A Suite Romance Anniversary


I thought twice if I was going to post this. In the spirit of the valentines season, we decided to share this with you. January 11 was our 4th year anniversary and it was kinda difficult to plan surprises these days for my wife. Here is a sneak peek…


Admittedly, it was hard to plan an anniversary surprise for my wife. On our first anniversary, we went to the land of the Samurai’s in Kyoto, Japan. Our last two anniversaries was forgettable because of the pregancy in 2005 and I was on travel in Cebu on our anniversary day (which I learned to be a no-no). So this year’s anniversary would be different and I learned not to take it forgranted :).

We always wanted to try out Westin’s Couple’s Spa Room ever since we saw it 2 years ago. When we tried it this year, we realized that the entire Philippines Westin Hotel is now bought by Sofitel Hotel group. They offer three (3) packages under the brand name Suite Romance Package:

Passion (180 minutes) – P7,500
(2) Fresh Fruit Shake
(1) Bottle of Champagne
(2) Passionate Massage
(2) Body Moisturizing Treatment with herbal lotions
(2) Foot Spa treatment
(2) Four-course gourmet meal by Spiral!
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

Sensual (120 minutes) – P4,500

(2) Fresh Fruit Shake
(2) Sensual Massage
(2) Body Moisturizing Treatment with herbal lotions
Box of hand-made chocolate pralines or truffles
Pot of hot tea infusion
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

Tender (90 minutes) – P3,000
candlelit whirlpool bath of crystal bubbles
(2) Tender Massage
(2) Chilled bottled mineral water
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

We tried the Passionate package primarily because of the 4-course Spiral dinner and the foot spa pampering! The photo above is the how the couple’s room looks like. This was featured in Us girls, and so I wanted to share with you the actual experience. Bottomline, the massage was great as expected but the Spiral food was so-so. I expected too much I guess on the Spiral dinner but we both agree that the package would have been worth it if the dinner was very good. The room looked old but I must admit it was well maintained. It was a great way to spend our anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

The suite romance experience starts with a 30 minute private time in the Jacuzzi. The chilled Asti Spumante wine was already waiting for us and we immediately savor the sweetness of this wine.

I’ve always wanted to have a massage with my wife beside. I’m still in search of other nice massage couple rooms. My wife loved her massage but for me, it was just so-so. I know how to differentiate a good massage, from a trying hard massage. For me, it was more of the latter.

Interestingly, the bed converts into a table like a transformer.

A Suite Romance Menu (See the Menu) — Since the package is good for two, you can select 2 appetizers, 2 main dish, and 2 desserts.

Prawn Sinigang. Filipino Style Sour Soup with Fresh Prawns and mixed Vegetables.

I can still remember vividly in my taste bud how salty this Sinigang was. The presentation was great, and the ingredients were fresh.

Beetroot and Goat Cheese Salad. Roasted beetroot, balsamic onion and herb salad finished with French goats cheese and organic arugola.

Forgettable and bland taste.

North Asian Tuna Tartare. Diced sashimi grade tuna, red onion, coriander finished with Yuza dressing.

We were wondering was is this and I can’t remember how it taste like.

Bibimbab. Rice Pot with assorted vegetables and minced beef.

The bibimbab was decent but there is more rice than the ingredients. It was so huge that it is good for 2 people.

Rare Grilled Tuna Loin. Grilled tuna loin fillet with baby tomatoes, zucchini, fennel and a light anchovy and red pepper dressing.

This Tuna taste like a steak but the tuna is not tasty and you should put the red pepper dressing to make it taste good. I would have to give them great raves for a great presentation though. The Tuna serving was big enough and goes well with the extra rice of the Bibimbop.

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta. Served with Lychee and rose compote and sesame snap.
Trio of Sugar Free Delights. (at the back) Chocolate clusters, fresh fruits in aloe vera, mixed berry ice cream.

The only highlight of the evening was the sugar free desserts and the panna cotta. We loved it and perfect way to end the meal.

The passionate package ends with a 30 minute heavenly foot massage. Just perfect and it was all worth it except for the disappointing Spiral dinner…

Joel Mendez and Cathy Velez
Sofitel Philippines Sports Club and Spa
Direct Line: 832-6904.



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27 thoughts on “A Suite Romance Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. So much family bliss in January, Aidan’s bday and your wedding anniversary.

  2. anton, you’re such a sweetheart! was this at the sofitel’s spa? or sanctuario? happy 4-year anniv to you and your wife! more power!

  3. Ooh, this is the massage suite at the Intercon spa! That room has hosted a lot of famous people.
    oops, i meant Westin =P

  4. you should think about offering “how to be a sweet boyfriend/husband lessons” to clueless males. your ideas are very romantic and sweet.

  5. Hi! Can you please tell me what hotel is this and the location? Though I don’t have yet the money, I am interested and it looks romantic. I and my wife will be celebrating our 17th year anniversary soon.

  6. Westin!!! Not a well-kept secret anymore…This is their fanciest couples suite. One of a kind only. Open 24 hours.
    Happy Anniv Anton! More Aidans to come!

  7. Happy Anniversary! A guy with a good soul like you deserves all these blessings =) Cheers to many more anniversaries. Looking forward to more angels in the future =)

  8. Happy anniversary! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait for the details on this post. I’m impressed on how you are able to find these fantastic places. Kudos to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. wow!wish i could bring my wife there!could you please share where and a ballpark figure how much it would cost.thanks

  10. congratulations! and may you have more anniversaries to come.
    And if you happen to be in the US, as you are trying Cendrillon in New York and Bistro Luneta in the Bay Area, there is a hidden treasure and a gem that has become part of our community jewelry box, called La Maison du Pain, it is run by two Filipinas and they make the best croissants, artisan breads, chocolate cake, etc. In fact, they supply to high-end hotels and the French consulate orders croissants from them, so you know they have hit the mark of good palate standards. They are located on Pico and Ridgeley in Miracle Mile of Los Angeles, California.

  11. hi sir anton and ms. rache— you’re such a very sweet, nice couple. belated happy aniversary po… shocks, nakakakilig naman… so romantic.

  12. my suggestion for a nice couple’s massage room — the one in Island Cove Resort. It’s not as fancy as the one in Westin but has a very relaxing feel to it.

  13. i would like to ask where is this located? thank you. and if you have other suggestions for couples massage in manila area?

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