Delize Sansrival… but still in Search for the Ultimate Sansrival


My wife loves Sansrival alot! Ever since I was courting her, I already knew that Sansrival is the way to her heart. We haven’t tried Delize’s Sansrival and finally we had a chance to taste the Pistachio sansrival version of Jill Sandique known as the Sansrival Queen.

According to Lori’s definition:

“sansrival (sans-ree-VAL) or sans rival – with or without the space in between. Obviously meaning “without rival,” a sans rival is layers of crisp meringue filled and covered with buttercream. Cashews are the traditional choice, but I’ve seen macadamia sans rivals, and this one here is the pistachio version.”

The meringue was very good and crisp to the bite which is the secret to this sansrival. Although, I still do not like the rich butter cream that is screaming calories as you take a bite. I ended up eating the sansrival by removing the butter scream (as always) and my wife was scolding me because I was wasting the pistachio bits. The box says Delize proudly uses Magnolia full and rich cream which translates to fattening and full of calories.

It is very expensive at P800 and you need to know somebody who can get you a 10% discount to make this more bearable. Also, I need to warn you that the Sunrise Drive near Santolan is SUPER DUPER traffic at this time of the year (or is it all year round?) so good luck if you want to order from Delize. Overall, it was OK and it tasted like most Sansrival out there but with an excellent merinque layers.

I was uninspired in taking a shot of Jill Sandique Delize’s Sansrival. My wife was not impressed at all and I’m still in the look out for the Best Sansrival in Manila. I heard that the Sta. Rita Sansrival is the best and I can’t wait until I taste that.

So for now, I guess Delize Sansrival continues to be the Queen of Sansrival. At least. I got to try it. I do hope that I can find the King of Sansrival soon. I’m sure that you have tried this already since this has been around for so long so let me know what you think. Or maybe, you would know of someone who would be the King of Sansrival in Manila ?

Jill Sandique of Dèlize
33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao, Quezon City
721-7022 (ask for Lea, Mimi, or Vangie)
Allow a minimum of 2-3 days for your order(s).

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35 thoughts on “Delize Sansrival… but still in Search for the Ultimate Sansrival

  1. Thanks to this review I’ve found Jill again. She’s an old friend with whom I have lost touch. I miss her delicious goodies. Time to say hello to her. Thanks again! =)

  2. hi anton,
    have you tried rosanna baron’s sans rival? it’s somewhere in la vista. simple. yummy. rectangular and around 2 inches thick. we used to keep it in the freezer and take it out just before dessert. it was a staple dessert for our family from 20 years ago!

  3. Betty’s Sans Rival, well known in the Ateneo de Manila area, is always a safe bet for very good sans rival. My husband, in fact, took it for granted growing up as his classmate, the son of the owner, always brought it to their class parties. Yun pala, famous ang sans rival ng family nila. It’s not that cheap either but then, as my dad always says, you get what you pay for. =)

  4. My brother loves Sans Rival! Try Betty’s Sans Rival and Conti’s. I’m not sure if House of Sylvanas sells Sans Rival, too, but their Sylvanas (which I prefer) are yummy.

  5. Anton! There’s this Sans Rival that I love, I get it from an Aunt of mine every Christmas season. It’s a frozen Sans Rival you need to put in the freezer. It tastes absolutely wonderful and literally melts in your mouth!! The location of the store where she gets it from is kept SECRET from us! I think she gets it somewhere far – I just can’t figure out where! The Sans Rival sits on a foil covered cardboard, then is wrapped again with foil, then with gift wrapping, then with plastic. Any of this familiar to any of you?? 🙂 Hehehe… 🙂 So far, nothing has beaten that for me..

  6. Yes, House of Sylvanas makes Sans Rival. In fact their original bakeshop in Dumaguete is called Sans Rival and personally I think it’s the best I’ve ever tried. Both their sylvanas and sans rival, I haven’t found anyone else’s thats come close. Though I may be biased hehe.

