What happens if a Category 5 Typhoon hits you?


Geoff Mackley, the film maker from New Zealand was literally chasing Typhoon Durian in Naga City. He actually has pictures from his site: www.rambocam.com on the experience of an actual Category 5 typhoon hit. According to this veteran calamity chaser, this is one of the Strongest typhoon he has ever experience. This reminds me of the movie, Twister 🙂 about hurricanes and storm chasers. (I forgot what is the name of the movie featuring helen hunt). Typhoon Milenyo is just category 3 and I just wish and pray that we won’t experience a Category 5 direct hit in our lifetime.

BTW, I had our office buildings, 6750 and Petron Megaplaza checked as to the pressure rating of the windows of the building. As usual, 6750 passed our design standards but unfortunately, the Petron building used inferior windows that could crack if a Category 5 typhoon hits Manila directly. You should have your buildings check to and it may mean the difference between life and death.


4 thoughts on “What happens if a Category 5 Typhoon hits you?

  1. My heart breaks for them and completely speechless with Geoff Mackley’s site… and YES! We should be really thankful that typhoon durian didn’t hit Manila or else it would be really a total wreck for all of us here.
    I just hope UNICEF, PHILIPPINE RED CROSS, and other charitable institutions would have enough helping hands in any kinds to support our fellowmen in Naga.

  2. no one is prepared enough for a tragedy but something could be done to lessen the impact of disasters. guinsaugon,albay,what’s next? if indeed they could make possible the identification of disaster areas, those geo-hazard maps should be in place asap. perhaps, just perhaps, we could forewarn people of impending disasters in their area; especially now that natural disasters seemed to be becoming more frequent and vicious. (see this article on geohazard maps and more: http://news.inq7.net/common/print.php?index=2&story_id=67174&site_id=19).

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