Pasalubong and Delicacies from the North

Never-to-be-missed Empanada

Staying in Ilocos Norte will never be complete if you have not tasted these fried empanada. Although, these empanadas are available in special outlets in Manila, it is different eating this in Laoag.

I recommend eating dinner in Dap-Ayan ti iLocos Norte food court which is located just near the Provincial Capitol building. As you enter Laoag, go straight in the Tres Martires plaza and turn left along Rizal Ave where the provincial capitol is located. The next corner would be V Llanes St and Dap-Ayan ti iLocos Norte is located in the corner.

If you go further down Rizal avenue you will arrive in one of the famous restaurant in Laoag, La Preciosa . This is another restaurant that you should consider eating when you are in Laoag.

Best Pasalubong from the North

1. Royal Bibingka

These royal bibingkas are the best pasalubong from the North. They are available along the main highway near Vigan. These bibingkas are different from the ones we know here in Manila. It is a mixture of ground glutinous rice, eggs, cheese or margarine, milk and sugar which is cooked in an oven at a high temperature for 30-35 minutes.

You won’t miss this sign along the highway. Make sure that you buy one for me if it is not a hassle 🙂

2. Longaniza (native sausage),
There is a constant debate about which is the best longganisa in the North — Vigan Longganisa or the Laoag Longganisa? I decide to stay away from both for healthy reasons but this is a great treat / pasalubong for those who love this.

3. Garlic – Make sure that you buy your amulet of garlic which are available at a cheap price in the Laoag market.

4. Chichacorn — Super Crispy Corn Bits.

5. Bagnet — Ilocos’ version of Crispy Pata. I don’t find this any different.

Do you have any other suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Pasalubong and Delicacies from the North

  1. i’ve been to pagudpod last year…and marsha’s delicacies is a must-try.
    We’re craving for their bibingkas so much that we even went back there on our way back to manila..Ü

  2. What about the sukang Iloko? And the basi? Cormel Products in Laoag, and if you travel on weekdays at MMSU along the national highway in Batac, sell quality basi and sukang Iloko. Aside from chichacorn, there is one processor, Namnama’s, who sells variety of chips – honey-glazed banana chips, garlic camote chips, taro chips, garlic potato chips, among others. Other pasalubongs from the north are kiln-dried ceramics, glazed or in its natural color. Sold by Veronica’s Ceramics. They have a stall at Herencia’s in Paoay and their backyard ceramics livelihood is located at the Ratuita’s residence, a stones’ throw from the Paoay Church. For Ilocos-woven products, Aleli’s has a stall near the town plaza, going towards Batac, or visit the loomweavers in Nagbacalan, Paoay. Look for SBM Araceli Domingo (their house is adjacent to the elementary school) or for Mrs. Charito Cariaga at her residence perched atop a hill overlooking Paoay Lake on the northern end of the barangay.
    I still believe the best empanada is in Batac. Try the original empanadahan, Glory’s empanada. Stalls are situated alongside the Quiaoit River near the city hall. You may also try savoring hot miki-Batac, the localized lomi without the veggies.

  3. Hi, Anton.
    This is a very good website. I learned a lot about Pagudpud and it certainly helps me with my planning.
    Has anybody been to Pagudpud in December? Okay pa rin ba ang beaches for swimming during these times? Also, meron bang recommended activities for kids and teens other than swimming?

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