World Light Expo 2007


Dragon made of Porcelain Plates

The World Light Expo 2007 is the latest entertainment complex which is a combination of luminary spectacles, live entertainment and infotainment that is never seen before locally. I wanted to post this review of the WLE 2007 to share with you what to really expect in this exhibition and don’t just believe the marketing materials that you see.

The Grand Opening is on Friday, February 23 and all the attractions will be open until April 22, 2007 (4pm to 12mn). We visited last Wednesday night and there were two special attractions that are not open yet:
1. The Harbin Ice & Light Festival, an Ice World of minus 18 degrees centrigrade (to be completed on the 1st wk of March).
2. The 1st Qin Emperor’s Terracotta Army Exhibition (w/c should be ready by now).

The entrance fee is P300/ adult and P200/child age 3 & up. The question in everybody’s mind: ” Is it worth it?” For me, P300 was not worth it for its entertainment value, maybe when they add the two other exhibitions it might make up for it. Although if you decide to go, you should see the loooong dragon made out of plates and cups (pictured above) ! — Amazing 🙂 Also, there is indeed a fantastic water screen laser show that I have never seen before here in Manila.

I really came to take shots of the colorful lanterns and I know Aidan would love to see these huge lantern displays. (at least, he is still free of charge). In a sense, the place is nice to take portrait shots with the colorful lanterns as the background. I intentionally went on a weekday so that there is less people and you can get some good shots.

Some tips:
1. The place is super dusty from the parking up to the exhibition grounds. Everything is displayed on open air and it would be a problem if it would rain. Also, it is windy at night so the dust might pose a problem for you.
2. Don’t expect good food inside and drinks are P60 for a San Mig light beer. It is best if you have dinner at MOA or around the area before heading over to the World Light Expo. Bring your own water.
3. There were tourist traps like the crappy train for P20/head, and the P150 wear-a-korean-costume-and-take-a-photo trap. Don’t fall for these.
4. The lanterns were colorful and good to see from afar but the workmanship, if you look up close, was mediocre.
5. The acrobat performance is decent but the World Top Korean B-Boy Group is a joke. Don’t waste your time watching this.
6. It is best if you arrive before 7pm or 9pm which is usually the start of the circus.

Check out the rest of the photos on the World Light Expo….

These Korean Lanterns welcome you as you enter WLE 2007. It creates a red carpet welcome effect when you enter and prepares you for the excitement that awaits you.

You can see these cool red lanterns in the entrance.

This is innovative in a sense that these dragons are moving. Kudos for the effort!

This is one of the special exhibition which is part of the Ms. Hyong-suk Lee, Korean Folk Paper made (Hanji) Doll Exhibition. I can’t understand what is it trying to communicate. Maybe we need to have an interpreter or a tour guide. I’m not impressed.

The Fantastic Water Screen Laser Show. It is cool to see the intersection of the laser lights and the water screen. The projected show which includes this Philippine Flag is simply amazing if this is the first time you see it.

It is like watching a holographic movie where the images float. I wonder if there is a 3d version of this?

Show times are:

When we arrived, they were still fixing some of the dolls. I remember, our Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga produces much better lanterns that this one. So I’m not really impressed.

One of the tourist traps is this crappy kiddie train. Don’t let your child go near this place. Kinda hard to avoid though because you can see them in at least 5 more exhibitions.

This is a light water fountain and good to have your portrait taken.

There is a mini replica of the London Bridge which serve as a photo opportunity for people.

Of course, it has the mini-Eiffel Tower replica.

China Government certified Circus Performance. Show times: 7.00-7.30pm and 9.00-9.50pm.

Good and decent circus performance. Not really a must but better watch it since it is part of your P300!

Dance Festival with Top Korean B-Boy Group. This one is a joke. Our Filipino dancers are way better than these guys. Good thing is you can dance with them.

They call this the Italy display because the light displays came from Italy. It was amazing to walk under these lights.

2007 World Light Expo Philippines
Roxas Blvd and Coastal Road Junction, Paranaque City
Feb. 13, 2007- April 22, 2007
4pm to 12 midnight

Adult – over 4 feet P300
Child – below 4 feet P200
Free of entrance under 3 years.

31 thoughts on “World Light Expo 2007

  1. hey anton,
    the organizers of this show actually came here to toronto and displayed the chinese themed lanterns last year~! the looong dragon was actually made out of plates~! soo cool that they’re actually assembling a similar exhibit in manila…
    John Ngo

  2. hi! nice pictures. where is this and until when can we go? what are the opening hours for weekends? also, is there an entrance fee? thanks 🙂

  3. I always past this site going home. They are located along Roxas Blvd corner MIA road. Right across Uniwide’s Coastal Mall.
    They do have entrance fees since i saw ticket booths, not sure bout prices but i think its around 300 (adult) and 200 (kid)
    The expo runs everyday until April.

