagina Monologues, is back, this time to rock our view of what it means to have a “good body”.

“In the fifties”, Eve writes, girls were “pretty, perky. They wore girdles and waist cinchers….In recent years, good girls climb the corporate ladder, go to the gym, wear pointy, painful shoes…..They don’t eat too much. They don’t eat at all. They stay perfect. They stay thin. I could never be good.”

THE GOOD BODY talks about our tortured relationships with our weight, body image and self-acceptance – with voices of women from L.A. to Kabul : A young Latina candidly critiques her humiliating “spread”, a stubborn layer of fat that she calls “a second pair of thighs”. The wife of a plastic surgeon recounts being systematically reconstructed, inch by inch, by her “perfectionist husband”. An aging magazine executive, still haunted by her mother’s long-ago criticism, describes her desperate pursuit of youth as she relentlessly does sit-ups.

Along the way, Eve also introduces us to women who have found a hard-won peace with their bodies: an African mother who celebrates each individual body as a sign of nature’s diversity, and Indian woman who delights in her curves. Then there is the veiled Afghani woman who is willing to risk imprisonment for a taste of ice-cream. These are just few of the inspiring stories woven through Eve’s global journey from obsession to enlightenment. Ultimately, these monologues become a personal wake-up call for us to love the “good bodies” we inhabit.

International critics have showered acclaim on the show, calling it – “forthrightly funny, bristling with wisecracks and exotically harvested snippets of wisdom” (The New York Times), “Fascinating, engaging and scaldingly funny!”( Philadelphia Inquirer) – and Newsday says: “This good humoured, uplifting show is not merely a hoot, it is an inspiration!”

The New Voice Company, producers of The Vagina Monologues around Asia since 2000, will be premiering Eve Ensler’s new international hit play, before it embarks on a national and Asian tour.

The formidable cast is composed of theatre stalwarts Monique Wilson, Juno Henares and Pinky Amador.

Directing the company’s exciting new play is NVC’s Associate Artistic Director Rito Asilo, who recently received critical acclaim for directing past season productions Sacrilege, Stones In His Pockets, The Vagina Monologues and Cabaret which he co-directed.

THE GOOD BODY premieres at the Music Museum on November 10 and 11. For corporate sponsorship, show-buying sponsors and group/ school tickets, call the New Voice Company on 896-6695, 896-5497 or 899-0630, email at nvc@pldtdsl. net or visit www.newvoicecompany .com.

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  1. Hi Anton, A few of us are going to the Nov 11 show (Katrina, Tina, me and another friend). If you go, let me know!

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