  7. there’s this little bakeshop in san mateo that makes the best tasting, crispiest sans rival ever. my aunt lives around that area and she usually brings it during reunions and christmas gatherings. my family loves sans rival and they say that it’s too die for 🙂

  8. Christine beat me to it, so I’ll just concur. 😉 I grew up not liking Sans Rival at all, until I tasted the one from House of Sylvanas. It makes sense that since they make the best (bar NONE) sylvanas, they’d make great Sans Rival as well. Although, we ordered from them about a month ago and there didn’t seem to be as much buttercream in between the merengue layers anymore. I was disappointed, as I just can’t get enough butter! (Anton, if you can’t stand the thought of eating a lot of fat, I suggest you don’t eat Sans Rival… ;-)) I do hope that one cake we had was a discrepancy; it’d be a pity if they lowered their standards after all these years. House of Sylavanas also makes a Chocolate Sans Rival, and it’s scrape-your-plate-clean delish!

  9. i guess those who posted comments already posted my recommendation as well, the classic sans rival from betty’s 🙂
    for those on a cheapo budget (and i mean really really cheapo), the sans rival (which tastes like a cross between sans rival and sylvannas) at burger machine is quite yummy. 🙂
    but the best sans rival i personally got to savor was from a family friend’s wedding at evercrest in batulao, catered by Le Souffle. they made this pistachio sans rival (which looked a hell lot better than delize’s and with tons of pistachios) and named the dessert Lady Melanie (after the bride). it was so delectable i even dream about it up to now. dunno tho if le souffle has that on their dessert menu.

  10. Have you tried the pandan sans rival at M Cafe? You should– so far, it’s the best for me, but i’ll try the sans rival(s) mentioned here.

  11. My brother orders this really good sansrival from Gay Vasquez (6310125) of Valle Verde. It comes in different nut toppings. I’ve tasted the pecan nuts and macadamia nuts versions so far. Recently, I tasted Le Souffle’s Princess Carmen cake (their version of pecan nut-topped sansrival). It was outstanding! I’ve also tasted Domini Torrevilla’s sansrival. The pastry melts in the mouth. So good, too.

  12. The Ocampo-Lansangs are one of Sta Rita’s three families famous for their authentic sansrival. I swear to the goodness of their recipe. They have a kiosk store in Tiendesitas (Janvy) & Market Market!

  13. You should try my grandma’s killer sans rival.
    Family and friends scramble to get the corners!
    She also makes the best lemon squares, chicken empanada & chicken relleno.
    Nena Narciso 8231052

  14. The sans rival and sylvannas at Sans Rival Cafe in Dumaguete is superb!
    I do think the sans rival at Coffee Bean is the best I have ever had. Hands down.

  15. the best sansrival are the ones that taste like homemade. Hindi yung parang kumain ka ng butter and m.y. san crackers. The one we had in bacolod is good. I forgot the name. But it taste like ice cream.

  16. have you tried the sans rival from san pablo laguna? The BEST in the Philippines!!!! I heard this is sharon cuneta’s favorite for years now. Unfortunately they do not have bake shop. They are just selling it at their own home. YUM YUM….

  17. have you tried the sans rival from san pablo laguna? The BEST in the Philippines!!!! I heard this is sharon cuneta’s favorite for years now. Unfortunately they do not have bake shop. They are just selling it at their own home. YUM YUM….

    1. I heard it and i would like to know where is it in San Pablo Laguna? Complete address please

  18. Have you tried the mocha sans rival from Classic Confections at Greenbelt 5? It’s really good. very simple, not complicated looking – a good straightforward-looking sans rival. But the taste packs a punch.

  19. i agree w/ pepper.. there’s this bakeshop in san mateo rizal called PRIMABLEND. they bake the besteeesssttttttt sansrival ever!

  20. i think you’re talking about the sans rival from san pablo laguna.
    anton, you can surprise your wife with this since she loves sans rival. i can give you the contact no.

  21. BESTest sans rival for me so far and current dessert favorite of my family is Gay Vazquez’s cashew sansrival (P650/rect.). She also offers macadamia sans rival for P900, which I never tried ‘coz for me, nothing beats the meringue, butter & cashew combination!
    Anton, if you don’t like too much buttercream, then this is the sans rival for you! Just be sure to get the slice in the middle ‘coz the sides, of course, is finished with the butter icing. But I tell you, her buttercream tastes soooo great that you might end up slicing your second (‘coz a slice is definitely not enough) from the sides! =)

  22. hi anton! gay’s number is 631-0125 or 0917-3010615. It’s for pick-up in valle verde 6. ENJOY!!!

  23. never really liked sans rival coz it’s toooooo sweet! I was tempted to try the Mango Sans Rival from Kitchen’s Best coz a lot were saying it’s good. It’s good but still too sweet. Nakakaumay.

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