World Pyro Olympics 2007 – I Can’t Wait!!


It is official that the 2nd World Pyro Olympics in 2007 (instead of 2006) will be held on the weekends of Jan 5-7 and with the finale on the weekend of Jan 12-13, 2007. This was push back from the original schedule of last week of December 2006. It will again be held in the Esplanade near Mall of Asia and the traffic will be so huge (I bet) that you might want to avoid the area. As for me, my strategy is to walk from the Seaside Area because it would be difficult to go out the esplanade and MOA area after the show. The walk would be pleasant because of the cool weather still and I do hope it won’t rain.

“Ten of the most prestigious pyrotechnic companies in the world will showcase the best of classical fireworks displays. Nine (9) countries will be vying for the title of the Champion of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics. Two (2) countries will fire during each of the first four days while the ninth participant is set to fire on the final evening of the event. As the host of the event, the Philippines shall perform a fireworks display on the last night to complete the 10-country performance and to close the competition. Awards, such as the People’s Choice are to be given out after the exhibition, with the crowning of the World Pyro Olympics Champion ending the event.” (from official website:

I’m soo excited again and can’t wait! If you missed last year’s awesome fireworks show, below is the index of my World Pyro 2005 blog series.

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2 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics 2007 – I Can’t Wait!!

  1. We were there last year…can’t endure that much traffic again…ever!! We got out of the area at 3am, hungry and tired. The show was great though, I hope they can control the traffic this time.

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