  4. If the 300 pesos doesn’t seem worth it, just think of the beneficiary of this exhibition, the Pangarap ng Lupa Foundation (for children with sight impairments.) You didn’t mention this in your entry.
    I don’t mean to preach here, but I just felt that it was selfish of you to think that you didn’t get your money’s worth just because you did not enjoy… While the event is meant for your enjoyment, it’s also for a good cause-which, IMHO, is reason enough for me to appreciate what these guys are doing, albeit the fact that our local talents are much better. They could’ve come up with an expo that showcased local talents, but I guess that’s a different story.
    I know 300 pesos is quite heavy, but ask yourself: when was the last time you actually shared part of your blessings? What percentage of your income is 300 pesos?
    It doesn’t hurt if you give a little.

  5. pano po parking sa place? i always pass by the area when going home (macapagal side) pero di ko makita entrance sa parking area, parang pang tao lang.

  6. i went there feb 18, and i think it was wrong timing as the Ice Park and the terracota army attractions were not yet open to the public. i’m hesitant to go back because aside from paying the entrance fee, i still have to pay my way for the ice park/army and they’re on different tents!
    funny, but we have the same angles for the long dragon and the lanterns, yours is better lighted though. 🙂 and i didn’t watched the dance group. lol

  7. this expo is responsible for covering up the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Seaside drive and Coastal Road,
    compromising the safety of the general public. I feel bad for commuters who need to use the overpass especially at night.
    They also had a big fireworks display the other night and soon after, there was a huge brush fire in the area

  8. ey anton!
    nadaan ko ito last time nung galing ako sa airport. im still looking for a perfect night to go there.
    sana pag punta ko ayos na ang harbin ice show…

  9. my siblings and i went there last night. for yesterday only, (though i think they’re considering it for the future), our entrance was only p200.
    thursday night, not that many people still. the staff were really nice and polite, and it seemed that there were more staff than visitors in the area.
    the place was ok, took lots of good pictures by the lanterns and the snake, and a few of the other light displays, but more than half the other light displays weren’t impressive.
    the only attractions we caught were the korean b-boys and the circus act thing, both ok but not that impressive.

  10. Thanks Anton for sharing these spectacular photos. We’re thinking of going there too. I really appreciate those tips you mentioned.
    I love all the photos especially the three of you taken under the magnificent lights.

  11. hey! i love this post! i really needed it cuz i had to bring these two americans somewhere nice in the city! i love your details! thanks!

  12. thanks for the photos and the helpful hints. me and my office mates in UPLB are planning to go there sometime. as I type this email I am already contemplating on going there right away but it’s already quite late. if I leave at 5 pm I might get there by 7 or 8 pm.

  13. This expo sucks bigtime !!!!!
    Better off spending your money at Star City. Word of warning to those who brings cars.. From the parking, you have to cross macapagal avenue.. Take note.. it is the point where cars have already built up speed from the last stoplight.. So good luck surviving the crossing to the expo if you do plan to go. Although there are parking attendants willing to accompany you, well at night one attendant looks just like any other obstruction when you’re goin 120 kph so better be warned.

  14. it isone of a kind , it is so beautiful, hope you can do it in the city of marikina, contact d tourism office ,

  15. hi anton! regular visitor of you blog. i shoot FILM so i have a horrible time with shooting at night! what would you recommend my SETTINGS be for shooting the LANTERNS? thank you very much! really appreciate how you present philippines this way! =) should be one of the top travel blogs!

  16. i’ve seen this just this morning on tv “at home ka dito” be there next saturday! that’s for sure…

  17. there’s no problem with crossing the road from the parking lot. You have to press the button under the stop light to make it red. Therefore, cars will stop. Then, you can cross now. Hi-tech diba?

  18. meron namna palang stoplight na hi-tech eh..anyway…mukhang ok din sa park na ito ah….thanks for sharing sir anton…hope madala ko din family ko jan..!

  19. Went here last Sunday. The parking attendant across the street was selling tickets for P150 each. We thought we got it cheap when we heard a guy at the Light Expo entrance selling tickets for P50! We didn’t get to enjoy the place since it was too noisy with the hiphop singing and dancing on stage. During the light show, my toe got caught on a sharp metal jutting out of the netted soil. They didn’t even have a first aid station! Abomination! I had to get an anti-tetanus shot the next day. Ouch!

  20. Hi Anton,
    Just want to point out that that is not a replica of the London Bridge. It is a replica of the Tower Bridge. London Bridge is a “lesser” bridge a few meters down the Thames form the Tower Bridge.

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