Kubli Springs Night @ Viaje del Sol


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I’m still on a Kubli Springs High and I can’t believe that I was able to pull this off with my office mates. It was also fortunate that I was in San Pablo, Laguna for work that I have to spend the night in that area. Finally, I had the chance to execute one of my wildest setup of having dinner at Kubli Springs in Dolores, Quezon — Thanks to Jay and Ralph of Kinabuhayan Cafe! I’ve been to all the places in the Viaje del Sol area, this is one of the must try experiences that any foodie should go to.

Imagine eating inside a wild forest amidst huge rocks and bonfires, getting wet from the clear water flowing through your feet, and drinking from the cold natural spring water. The table is set on top of natural rocks with flowing water underneath it. The best part of the dinner is the excellent food prepared by Jay. I was caught off guard at how great the food taste that all my friends are raving about it long after the dinner. This is literally dining under the stars and it was a truly priceless dining experience.

I told my friends that day, that I have a surprise adventure dinner for them. I kept it as a surprise because I want to blow their minds off on one of the unique experiences in the Philippines. I just told them that they need to bring slippers because they might get wet. Most of us came from office and that is why we still have our jeans on πŸ™‚ Actually, the best way to enjoy this place is to wear swim shorts and you eat while submerged in cool clear water. Going to this place is scary since it is located near the foot of Mt. Banahaw and in the heart of Dolores, Quezon.

Kubli Springs Dinner is just AWESOME! Perfect setting and ambiance with great gourmet food for P500/ head only ! I’m going back to bring my wife and Aidan to enjoy this place πŸ™‚

(L-R) Ginger, Reena, Vince, Murf/Edlyn, Wendy and our boss, Sonny

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Kubli Springs

I tried to capture the entire mood and setting at Kubli Springs. They setup mini-bon fires to light up the area. I was personally scared to drink from the natural spring water source you see in the photo above. But once I tasted it, this is the first time I would rave about water! The water is no natural that you can still taste the minerals in it and it taste like full bodied water.

This is a great bonding experience. We waited on top of the boulders and asking silly slam book questions. Water is all around you and you can feel how clean it is and the longer you stay in the place, it felt safer and safer. We would always look at the stars and pretend to know where the big dipper is and other star formations. Occasionally, you would make a wish if you see a shooting star and clap like teenagers wishing to find your one true love.

It was amazing how Jay cooked this medium rare lamb with rosemary and other secret ingredients. I tell you, we were raving about it all throughout the dinner! He cooked while confessing that he had a nasty hang over that morning.

Here is a posterity shot of the group with our dining table for the night. The water that you can see in the picture came from the spring water flowing in the area.

Our dinner consisted of the best Garlic Chicken with the garlic chili we ever tasted, a secret Risotto dish that was perfect with the tender grilled lamb steak. I forgot to take a shot of the salad with flowers and a dressing to remember.

We were challenged by Jay to submerged under the water but we decided to stand. Frankly we didn’t mind because the food was so great that we forgot we were standing for a couple of hours already. The dessert is an array of sweet fruits. Jay also served the best Barako coffee we ever tasted and the best Lambanog — that was smooth and with the right amount of alcohol.

I’m starting to sound like I’m raving about all the things and this is one of the truly surreal experience in 2 hours away from Manila.

@ Kinabuhayan Cafe

We went back to Jay’s Kinabuhayan cafe where we freshened up and played a little billiards game. T

we were introduced to Jay’s loving dashounds. We toured around the rustic but homey bed and breakfast accommodation at Kinabuhayan Cafe.

This is their own radio station broadcasting around the Dolores, Quezon area.

(L-R) Ginger, Murf/Edlyn, Jay, Wendy, and Reena

After the experience, all the girls are now beso beso with Jay πŸ™‚ By the way, Kubli springs is a secret and Jay is not advertising it even in the Viaje del Sol brochure. You must try it with your barkada!!

Kinabuhayan Cafe Bed and Breakfast.
Tel (042) 565 6828
Jay +63 917 368 0054
Winston +63 917 327 1106

Directions on how to go to Kinabuhayan Cafe.
From Manila, go to the end of South Expressway and exit going to Batangas (this is the second to the last exit on your right). Proceed to the direction of Bicol and when you arrive in the San Pablo, Laguna border (about an hour and a half from manila without traffic), stay on the highway up to Km 86 where you will see the Meralco compound to your right. Shortly after Meralco, turn left on the road leading to Dolores. Go passed Bato srpings and turn left after the gas station. Stay on this road until you reach Bejarme St. Turn left, after a few meters, Kinabuhayan cafe will be to your right. Call Jay if you get lost.


8 thoughts on “Kubli Springs Night @ Viaje del Sol

  1. Next time, bring swimsuits so you can sit in the water while eating. Although I’m sure the water is super cold if it’s fresh from the mountains.
    My friends and I have been saying we’ll go to Kinabuhayan for the last 3 years, but haven’t had the chance to go. I’ll share this with them to see if this will finally entice them to get their bums out of the city.

  2. Oh my gosh! Seeing that picture of the secret risotto brought back memories! I love that dish with the mushrooms and the cream na parang hindi creamy pero masarap! hehehe.
    It’s great to see Kinabuhayan Cafe is still rustic and homey as before!
    Ngunit bakit walang picture si Ralph? Hehehehe

  3. Hi Anton! Where can I get the Viaje del Sol brochure? You have? BTW, you joining the next FHL travel writing sessions? πŸ™‚

  4. I,ve been there last Good Friday! It was really an enriching and thrilling experience! Mahirap pero masarap!

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