Jatujak in Mall of Asia!

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Before heading off to watch the Chinese Acrobats, Korean Paper Doll Lanterns, and the Italian Light Display, I would recommend to eat in this no-non sense Thai place called Jatujak in Mall of Asia. It is located in the second floor , entertainment mall near the center. It is named after the famous Chatuchak weekend market in Thailand and owned by a Filipino. This is what a filipino thai food should taste like and you can order your sukho thai favorites and fulfill your thai craving. We think that it is decently priced and the food is good.

Notsolillulu actually raved about Jatujak in her foodie review:

“Up until yesterday, I could only think of Muang Thai in QC to recommend…but now I’ve found another satisfying resto in Jatujak. Named after the world’s biggest weekend market, found outside Bangkok, this restaurant presents old Thai reliables in a modern setting. Prices are reasonable and servings are more than adequate. We started with the shrimp tom yum. Although we asked for spicy (mild and medium being the other choices), we found it not unbearably hot. What we liked about the soup was that it didn’t heavily rely on the spicy tom yum paste to flavor it, so you could still taste the other aromatics like galanggal and coriander. This is probably the best tom yum around here, according to my hubby, the tom yum connoisseur. We also had their fried spring rolls filled with sotanghon noodles (“glass noodles”), wood ear mushrooms and meat; they were substantial and not too oily. The pad thai boasted of nicely cooked al dente noodles, topped with loads of peanuts, beansprouts, spring onions and a couple of prawns.”

Overall, Pinoy Thai Food at its bests! A little on the sweet side and you need to put kalamansi to balance it out. That is the way we like it sometimes…

Thai Iced Tea (P65++). Pricey but it contains condensed milk which makes it yummy.

Tom Yum All-Shrimps (P165++). Tasted more of Sinigang and way too salty for us.

Bagoong Rice (P130++). Just OK and it is what you expect it to be. It has chicharon which was good not for the health though.

Chicken Sate (P150++). We loved the sate sauce with its cucumber side dish.

Pad Thai (145++). Decent and a lot better than the Som’s Pad Thai.

Tapioca in Pandan Cups (Tako) (P68++). The consistency was not the same as the original Thai Tako but it was big enough to satisfy your craving. There were kamote and sweet corn bits.

Jatujak Thai Resto
Level 2, Unit 237, Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia


24 thoughts on “Jatujak in Mall of Asia!

  1. wow wow wow! uve been bitten by the jatujak bug! i love love love this resto!! must try their green chicken curry!! 😀

  2. The food here was pretty good. I’ve been looking for a good thai restaurant for a long time. This is way better than the others i’ve been to. How I wish Flavors and Spices would reopen 🙂

  3. Hi Anton! Thanks for linking my review to your blog. I’m so not worthy, ha ha ha! Yes, I found the pad thai a little sweet, which warranted a squeeze of the lime accompanying the dish. That fixed it for us. I’m glad you found the resto to your liking as well. Hope Jatujak thrives. =)

  4. About your comment on the tom yum, I’d suggest giving it another try. It didn’t taste like sinigang and wasn’t too salty when we went. 😉

  5. @ lara: Although I, too, miss Flavors & Spices, I wonder if it will ever reopen as its owners closed it and their other resto, La Primavera, when they emigrated to sunny Spain.

  6. Are you kidding? This place has THE worst Thai food since Thai in a Box! And my friend got indigestion from their weird tasting iced tea. The best item here is the plain rice.

  7. I was just there this evening and you’re absolutely right about the Tom Yang being too salty. They use too much patis in the broth, although I would think that this would be an easy problem to resolve. We had the chicken sate(good), tofu and vegetable curry (slightly sweet but not bad), squid with cilantro and garlic (slightly undercooked but flavor was okay), and the bagoong rice. If you’re in Bangkok, do try the powdered Nestle Thai Iced Tea. For a powdered product, it’s suprisingly good.

  8. Hi Anton, i just want to say that i enjoy reading your blog although this is the first time i would post a comment since finally we are talking about my favorite restaurant in manila. To me, being in Thailand for so long, Jatujak really came too close to the authentic taste of Thailand’s famous dishes. Yes i agree, since i eat there every weekend, there will be times you will find a little inconsistency in the taste of their food but i have witness so many times it best mixture. I had the chance of talking to one of the owners, very nice person who works for another company, and mentioned that they are advocates of the Thailand and everything in it, so they travel most of the time buying authentic ingredients in Jatujak. Even their curry is imported! that is why it really, for me is the best in Manila. I have tried other restaurants such as People’s Palace which i found really good too but extremely pricey. Also, I have tried Thai Silk in Serendra, all I can say it is too commercialize and its taste doesn’t come any close. I would always have Jatujak next to my heart and next would be Soms. All the rest is just fake for me now. You should try the lemongrass ice tea…really good and it can fight cancer.

  9. i love jatujaks food.. i honestly think that its the closest we could get to thai food… really… they never failed to make me crave for more of their tom yum… since its very rare to find its original version anywhere here in manila. i love their food and i find their interior cozy and modern at the same time;) i have the feeling they’ll be serving us great thai food for more years to come

  10. i forgot to mention… they really used fresh herbs which i think brought out all the flavor in the dishes… they even have that expensive kafir lime to add more authenticity…;)

  11. Jatujak….I’m never going back to this restaurant again. I found a COCKCRACH in my ice tea!!!! I was so sick after I threw up 5 times.

  12. Its COCKROACH!!! sorry for the wrong spelling. I think I’m too sick to type the correct letters.

  13. It’s a good thing we didn’t find any cockroach in my Thai Iced Tea. The Tom Yum All Shrimps was good. So, was the Sampler of Fish and Crab Cakes and Fried Spring Rolls. Sumablay lang sa Pad Thai – the noodles were overcooked and the taste too sweet for our liking. Interested to try the other dishes 🙂

  14. Hello been to jatuchak resto in MOA everytime i do my vacation in manila ,your food reminds of Thailand …. The precious moment i spent with my loveones in your place.

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