Opa! Cyma in Greenbelt, Makati!


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Cyma (pronounced as see-ma) is now the hottest place in Greenbelt after it replaced the struggling Magnum bar in the GB2 row of restaurants. At last, you can now hear the greek cheer “Opa!” in Makati; I’m not surprised that this became an instant hit during lunch time for Makati yuppies and during dinner time for the gimmick crowd. The greek fusion food is full of flavor and distinctly different from your usual asian restos. You won’t go wrong from choosing any of the dishes from the menu. Although for a maximum Opa! experience, you should order the flaming dishes which includes the Saganaki – Flaming Cheese and Flaming Mangoes.

Eating in Cyma is always a “flourishing” experience, as they would claim, with lively crowd, funky waiters, delicious and healthy food. The food presentation makes you hungry complemented by very good service-oriented waiters. With the promise of healthy and appetizing food, you can easily overeat with the large servings good for 2 people.

The Bora branch is still the best while the Makati branch suffers from poor ventilation inside the air condition room. Try to eat al fresco or in the second floor or else you will be singing “smoke gets in your eyes” throughout your meal. The prices in the Makati branch is also a little higher with noticeable 10% increase and as much as 25% for the Salad to share. You can easily spend P600/ person if you decide to order one dish for each person. Anyway, the greek dishes are good for 2 persons so better to eat family sharing style with your friends and companions.

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Cyma in Manila!! Opa!!

Saganaki – Flaming Cheese (P 165). This is an Opa dish and I must admit a lot of people fall for this dish because of its flame and to hear the waiters cheer Opa! In the end, this is just roasted cheese with little herbs.

Flaming Mangoes (P180). Another Opa dish and definitely a must try. The sweet hot mango coated in cinnamon syrup with cold vanilla ice cream on top, is a great way to end your meal in Cyma.

Roka Salata to share (P360). I remember that when you order a to-share salad before, it would cost you less than P300. I must admit that this is a little bigger almost good for 4 persons. Most of the salads are very good and tasty because of the secret greek vinaigrette on top of fresh crunchy vegetables with feta cheese.

Chicken Souvlaki (P240). I can only finish one skewer despite the fact that the chicken was almost perfectly grilled with the right seasoning, marinade and herb combination.

Psari Fourno (P430). You can’t go wrong with the fresh moists salmons in Cyma. However, even just the basic salmon which costs P230 before (in the shangrila branch) was now selling for P360 in Makati! Or maybe it has been that L-O-O-O-N-G that I haven’t visited their Shangrila branch.

Kotopoulo Lemonato (Greek Chicken Adobo – P345). Braised Lemon Oregano Chicken with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Perfectly roasted (and marinated) that the herb taste penetrates deep inside the chicken meat.

This is the a view of the smoky airconditioned area in Cyma, Makati.

Below is the original menu from the Shangrila Branch.
The Cyma Story
Appetizers, Salads, Mezedes
Gyros, Shish-Kabobs, Pasta and Specialties
Vegetarian, Fish Selection, Desserts

I didn’t realized that they were also serving the endangered Mameng in Cyma. (see: Pan Fried Mameng @ Portico 1771, Serendra). I just noticed now and I’ll check out their Makati menu again if Mameng is still in the menu. Can you check it out for me?

Baclava (P175). It is too sweet but this is so good; it is not your usual baclava. I love the thin layered phyllo, walnutty taste and the orange honey syrup!

Thanks to all those who commented way ahead of my posts πŸ™‚

Cyma Estiatorio
Greenbelt 2 Tel no. 729-4837
Reservations are up to 1pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner only.


24 thoughts on “Opa! Cyma in Greenbelt, Makati!

  1. Finally, a Makati branch! This will hopefully decongest their Shangri-La branch which is almost always full. (Good for people like me who live in Pasig.) Always a pleasure to dine at Cyma. The plank-grilled salmon, salad with seared tuna, saganaki, Greek-styled osso buco pasta, and clams pasta are our favorites. Opa!

