The Chocolate Lust Happy Valentines Edition!


Choco Lust Valentines Edition by Ange (P550) — Limited Edition

From Ally:

“I love this version of braso. I’ve loved braso since I was a kid and I’ve tried almost all the versions of braso..ange’s is certainly the best!!! Have you tried her choco-lust? It has one layer of flourless chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate ganache. As a chocoholic, I must say that that ange’s choco-lust is divine. Ask her about it!”

Ever since, I read this comment from Ally, I can’t wait to taste this Choco Lust by Ange (see: Frozen Brazo by Ange). We tasted it today and enjoyed having a slice and then another and another slice. What is it with chocolates that you can’t seem to stop eating it even if you feel you are too full to have another bite of that chocolate on your fork?

This heart shape valentines version is innovative and just perfect for the choco-holic lovers. The photo above would have been perfect, if there was an I Love You written on top and it comes with 3 roses from your boyfriend, lover, or even from your husband!

Ange: +63917 8238198

75 Amorsolo Street San Lorenzo Village Makati.


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3 thoughts on “The Chocolate Lust Happy Valentines Edition!

  1. hi anton,
    i love the frozen brazo. this choco lust is not frozen? it’s like the regular cake that i can bring home even after two to three hours? thanks.

  2. correction: it can be placed in the ref but it would not be as good as it was if it came from the freezer. The mousse would be too soft and the ganache will be droopy.
    another way to eat this choco lust is to wait for a few minutes before indulging a bite.

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