The Grand Tour of Charley’s [The Best of Charley’s #2]


One of the highlights of Charley’s place is this row of Mahogany trees. It was simply magnificent to walk along this path.

This friendly white horse greets you when you arrive. Very friendly and they are not shy to have their photographs taken.

Let me tour you around Charley’s place….

Aidan’s First Encounter with Horses

There is this cute little horse that Aidan was able to touch. You can see from his face that he loves the horses and he is not afraid of them.

It was nice to see Aidan’s eyes light up at the sight of the horses. They are so huge and beautiful.

Just look at Aidan’s face when he saw these horses in Toni Leviste’s stable.

The Main House

This is the main house where the lunch or dinner will be served in the Dining area.

A lovely view of the Sala with the grand piano.

Here is another view of the living room from the dining area.

When you look up, you can see this centerpiece in the middle of the living room.

The Main Dining Area. It is airconditioned and it can comfortably sit 12 people.

The House at the Back.

A group pose at the fake well.

A view of the modest living room.

Charley was kind enough to tour us even in her parents room.

A view of Charley’s Bed Room.

We went into the roof top which was a great view of the entire farm.

The Green House with Charley’s herbs are on the top right side and Toni’s stable on the top left side.

Another view of the Mahogany Trees.

A Rooftop Group Pose.

The Horse Stable

Two horses guarding the stable.

As you enter, there is a display horse that Aidan did not hesitate to ride for the photo op.

A beautiful white horse.

Aidan’s close encounter with the horse.

The Herb Farm

The secret of Charley’s food is in the fresh herbs and vegetables.

She also sells them at the end of the tour. We loved the cashew nuts which costs P150/ bottle.


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