Congratulations to UK — 2nd World Pyro Olympics Champion!


Congratulations to UK – 2nd World Pyro Olympics Winner!! Congratulations to China, who won the People’s Choice Award!

Not only did we got the best view last January 7, Sunday of the World Pyro @ Highland Steakhouse, we also witnessed the Champion of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics! Now, the official website of World Pyro Olympics is down so I’m sure most of you are wondering who won during the last World Pyro championship.

Now there was a confusion. In the website, Germany was the first to show their fireworks @ 8pm followed by UK @ 9.30pm. But in the flyers and in the posters, it was UK first and Germany as the last. So now, I am confused which was UK and Germany. I called La Mancha and was told that the flyers and posters were correct. Indeed, the UK show was the most creative one with the awesome finale! They were the ones with the screeching sperms and slow rocket ships fireworks which was imitated by the Philippines as well. See super-exposed shot below and this is the only time I was shooting at 1600 ISO instead of 100 (ouch) .

Congratulations to China for winning the people choice award! I would argue they could have won the contest because of their elegant display and kung-fu like graceful show. Congratulations!!


4 thoughts on “Congratulations to UK — 2nd World Pyro Olympics Champion!

  1. Hi Anton! Your photos are really great. When I get my DSLR I’m hoping to capture such photos as well *with lots of practice*.
    I’m wondering if I can ask for/use some of your photos of the fireworks. You can even put a watermark if you want. I just want to use them for the blog template I am making which I will be using in my Multiply site. Thanks!

  2. Hi there Anton.
    It has taken me a good three days to read all of your posts and I have really enjoyed the adventures and the amazing photos.
    You have shown me a side of Manila, and even the Philippines that few have successfuly done. I applaud your comment that you are doing this more for your son, so he has a picture of his lifetime. Later this year I will have a little one, and will do the same!
    I travel two or three times a year to the Philippines with my filipina wife and I wish we had come across your site back in 2005! Next month we are in Philippines and I am putting a list together of your restaurant recommendations, as well as a few SPA’s.
    Thanks, and I too will be a regular reader of your spirited blog. Salamat!

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