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Shopping is not my forte. But I can sense a hot trend from a mile away and online stores are booming in Manila. Specifically, online multiply stores selling accessories and jewelries. These stores are hot, convenient and addicting! The smart women shoppers are now turning into these online stores to shop conveniently at home and get fabulous finds that you can’t even see in tiangge’s or actual physical store. The mode of payment is cash either via depositing in a bank account or via G-cash. The jewelries are delivered directly to your home and returning them is very convenient via the store’s preferred carrier. These fabulous sites are passed on through word of mouth via blogs and other “multipliers”.

Just a word of caution, for the lady readers, these sites are addicting. You can waste time and money just by visiting these sites. For the men readers, these are good sites to buy jewelries or accessories for your special someone. You can ask your friends to choose them for you, in the comforts of your computer.

There are hundreds of multiply sites out there because it is free, it is easy to setup, and you can customize it to the theme that you like. To save you from the trouble of finding out which are the hot and trusted ones, these are so far the top 10 Secret Online Multiply Stores!!

Top 10 Online Multiply Stores for Jewelries and Accessories
1. Flatterbuy (
2. Onionmaniacgoddess (
3. Summer with Sepa (
4. What to Wear Online Botique (
5. Julena’s Site (
6. Fashion Galore (
7. Vida Jewelleries (
8. Beadlady (
9. Dare to be Unique by Sundrenchedgirl (
10. STELLAR by Chynna Ortaleza ( )

Other Multiply Sites to consider
11. Fuddy’s Site (
12. Chimala Accessories (
13. Rowwrrr (
14. SOEUR Accessories (
15. Bags Buddy (

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The Secret is out!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that these sites are addicting.

P.S. Please post your favorite multiply stores in the comment as well.

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  1. Other great finds: (for awesome fabric belts designed by lara leal) and for fabulous handpainted bangles.

  2. wow, good thing multiply is blocked here in the office, or else, i would’ve done nothing but browsed through those sites! thanks for the tips anton!
    i hope you can feature also how they started out with their respective businesses… it looks like multiply is the best way to have an online store noh?

  3. Hi Anton,
    I heard about this post from a friend who frequently visits (or should I use lurks? Heh) your blog. Thank you! It’s an honor. Ü
    Perhaps you’d like to buy something for your special someone? Hehe.
    Girls of SDG
    To missyosigirl: are you the same missyosigirl I read at blogdrive? πŸ˜€

  4. Pia Faustino makes awesome custom handcrafted jewelry – for personal use, weddings, etc. Visit her site at

  5. I like looking at the following sites:
    Mineral Make-up (mmu) sites: This will change the way you look at make-up hehe – They have the most mmu brands – Luminare & E.L.F. (a US brand where items are only $1, but sold for 120) – not a multiply site, but they sell Bare Escentuals (BE), the first and most famous mmu brand – They also have E.L.F. & BE
    For accessories: – Famous handpainted bangles – Lovely accessories from HK πŸ™‚ – They have a shop in Powerplant Mall, after their success during the Rockwell Vintage Bazaar

  6. wah ~ i’m a multiply shopping addict! i’m a big fan of ellen’s cameos (julena14) and julie’s “the look for less” concept (what2wear). those sites rock! ÜÜÜ

  7. kudos for featuring bag’s buddy! i own one in each size, and they’ve really gone a long way in decluttering the mess that are my bags! i highly recommend it!

  8. Thank you for including my very young Multiply site on your list!
    I’m also having a blast,aside from earning while looking after my kids,I got to meet some gorgeous,woderful ladies too!

  9. I’d have to agree. I’ve transacted with most of those people, and online shopping is all TOO addicting! it’s truly a secret underground economy, and accessories are not the only unique things you’ll find on multiply. i love that it would be quite impossible to see someone else in the mall using the same thing.
    i’ve discovered the best shoes online too πŸ™‚
    accessories :
    shoes :
    CHEERS to multiply shopping!

  10. enjoyed this piece! i’ve been visiting all the sites since i read it. this is not healthy for my shopping addiction πŸ™‚

  11. Hi πŸ™‚ Thanks for mentioning our online store. I would just like to inform you that our site is now not πŸ™‚ It’s a looong story. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

  12. – pet grooming and fashion store owned by Michael de Mesa and Julie Reyes – affordable bohemian accessories – one of a kind clay arts – one of a kind bikinis & – fab accessories.. *wink*wink* – vintage wears – wedges, flats, native bags.. – vintage dress at reasonable price.. – leather bags at affordable prices..
    too be continued.. i have a long list that i can recommend.. =)

  13. recently bought my accessories:
    other multiply site i frequently visit:

  14. – for personalized tumblers. i bought mga 7 ata sa kanya.. πŸ˜‰ – a variety of swim wear for summer.. – jewelry holders! & – for preorder dresses.. πŸ™‚ mylittledress dresses can also be bought in serendra, d fort – microbead pillows – one of a kind bags – chifflon sandals with interchangeable straps,, and apparels that u will fall in love.. πŸ™‚

  15. I’d like to thank millie for including our site (beautycorner) in her list. We’re relatively new sellers in Multiply but we’re very happy with our new-found success.
    Most of my favorite Multiply stores are already in the list you mentioned and those that were posted in the comments.
    Truly addicting!


