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I’m over the Krispy Kreme hype and in fact, so far I haven’t been to the Krispy Kreme branch in the Fort. I just wanted to post this for those people who still want to line up in the Megamall opening. Remember the Philippine record is 24 hours for lining up to get a FREE one year supply. Megamall will be tricky since it opens at 10am. Also, you should avoid megamall this coming Friday! Here is the press release:


Here’s another chance to grab the prize!

Krispy Kreme, America’s most loved doughnut, opens in Megamall!

On Thursday, December 21, the second Krispy Kreme store opens, at SM Megamall Building B Upper Ground Floor .

Opening day at a Krispy Kreme store is a fun event and we’d love to have you come by, join in the festivities and experience a Hot Original Glazed fresh off the line

Here are reasons why you families, friends, barkadas, school and church organizations, and everybody should line up before the doors open on December 21 at 10 a.m.

You will be among the first to experience the hot doughnut phenomenon and sample Hot Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut.

The first customer to ring the cash register will win a FREE ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Original Glazed doughnut, one dozen per week!

Free limited edition Krispy Kreme original t-shirt for the first 300 customers!

Lots of raffle prizes – SIX MONTHS free doughnuts, THREE MONTHS free doughnuts, and ONE MONTH free doughnuts, for the 2nd up to the 300th customers!

The HOT Light is ON at Megamall on December 21.
See you there!

4 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme MegaMall Opening

  1. confession of a dunkin donut loyalist: i gave in to the hype….yes, i finally tasted a krispy kreme doughnut when our insurance agent gave us half a dozen doughnuts last week. i don’t know if it’s i’m being biased but i found krispy kreme too sweet for my taste. after just a couple of bites, i gave it to my kids already 🙁 once a dunkin lover, always dunkin donuts i guess.

  2. i am a cheesecake fanatic, i first tasted this at KK first branch at the fort, so yummy. so when i knew about the opening of their mega mall branch, i really made myself available to be included in the first 300 customers. i happen to work for a publishing company which fortunately have now a branch at the 5th level of Mega a. I was already at the mall at around 7 am on the thought that I have the chance to be the first customer. but i was wrong, there was a long queue already and line started outside the mall. they just have a simple inauguration unlike at the fort. i got the chance to order 6 pcs of the new york cheese cake but when i tasted it, it was different with the cheesecake flavor i tasted at the fort. so there, i just want to witness the phenomenal opening of KK in the philippines. by the way, the free sampler was not given to be while on the line. i just insisted to ask for it. that’s also one of the reasons why i went there….

  3. Thanks for the blog anton , My friends and I were able to go to go the opening
    and got lucky to be on the first 300. But unlike the fort they only have raffle for 6 months, 3 months and 1 month there is no 1 year supply. They also gave free shirts. I wonder who won the raffle? Finally krispy kremes is more accessible.

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