[Dear Awesome Planet #6] Viaje Del Sol Itinerary

Dear Anton,

I read your entry about Viaje del Sol — and great timing, too, since my
wife and I are planning to drive there this weekend. You mentioned that if
we needed tips I can email you. I was hoping you can help me out with the
itinerary. Like where should we start? And is there a need to call in

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Glenn, OAP Reader

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Here is a suggested day trip itinerary if you plan to go to Viaje del Sol:

7am— Leave for San Pablo, Laguna. It usually take one and a half hours to two if there is traffic (similar to Tagaytay travel time).
9am— Breakfast at Kusina Salud. You can enjoy this place and you may opt to have a massage.
(In between, check out the other places in the viaje del sol index)
12nn— Lunch @ Ugu Bigyan
3pm— Coffee at Carlito’s Workshop
before 5pm— Enroute to Manila if you are just going on a day tour. Or else, you will be trap in a traffic jam.

You may opt to go on overnight at Casa San Pablo. You have to call in advance for all the places. Check out the posts below.

Hope this helps! Enjoy! Email for additional questions. Also, its been months since I’ve been there so some of my readers might have updated information.



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