1. Aidan’s life in Photos — anything and everything about Aidan.
2. A photoblog of Aidan’s first times, fun moments and blessings in life.
3. A blogger hosted blog (
4. An ongoing online biography of the life of Baby Aidan.
5. More Cute Photos of Aidan

We’ve been maintaining two blogs ever since 2005. Aidanacious is not as popular as Our Awesome Planet, but we continue to passionately update it because it serves as an online biography of Aidan’s life. My wife updates it these days and it is getting funnier each day. I just want to share it with you in case, you just want to see cute photos of Aidan.


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  1. I tell you… This is one hellava cool blogsite. I really enjoy reading your blogs almost everyday…. Keep on posting nice pictures too!!!

  2. aaw.. suuuuper adorable baby!
    thank you for including me in your list of top ten bloggers.. well, the status “celeb” i still find hard to believe, hehe, but thank you! and oh, my name is spelled with a ‘z’, as in gonzalez! hehe. i love ala’s blog too.. she was actually the one who inspired me to start a blog, helped out with my first template pa nga eh! hehe. it was my sister aissa who actually introduced me to your blog, at thankful ako dahil astig ang blog mo! hehe. thanks for allowing me to link you up. 🙂 GoD bless you!

  3. Hi Anton,
    Aidan is so cute and adorable. I also enjoy reading yor blog, I like your reviews, you must be one busy guy, keep the photos coming and thanks for sharing it to us.

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