Photoblogging Field Lessons: Fireworks Photography @ World Pyro 2007


As a way of promoting the Philippines, we need to have more Photo blogs that features that very best of what Philippines is all about. It starts with having the skills to capture a photo that tells an awesome story about the place or event. I’ve been asked by some of my blogger friends to conduct photography lessons because they were inspired by the photos in my blog.

As a way of appreciation to all of my friends and readers who supported Our Awesome Planet, I plan to conduct Photo blogging lessons on Fireworks Photography during the World Pyro Olympics 2007. This will be FREE photography lessons and this will be my new year’s gift to all of you. Otherwise, learning photography would mean taking formal lessons which would cost you a few thousands to enroll. For the free lessons, you just have to pay for your own food and entrance fee to the world pyro.

Photoblogging Field Lessons: Fireworks Photography @ World Pyro 2007 details:

Preferably, bring a tripod and a SLR. But, you can also come if you have a point and shoot camera.

Dates: Weekends of January 6, 7, 12 and 13, 2007.
Meeting Time: 5pm until the end of the fireworks usually around 10pm.
Meeting Place: Starbucks, Blue Wave where we will park our cars and walk to MOA and the venue before 7pm.

No need to attend all sessions. All you need to do is post a comment to register to these lessons and put the following information:

Date you will be joining:
What are your expectations:
What camera are you using:
Mobile number: (or email me privately at

What’s in it for me? I just want to also be with people who love photography and share this awesome experience with them. That’s it! Spread the word. See you there!!


19 thoughts on “Photoblogging Field Lessons: Fireworks Photography @ World Pyro 2007

  1. hmm… I’m signing up, but I don’t have a camera 😉 basically just want to know and learn something about photography. It’s been a year or two already when I started to have this desire to take photos of our society, especially those that we will not see anymore.
    Example, I missed taking photos squatters living in the PNR Railways, then the MMDA moved them out to a new location, then the MMDA clearing the railways of garbages. Moments like these that are very great to take photos, moments like this that is more likely not to happen again.
    Then there was the Chowking branch in Park Square 1, I can still remember when it first opened, and they closed down that branch 3 months ago. I was very sad I never had a chance to take a picture of that branch. Sigh…
    So that, just want to know more about photography ^_^ Hope thats okay.
    I might be there all sessions, since we already bought tickets for the 5 day event (just like last year). Though I don’t know where StarBucks “Blue Wave” is :p I don’t have an auto :p

  2. Hi anton,
    I would like to join, but I dont have SLR camera, I only have digital camera. Can I still join? 🙂

  3. Your photos from last year look great. Sounds like a good project. I won’t be able to make it to the Pyro Olympics this year, but I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of the event. =)

  4. yeheeeeey! sama ko sir sa 01/06 . i want to learn how to take great fireworks photo. i wll be using a digital slr. thanks.

  5. Hi, I just bought 2 tickets for tomorrow thru RCBC. I was told to claim the ticket at La Mancha’s main office. However, I can’t claim it tonight for I have to work overtime..tsk tsk..
    I can’t get through their hotline numbers..does anyone of you know any other way how to reach them? I tried to email them but my email bounced back..Can I just claim the ticket at the event tomorrow?
    Thanks! and happy new year to all of you!

  6. I was there last friday, had dinner and watched fireworks at Via Mare. Unfortunately, the Bridgeway from MOA to the esplanade blocked the bottom part of the view. My pics always had this annoying streetlight in them.
    If you’re staying at the Blue Wave or some other place with a good vantage point, I wish to join your group on Jan 12. My Expectations: Learn pyro photography from those who’ve done it before, take better pics than the last Friday. My Camera: D80. My mobile: enroute to your email addy.

  7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed i get to go! .. i’ll be in manila this weeken and i’m hoping we’ll pass by MOA to catch the firweoks display.
    my camera: Canon EOS 300..

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