Roshan’s Lemon Torte


I love this cake! The tangy lemon fights with the taste of sweet walnutty meringue. I would call it the yin-yang of cakes. I would not even attempt to describe this cake further. The Queen of Desserts, Lori, described this perfectly and I cannot agree more.

“A torte in this case is three layers of crunchy meringue with roasted (whole!) walnuts baked right in. When eaten, the walnuts shatter in the mouth, giving way to the meringue’s subtle crunch of complaint before melting on the tongue in a sea of sweet, releasing a dazzling tang of lemon. Roshan has said that she can actually vary the intensity of the lemon curd in the torte, depending on the request of the client. (Oh, in that case then, maximum intensity for me, please.)” (see: Roshan’s Lemon Torte by Lori,

It was difficult to take a nice and properly sliced shot of this cake. It crumbles and sticks unto the knife. The lighting was not perfect for a cake shot and everyone was already mouth watering at the sight of this cake. Lori eloquently described this cake as:

” Roshan’s lemon torte is the real thing: no soggy layers of meringue and no lack of nuts that have been crushed to a fare-thee-well. Here,the nuts are whole, the meringue crisp, the way it should be. The lemon curd is true to its essence, with just enough butter and yolks to round out the sweetness and bite.” (see: Roshan’s Lemon Torte by Lori,

“This scintillating work of lemon is disguised, almost pristinely, in a layer of whipped cream with dainty rosettes. It makes the torte look almost too nice, practically angelic – hiding the citrus-y firebomb that burns within. Hit me, baby.” (see: Roshan’s Lemon Torte by Lori,

It was indeed a perfect Birthday Cake for Aidan! I’m sure you could put lettering on top of this cake if you want to give this as a gift. Thanks to Watergirl for the tip on this!!

32 Aries St. Bel-Air 3 Village, Makati (Entrance gate is in Jupiter St., Buendia side)
Contact Number: 631-7786
Cakes can either be picked up in Makati or Pasig area, just inform them where you’ll get it.


7 thoughts on “Roshan’s Lemon Torte

  1. This is one of my favorites too. I haven’t been able to have it since Lori’s Tea Party, though, because not everyone in my family likes lemon. The upside is, we got to try another version of this cake: Jamocha Fudge Walnut Torte. It’s delicious — satisfying for both chocolate lovers and those who want a lighter dessert.

  2. How much does a cake by Roshan usually cost? I want to try the Jamocha Fudge Walnut Torte that Katrina mentioned in her post.

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