Bing Chua’s 4 Hours Massage Therapy


I was not feeling well after the WPO grand finale last Saturday. If you left immediately after the show, you can go home as early as 1am. As for me, we hang around MOA and was able to be home at 3am+ — and I felt kinda sick after that. I’m tired of all the medicines that I took when I was sick last Christmas season so I called Bing Chua and enjoyed an almost 5 hours massage therapy at home. The therapy is a combination of swedish, shiatsu, accupressure, and reflexology from this Taiwan and Canada trained therapist. If I say it was great, this would be an understatement. It was simply an Awesome Massage!! 4+ hours of home service massage for only P600. I’m glad that he is still in town providing the service.

I featured him way back in October 2005: The Best Therapeutic Massage in Town! P500 ($10) for 4 hours of Reflexology Massage! If you plan to get a 4 hours massage, it is best that you have it at the comforts of your home and just rest. Take the day off!

Bing Chua ( 0916-293.0534. 0919-592.5585)


6 thoughts on “Bing Chua’s 4 Hours Massage Therapy

  1. i can’t wait to see Bing Chua… it’s a pity i’m living in Bocaue which im sure is not in his list of home service. but anyway, i can surely find his place in pasig… thanks a lot anton

  2. I remember this post last year! Did you give him a bigger tip this time? Hehehehe! Good to hear na pwede na siya ng home service. Thanks, Anton!

  3. thanks a lot anton
    Ive been a client of bing for a long time so with my whole family, not jut them but the whole clan i should a matter of fact, am telling him to charge more cz its really not worth to his time and effort.Bing’s really such a good person, honest and devoted to his sister just got there fr his place the other day and he’s now charging 700 at his place cz the electric bill is too expensive.
    and worst is his maid had to washed a lot of towels used from each pt,i had a chance to talk with his maid when i was waiting for my mom, bing’s too meticulous when it comes to cleanliness so the maid find a hard time washing all those towels used cz she’d to separate each of them.
    wow,am already a gossip monger.anyway, bing’s already a family friend of our’s.
    thanks’d find the right therapist.i can’t find one like bing;devoted and sincere to serve.

  4. Hello, do you have an active number of Sir Bing? I’m trying to call his smart number but it’s always busy. Thank you.

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