World Pyro Olympics Finale: China and the Philippines


Helen Sia and friends.

What a grand finale! The China show was colorful and elegant; it is like watching a Fireworks Show directed by Ang Lee. The fireworks keeps on changing colors; it mesmerizes you. It is very graceful… very asian…never boring and each sequence is a thrill to watch. We were situated directly in front of the barge in the special viewing area (P500). I was also with a big group around 25 people all-in-all and it was a mini- Our Awesome Planet EB.

We should be proud of the Philippines and indeed, it was unforgettable. I love our own version of the screeching sperms, slow rocket fireworks, and the finale of hanging lanterns — I have no doubt that we could win in this contest. It was also a perfect time for fireworks portrait and after 5 days of shooting the World Pyro Olympics, I almost mastered the technique. Thank you also to all the Friends of Our Awesome Planet who joined during the WPO finale!

Lennie and Lito

Funny Shot @ the WPO Grand Finale: Ford Launched new Ford SUV Models and you can have a chance to test drive the SUVs. Unfortunately for this Ford Escape, it can’t escape 🙂

China (Best Shots)

Shooting Flowers

Heavenly Blue Showers

China’s Finale

Philippines (Best Shots)

Rain Showers @ The World Pyro

Demons among us.

Fireworks Portrait Perfect!

Field Photography Tour Finale Group

Ka-Flickers @ The World Pyro Olympics with Lennie and Lito

Eloisa Mercado and Family with Helen Sia and Friends at the back

Laarni Faraon with SSS Photo Club and Jayvee!


7 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics Finale: China and the Philippines

  1. Hi Anton!
    I’ve been one of your silent readers since Jan 2005. I practically witnessed how your site developed over the past 2 years, and how your readers grew in number.
    Congratulations for being able to reach out and help a lot of people through your honest opinions/reviews/DIY suggestions =)
    I always quote you whenever I’m talking to my friends, family, and my boyfriend. Our conversations would be like…. “Oh wait, Anton said we shouldn’t park there…” or “Anton suggested that we should try this one…”
    Your name also comes up whenever there’s out-of-town planning sessions… My dad would ask me “What does Anton think about going to … ? Is it worth it?”
    You are practially part of our family. =)
    I’ve been wanting to join one of your arranged trips, but I am so shy, and my schedule always gets in the way (I’m a medical intern). I was so curious about how you look like, and how you sound in person. I was so eager to meet you, just like a fan would want to meet his favorite author!
    Imagine my surprise when I actually saw you last Saturday night at the WPO. I think my heart skipped a beat in excitement. But again, I was so shy to approach you, considering you were 2 feet away from me!
    It was actually my boyfriend who saw you first. He’s into photography too. And he was checking out other hobbyist’s gadgets/stuff, and was thinking whether he brought the right lenses for the event. And then you passed by our table, and sat 2 chairs away from us. You were with a group in the next table, and another couple was tagging along you. My bf said, “Isn’t that Anton?” And when I looked in that direction, I was so surprised and delighted to see you.
    I think my bf is a bit jealous whenever I mention you, or quote you, coz I really admire you a lot. So that night, he was bribing me to approach you, and introduce myself. He was so cute and funny. He was saying, “This is your chance.” Hehe. But I am stupidly shy. So I remained in my seat the whole time, wondering whether I should say hi or not.
    My entire family was seated in the next table. I wanted to tell my mom that you are right beside me. But knowing her, I know she wont hesitate to approach you, and thank you, and get to know you more! So I decided not to.
    Oh well, it was an amazing night. For me, China tops this event, no doubt.
    Congratulations again. God bless you and your family.

  2. hi anton,
    thanks for the nice pics and postings !
    i am so thrilled to see our pics posted in your blog ! thanks ..thnaks…thanks…!!!
    glad to know you ! see you around !
    more power to Our Awesome Planet !
    helen sia

  3. Hi Anton!
    Thanks again for the tickets. My family really enjoyed the fireworks! So happy to finally meet you. Thanks for posting our picture. I’ll show it to my mom.
    Thanks again and more power!

  4. I have to agree w delphinos 2005 anton your tips have been very useful to me and my family a lot of times that you have somehow become like family. I would confidently tell my husband directions and what to do and not to do on several trips because of your tips. from the first WPO to cupcakes by sonja to tagaytay to WPO to the MV doulos today in fact. he he my husband too gets a bit annoyed when i keep quoting you but i get truly victorious when i’m proven right (thanks !) . I have a 3 year old so your tips re kid friendly places help a lot too. In fact, on a recent trip to tagaytay i practically went to all the places you mentioned in this blog. The WPO tips from last year to this year worked too !thanks a lot really .

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