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Ugu Bigyan’s Kulawo (Banana Heart)! –– The Best seller in the house! This is just with charcoal to bring out the smokey flavor and cooked in vinegar and spices. I swear, it taste like tuna meat!! ( email me for the recipe )

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After blogging this last Sept 2005, Ugu Bigyan continues to be one of the secret places in the Philippines. You cannot find this in the lonely planet and in fact, even the people who lives within the area was surprised that such beautiful garden place exist. I’ve been raving about it for years now, and if you have not eaten here, you should plan a viaje del sol trip this coming summer.

Here are some tips on making your Ugu Bigyan trip a memorable experience:

1. You need to reserve one day in advance for lunch (minimum of 5) or merienda. They are strict that you pay for the exact amount of headcount that you reserved since they buy the ingredients in the market based on the reservation.
2. The Best time to buy pottery items in Ugu are during the sale season. There are three sale sessions: first, is the pahiyas sale on May 15 (this would be too crowded); second, on his even birthdays August 14 discounted depending on his age (42% this year); and lastly during the first Sunday of October.
3. Lunch is now @ P400/ head. It is usually a fix set depends on what they can buy in the market. You can influence this a bit and try to change some of the items based on your preference.
4. Merienda is also a nice time to go here and get a taste of their Sago and Gulaman!!
5. You can learn pottery here and decide to stay for a night. I suggest you inquire when the classes are and schedule your visit during that time.

They make it look easy to create a perfect jar!

Check out the rest of the Ugu Bigyan meal…

I’m happy that Ugu Bigyan is one of the greatest secret in the south. It’s unassuming facade cloaks the entire pottery garden from outsiders.

Pako salad. This is a true filipino dish without any fusion.

One of the best Calamares we ever tasted! It is cooked perfectly and with the right bite.

You cannot go wrong with these huge shrimps!

Huge Grilled Ribs that would satisfy any carnivore.

Sweet and Sour Fish with Mango salsa. Can I ask for more?

Ugu Bigyan Potter’s Garden

Viaje del Sol Brochure: For potter Ugu Bigan, home has always been in Tiaong, Quezon. His artist’s workshop is a cluster of quaint huts, connected by brick paths, and surrounded by a lush garden. Ugu’s works are on display and are for sale. Lunch is served at his garden. Meals are served on beautiful ceramic plates and bowls.

Directions: From Manila, head towards the end of South Express Way and take the second to the last exit going to Batangas. Take the road going to bicol heading towards Tiaong, Quezon. This is about 90-120 minutes drive. After San Pablo, Laguna, you will arrive in Tiaong, Quezon. Drive past the Tiaong public market and watch for the Tiaong Elementary School. Five minutes from the school, watch for a sign pointing to Lusacan National high school, to your left. Turn left on the road near the sign. Follow the road and turn left on Alvarez Village. The house is the red clay house to your left.

Reservations for lunch must be made with a minimum of 5 persons

Ugu Bigyan: Potter’s Garden
490 Alvarez Village , Brgy Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon
Call + 63 (42) 545-9144

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  1. hi anton. new reader here…is that “kulawo” on the first picture (banana heart in burnt coconut cream) ? if so, that dish was also mentioned in amy besa and romy dorotan’s “memories of philippine kitchens”…when amy went to ugu bigyan’s place…my mom is from tiaong although i’ve only had this a few times while growing up — and not as beautifully plated as that picture. thanks for posting it.
    regards from southern california.

  2. Hi Anton! Wow sarap naman, kakagutom. Can you give me details on how to get there? what specific route to take baka kasi mawala kami hehe thanks!

  3. Great site and lovely photos and reviews of regional food! More power to you and your blog.
    Please may I have the recipe for banana heart kulawo?
    Many thanks,

  4. We went there few years ago. My mom discovered that she and Ugo were batchmates during college. It’s good to know that they serve food now and that there are many budding places to visit in Quezon =)
    Anton, I’d suggest dropping by Palaisdaan on your next Pahiyas trip =) It might be crowded but the food is worth the short wait =)

  5. Thanks for this! I’m proud to be a San Pablena. Viaje del Sol was one of the best ideas they came up with, thank goodness.
    Well, I haven’t been to Pation Verde, but I can tell you that Laguna Lake has undergone changes since you posted this. More people now go there to “tambay,” get together, date (yihee) and stargaze, especially on cold Decemebr evenings. Still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s (hopefully) getting there ;p
    Thanks again =>

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