Desert Safari Arabian Night

Authentic Arabian Belly Dancers

The Dubai’s Desert Safari organized by Dubai’s biggest operator Arabian Adventures is one of my coolest adventures to date! It is an exciting experience from the late afternoon start at 3.30 pm until it ends at night at around 10pm. It starts with Dune Bashing where you are inside a 4×4 vehicle and you drive through the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert for almost an hour in the Al Maha Desert reserve. It is guaranteed that this is even better than a roller coaster ride, and guaranteed to make you shriek and laugh with excitement. After the desert drive, the tour stops over in a Camel farm where I came in close encounter with a camel for the first time in my life. Before heading to the camp site, it is a must to see the orange sun sets in the arabian desert horizon. This is a great backdrop for fun shots and group photos while on top of the Arabian Desert sand dunes.

Finally, the group heads over to the Arabian Desert camp site where you are greeted with a free camel ride and an Arabian BBQ Buffet dinner. We decided to stay in the majlis (low cushions) in the Shee Sha area instead of the traditional Bedouin tents area. After satisfying your craving of hummous, arabian bread, arabian BBQ and mousaka for dessert; the gracious belly dancer seduces the audience. The best belly dancer makes you fall in love with her via the hypnotic gyration of her hips and graceful playfulness of her hands. At this point, we are all enjoying smoking the strawberry flavored Shee Shas while enjoying the open bar of wine and beer. But the best part of the night happens when they close all the lights in the campsite to have pitch black effect where you can only see the stars and if you stare long enough, the satellite slowly orbiting the earth. At this point, you don’t want to leave but the entire surreal experience is only enjoyed for a few minutes before you head back to your hotel.

This is a must experience when you are in Dubai! The safari costs Dhs. 250 (US$ 68) for adults and Dhs. 180 (US$ 49) for children between 3 and 10. Since we booked via our hotel, it costs us 295 Dirhams about $80. The good thing is it is all inclusive and generally you don’t need to pay anything extra during the entire tour (except for minimal tips to some).

Definitely an Awesome Experience you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime!

The super fine sands of the Arabian desert and I have a bottle of mineral water full of this desert sand. This is the type of sand that you can use in an hour glass.

This is really fun to drive across the desert sand dunes. I wished that I was the one driving instead of being strapped in the back seat.

Our english speaking driver grins with excitement as he prepares to make a sudden drop from the top of the sand dunes in front.

The tour would occasionally stop for a water / soft drinks break. I can still remember my stomach suddenly dropping as we cross the sand dunes. This is really fun!

Afterwards, we visited a camel farm for the first time.

This camel smiled at the camera at the perfect time.

Arabian Desert Sun Set! So beautiful while seating on top of the sand dunes.

Here are my friends from work posing for posterity.

Arabian Desert Camp

This is the stage where the belly dancer will seduce you. Just giving you a glimpse on how the entire camp site looks like.

These guys welcome you to the camp site with free date wines.

Ready to serve in traditional Bedouin male garments.

Arabian BBQ Buffet at its best!

The majlis (low cushions) in the Shee Sha area. This is the place to be πŸ™‚

A free camel ride that brings you just around a small area. After Dubai and my Egypt trip, I’m a certified camel rider.

Mong trying out the shee sha experience. We were smoking shee sha during the entire Dubai/ Egypt trip that we had to bring one home for Shee Sha parties here in the Philippines.

I could not ask for more of these authentic arabian buffet. Most of the stuff are healthy but carbo rich because of the arabian breads.

Now I know why a belly dancer is called belly dancer because of its large hips and fatty bellies. It ruined all my belly dancer fantasies.

I now know what an authentic belly dancer is.

This is the best experience of the desert safari night! Lying down to see the moon and the stars in pitch arabian desert blackness!

You can see the moon, the stars with the desert dunes as a backdrop with all the lights turned off


23 thoughts on “Desert Safari Arabian Night

  1. i had d same experience:)
    have u tried sand surfing? grabe, pamatay pag aakyat uli s dunes, pero masarap!!
    hope i can go to egypt as well,,but people said it’s so dirty, is it true?

  2. I’m going gaga over that close-up photo of the camel. TOO CUTE!!! I hope you don’t mind I’m saving it to my computer. It’s the type of picture that would cheer me up when needed. πŸ™‚ The safari looks like fun! I’d love to go to Dubai someday.

  3. Awwww….kainggit naman your travel in Egypt talaga. Wish ko lang, I can experience the same FUNtastic adventure. Just like the others, I just LOVE your close-up camel shot. Very nice! πŸ™‚

  4. how many memories this brought back…. i did same trip two years ago and will join for second time this May, it really is so much fun, and a unique experience. Still loving your blog!! Btw, will you update Serendra soon?

  5. I know this is a late comment… hehe thats my bday… hope to celebrate it with my family and friends… πŸ™‚
    haha pwede din wedding kung yayayain na ko…

  6. Hi,
    We also went to Dubai in May 2006 and Dec 2006. Dune bashing is one of a kind experience, isn’t it? I don’t think I wanna repeat it though – I mean the dangerous tricks because you can also enjoy the desert in other ways. Been planning to go to Egypt, hopefully we can go this year. We’re having second thoughts because some of our friends/acquaintances were quite disappointed with their Egypt trip. But I am thinking pyramids are pyramids so we must go!

  7. I just came across your blog, and lo and behold — I spotted some pictures of my dad, who was with you in your Dubai/Egypt trip. I find that pretty cool πŸ™‚
    Great pictures by the way. Must’ve been a great experience.

  8. visiting dubai next month and doing the dune drive…I get car sick so a bit worried about the dune drive evening booked on…can anyone tell me if its safe…sounds as if they travel quite fast and dangerously??

  9. can i save the camel shot in my laptop? it’s soo cute.. i want to use it as a wallpaper.. ;’)) i’m an avid fan of your blog by the way.. i already have a list c/o your blogs about the places my boyfriend and i wants to check out next.. thanks a bunch.. ;’))

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