PyroMusical 2012 Battle: China vs. Netherlands

The PyroMusical Battle last night was like David vs. Goliath with  China – Jinsheng Fireworks as the 2011 Defending Champion of the 2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition and Champion of the 13th Macau International Fireworks, versus The Netherlands – Royal Fireworks with no pyro competition distinction. However, I love Netherland’ss performance more than China’s and I hope … Continue reading PyroMusical 2012 Battle: China vs. Netherlands

Falling in Love with Closeup Pyromusical

)The Valentine season is not only the season of love but also a time to fall in love with the Closeup Pyromusical competition 🙂  Related Blog Post: PyroMusical 2012 Battle: China vs. Netherlands Here are some tips to get the best experience in The 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition: 

First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

I miss the World Pyro Olympics. When I heard that the WPO organizers were commissioned to do the first ever World Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines for a private Christmas Party, I vowed to myself not to miss the event. It was spectacular! If you are a pyro fanatic, the combination of the stage … Continue reading First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

A Raining World Pyro Night @ Hooters


The Genki umbrella was cool and we were able to use it as props for our shoot. My brother, Rommel was able to take a shot of the lightning above. … We were not able to execute this properly but the idea was to have a Hooter Girl with a Genki umbrella with World Pyro in the background.

World Pyro Olympics 2008 – Summer Fireworks


If you can only watch during one Saturday, I would suggest that you don’t miss May 3 — China and Germany’s show; May 24 — Australia’s Show; or the Philippines Finale on May 31. … +63 906 268 8388 | P 1,500 Buffet Menu 10 MOJITO BAY Reggae Corner | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center North Side) | +632 556-0608 | P 750 Set Menu (tentative) 11 UCC Coffee | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center South Side) | +632 556-0175 | P 499 + SC Set Menu 12 TANABE Japanese Restaurant | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0360. +63 917 306257 | P 1,000 / head consumables 13 HAI Chinese Resto & Bar | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0815 | P 800 Set Menu 14 HEALTHY SHABU-SHABU | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0354.

World Pyro Olympics Revised Schedule

23 EASTER SUNDAY Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 30 FEAST OF THE DIVINE MERCY | Philippines | Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday The soul that will go to confession and receive holy communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment! … | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics China (2nd World Pyro Olympics Awardee) vs. … | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics Australia (1st World Pyro Olympics Champion) vs.

No More World Pyro…

I was sad when I learned that there won’t be any World Pyro Olympics for this year. … I was looking for more info from the net and I can’t find one. Have you heard anything about why they decided to cancel World Pyro this year?

Congratulations to UK — 2nd World Pyro Olympics Champion!


Not only did we got the best view last January 7, Sunday of the World Pyro @ Highland Steakhouse, we also witnessed the Champion of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics! Now, the official website of World Pyro Olympics is down so I’m sure most of you are wondering who won during the last World Pyro championship. … They were the ones with the screeching sperms and slow rocket ships fireworks which was imitated by the Philippines as well.

World Pyro Olympics Finale: China and the Philippines


It was also a perfect time for fireworks portrait and after 5 days of shooting the World Pyro Olympics, I almost mastered the technique.
…Unfortunately for this Ford Escape, it can’t escape 🙂 China (Best Shots) Shooting Flowers Heavenly Blue Showers China’s Finale Philippines (Best Shots) Rain Showers @ The World Pyro Demons among us. … Field Photography Tour Finale Group Ka-Flickers @ The World Pyro Olympics with Lennie and Lito Eloisa Mercado and Family with Helen Sia and Friends at the back Laarni Faraon with SSS Photo Club and Jayvee!