  2. Wow! Iam so happy that they finally decided to open a branch in Makati which is more convinient for me hehe. Can’t wait to try. By the way, which restaurant did CYMA replaced in Greenbelt? Thanks

  3. Hmm.. haven’t tried this place yet.
    How much would it range if it’s a dinner for two?
    Appreciate the feedback! TIA
    many thanks anton!

  4. i’ve eaten here a couple of times in shang, and i think once in bora. but i gotta ask this silly question…how do you pronounce cyma? πŸ™‚ we just usually refer to it as the greek resto, haha.

  5. I’ve eaten at both Cymas in Manila, and while the food is good, I sure hope they can find a way to improve the air filters in their aircon. After 30 minutes of their flaming foods inside the restaurant, my eyes were burning, and we came out smelling like we had gone to a bbq-han, not a nice restaurant. I think if the nights are relatively cool, the outside area is a better choice to enjoy the food.

  6. So how do you pronounce it?
    Cyma? It is [see-ma] or [sai-ma] or [kai-ma]?
    Not really sure. Need some help =)
    Tho i liked the food.

  7. i ate at this place 3 times last week. The best for me is the roasted Lamb ribs. My only complaint is the airconditioning. The force of the air is too strong even if the grill is adjusted.
    Another thing I like about this place is the lemonade. It’s real fresh lemonade and bottomless only for Php 80 .

  8. finally tried Cyma in shangrila! i love their baked salmon and spinach&artichoke appetizer! πŸ™‚ oh must try their baklava too!!

  9. I fell in love with CYMA in Boracay last year. The place comes with a huge man, who actually looks like a seafarer of old greece, chiseled and buffed. heheh OK fine, he’s pinoy but he sure catches your attention kasi he’s a towering guy who nicely asks you what your order is. hehe. the flaming cheese is yummy and the cyma salad is just perfect with that crumbs of blue cheese!
    Tried dining at the Greenbelt branch but was not superbly happy. SOFT LAUNCHING, friends! I hope it gets better. The one in Shang Mall is better. We ordered New Year’s dinner from there and the family enjoyed eating so much without (much)guilt, as greek cooking usually uses VOO and EVOO.
    I heard, not sure if true though, that the other YUMMY Greek resto / hotel in Bora called ZUZUNI owns CYMA too. ZUZUNI’s salads and sinful chocolate desserts, are orgasmic!

  10. I’m sure a big fan of mediterranean food (including greek of course) that each time a new restaurant of that sort opens, I am overjoyed! I do hope more restaurants open with international cuisine, I would do anything for an authentic Peruvuian and Brazilian restaurant for starters! (And no, not a resto like Brazil 2)

  11. i really like cyma, but i tried the greenbelt branch and the food was way, WAY too oily. my fiance ordered a lamb dish that came with a rice-stuffed pepper… which was literally swimming in a pool of oil. a full third of the (upright) bell pepper was sitting in oil. my moussaka was also a bit too shiny for comfort. i know they use EVOO but i don’t think the food should be floating in the stuff either… πŸ™

  12. I really LOVE the food in cyma but I really hate the smoky ambience there and my greek scent when I stepped out of it. Is there a way to get intouch with the operations? I would like to suggest for them to have air purifier or ionizer which eliminates smoke and odor. Which I think can even help more diners there! πŸ™‚

  13. cyma is one of our favorite resto now, aside from tgif. but we preffered the salads and servers in cyma shangrila,hahaha! their fondue and roca salad are the best…
    thanks to the nice servers of cyma!

  14. i will be using ur posts about restos as a dining guide for future use. haha! i am currently reading all the posts regarding restaurants…one by one. πŸ™‚ i’ve listed a couple already for trying perhaps this weekend.
    i was surprised that a lot of people like cyma. i have eaten at the greenbelt branch also. did not like anything that we ordered. might be wrong choices only. we did try the roka salata salad because it was recommended to us. it was just okay for me. well, at least now i know the foods to try next time i do go there.

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  16. Wow, that’s a pretty cool dining experience! I’ve spotted Cyma when I was in Boracay earlier this year but haven’t got the opportunity to try it. Since then, I’ve been regretting skipping it. But when I do get to return to Boracay or anywhere I can spot this resto, I won’t pass up the opportunity this time!
    Thanks for the glimpse of this dining experience!

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