A Thousand Bears for Bicol and Red Cross


pdi foto, originally uploaded by cathyguballa. (Philippine Daily Inquirer’s (PDI) Edwin Bacasmas Photo)

I knew that Typhoon Durian/ Reming would be devastating since it was a Category 5 typhoon (the highest ever category) and a lot stronger than Typhoon Milenyo (category 3). After seeing the photo of this devastation from Cathy’s Nancydrewandme Blog, I’m determined to help out in any way I can. My mom’s province is in Catanduanes, Bicol and the devastation left the island with estimated 6 months without electricity and water. In Legaspi, our family friend Sarah’s father died of heart attack because of the sound of the typhoon as the entire city was engulf by water-shed-deep mud flood. The worst thing about Typhoon Durian was not only because it was a category 5 typhoon but also it stayed steady in Bicol for 4 hours.

We are blessed that the typhoon did not pass Metro Manila. You can send some bears over to Cathy @ A Thousand Bears for Bicol, 41 Milkyway Drive, Blue Ridge, Quezon City with a some noodles or canned goods. Please help in any way you can via this Thousand bear project or in cash via Red Cross.

From the Red Cross Site:

Typhoon Reming has left death and destruction in its wake. Many families have lost their homes and property after a series of mudslides and flash floods struck their villages. Schools and other makeshift centers are now crammed with thousands of evacuees with no other place to stay. They are in dire need of your help. You may send you donations to the Philippine National Red Cross through: Metrobank Port Area Branch

1) Peso Account
Account name: The Philippine National Red Cross
Account number: 151 – 3 – 041 – 63122 – 8 – MBTC

2) Dollar Account
Account name: The Philippine National Red Cross
Account number: 151 – 2 – 151 – 00218 – 2
Swift Code: MBTC PH MM

B. Globe G-Cash
Just text: DONATE <space> <AMOUNT> <space> <4-digit MPIN> <space> RED CROSS then send to 2882

C. Globe Donate-A-Load
Just text RED <space> <AMOUNT in 5/25/50/100/300> then send to 2899

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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Bears for Bicol and Red Cross

  1. Anton, thank you so much for helping us out! I pray that many people will be touched. Today (monday) the Red Cross says that up to 1000 people are feared dead. It’s such a tragedy. But great love always conquers fear. Hopefully, our project will bring some ray of joy and love to these children who have suffered such a great loss. God bless and thanks again!

  2. Hi!
    For Makati people, Handicap International is also accepting donations in cash and in kind. We are sending relief goods in four batches. The first one left last Thursday. The next three will leave in December 15, 21 and 29.
    We encourage people to send goods packed for one family of six: 5 kgs of rice, 2 kgs of monggo, a kilo of dried fish, 4 canned goods, pot, sandok, sugar, and salt.
    Clothes and tarps for temporary shelter would be great!
    Our address is 42 Ponce St., San Lorenzo Village, Makati City. Call 8126990 for more details.

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