Flickristas @ The Jewellery (Ika-2 Banat)


Aidan putting a favorite blue button sticker on Poppa’s photo.

I’m a member of Flickr Philippines, otherwise known as Flickristas. The Flickristas Exhibit @ the 2nd Floor Jewellery in Greenhills is still on-going until January 31. If you happen to be shopping in the Greenhills area, don’t forget to drop by the Jewellery and check out the photo exhibit.

Invitation (final), originally uploaded by Stitch.


“After satisfying your stomach during the holiday feast, it’s time to indulge your eyes on images that will surely be a treat!

Troop to Greenhills Shopping Center this January and be wowed by captivating images on exhibit at The Jewellery Gallery located at the second floor of the shopping complex.

Dubbed as “Ikalawang Banat: Flickristas@The Jewellery,” this month-long photo exhibit is being staged by a group of photography enthusiasts with skills and talents at par with the best in the industry. The exhibit is expected to attract people from all walks of life as featured photos will be of people, nature, urban life, and of ordinary objects seen from a fresh angle.

The photographers are members of the Philippines group in, a photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!. “Ikalawang Banat: Flickristas@The Jewellery” is the group’s second photo exhibit. It will be divided into two shows, each lasting two weeks and featuring different set of photos. The first show will run on January 1-15 and the second on January 16-31.

It will also be an opportune time for families to deck their walls with fresh images for the new year as the photos on show will also be available for purchase to viewers. “


2 thoughts on “Flickristas @ The Jewellery (Ika-2 Banat)

  1. mighty aidan is such a powerful driving force….he’s making me talks-comments i am drawn to this mighty toddler….pictures are
    ‘ windows ‘ of our lives personnal private or public windows of our humanly cycles and all things that revolves around us a descriptions of one’s attentions-interests that best describe his-her personality at that given time pictures are extra ordinarily important one of many reasons is it eliminates’ unnecessary ‘doubts of the subects existence it also confirms one’s image to open more windows to further scrutinies-dicoveries i need not repeat all informations-datas in all world libraries ‘uli para iksian ang mga mensahe ko’just let me remind you that without clear-valid authenticated pictures LEAVES ALL humanities in their MOST STRESSFUL-CHAOTIC DOUBTFUL TIMES of their lives searching-convincing-proving-analyzing the MAN-the MEN-the WOMEN-the THINGS they have never seen-no first hand knowledge about personally but ARE THERE like JESUS OF NAZARETH……universe-humankinds for million of years HAD RELY on past history story tellings thru writings-drawings because there was none living survived to tell-to prove who and what actually transpired…..NOW with pictures fantasy or not we will know if they existed or not….a man-events-stories they believe for centuries after centuries

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