  17. Hi!
    Thank u for mentioning out site as one of yuor top sites for online shopping! =)
    More power to the other sellers!
    -Yu sisters of Soeur Accessories

  18. Hi Anton,
    It’s an honor to be part of your list:) I just found out about this now! Thank you very much!:)
    Ma-anne of Oniomaniacgoddess

  19. HeLO!
    I’m a multiply addict too. I can’t stop myself from surfing all stuffs found at all multipliers. I would sleep late just to check all the items.
    My fave multiply sites as of this time are: for accessories for pre-orders birkenstock and louis vuitton for clothing
    Multiply Rocks! πŸ™‚

  20. so many links… so little time! (and moolah!) πŸ™‚
    some of the links are also on
    dang, hopefully after i leave the company i’m working for now (oh.. next month na pala yun! yipee!), i’d have time to sell stuff on multiply as well! but for the next 2 weeks… corporate slave pa rin ako. huhuhu.

  21. oh my gosh, nahihilo nako sa dami ng sites!
    and my lists of “wants” and “needs” are getting longer!
    Anton, this is your fault! Hahahaha. My wallet is drained!

  22. Wow, I’m in the top 4!!! Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without my gorgeous clients who lurk in my site everyday to purchase my creations.
    Cheers to that!=)

  23. thanks for sharing these sites to us! i, too, am hooked with multiply shopping! =D
    ..let me share some of my fave multiply sites too! –handpainted real fashionable bangles! –one of a kind accessories! –affordable yet trendy tops!

  24. – they’re fairly new in multiply. most of their items are for export. really good stuff. – you can find cool stuff here. good service too.

  25. those multiply online shops really rocks. Aside from what2wear and stellar fave ko rin and &

  26. I like for unique and one of a kind jewelry.
    And then for unique clay jewelry.

  27. me naman poh..
    lam nyo poh ba ung online store na nagbebenta ng pa-loadan na card…????tnx

  28. one of the sites i keep buying from , . really great stuff. . .

  29. Try these sites also: – LOTS of Chic & Fashionable clothes for Ladies & Kids. – Must-haves Baby items – ultra comfy jelly shoes!

  30. i highly recommend
    i so love all my neckpieces that i got from her, try her you’ll never regret it. aside from the wonderful packaging, the pieces she has are unique!
    best axes online shop for me and my friends!
    we totally love cupcake shop

  31. Hi there! Thank you for featuring the various online stores in multiply. They truly are helpful to all online shoppers!
    Btw, please do check out our multiply site too. It features our super comfy fashionable shoes, sandals, and coming soon…bags!
    Thanks again! =)
    Happy Feet Sandals

  32. omg. these are sooooo addictive. you might want to check out another fashion blog, πŸ˜‰ just encountered it recently. the featured products and online stores are soooooo fabulous! haha! πŸ™‚ kudos to these great “minipreneurs” πŸ˜‰ –the ppl to blame for shopping addiction! haha. but i sooo love them! πŸ™‚

    They just recently launched their online store but had been selling these uber cute Laptop Skins for a time now (I bought 2 from them already). I have been told that they will be having more products next month.
    Check them out!!!

  34. Who says not everyone can have a designer’s dress? Not anymore!
    Have the fabulous dress that you always wanted!!!
    Chloe, BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Chanel,
    DIANE von FURSTENBERG, Anna Sui, Gucci, ESCADA, Karen Millen, BeBe, MaxMara, Cacharel and much more!!! Love these brands? Get it at a fraction of its original price.

  35. Who says not everyone can have a designer’s dress? Not anymore!
    Have the fabulous dress that you always wanted!!!
    Chloe, BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Chanel,
    DIANE von FURSTENBERG, Anna Sui, Gucci, ESCADA, Karen Millen, BeBe, MaxMara, Cacharel and much more!!! Love these brands? Get it at a fraction of its original price.

  36. hey! love your blog! πŸ˜€
    i’ve recently read this part though and i hope it’s not too late for you to endorse our multiply site: we sell funky laptop sleeves! check it out! :p

  37. just to share some fabulous sites i found bikinis, lingerie, and sexy intimates!, super affordable stuffs for super cute accessories

  38. multiply is really addicting!
    my friends set up an everything for 88 pesos and below multiply store too!
    also, check these out:
    & (not really a store, but this is a great kids arts and crafts events site.)

  39. ggrrrrr.. im an addict already. i was searching for more kaya my search led me here. lol! tnx 4 d post nwei..its way too useful!

  40. for executives who love the elegance and comfort of wearing office barongs -popularly known as “gusot-mayaman”,
    pls visit
    you’ll love the new & trendy designs, plus the bargain!

  41. ….i love to know more about your ‘gusot-mayaman’ barongs….i have fascinations in new designers discoveries…..on anything made of philippines hem barongs natives ethnic ‘hand wevings’ especially if designs are mix with super lightweight stainless metals or silver or local lightweight treated woods in clothing o shoes o jewelry fashions….that includes high ends state of the art ‘draperies’and high end ‘collectible’ books like what FIRST LOVE:A HEALTHY WORLD PARADISE book collections are doing right now in some of their ‘RARE’ collections it cost more but way worth it….i hope they already applied for patent-trademarks on their products coz some stranger groups in past years had been intercepting my gift ideas to be given as gift to my old high schoolmates from 70’s…..i do not like american way-ideas of ‘lawsuits’ coz this is not LIFE is all about….stealing is agaisnt the law of nations and the LAW OF GOD….gods of anykinds of whom any antions-nationalities believe in… TRUST must be a line no one should cross….unless they want their fate to be ‘unknown’o disgraced in world history just like what happened for so many for DECADES o ‘centuries’ when so many of them went into hiding….businesses must have competitions so those who deserves it thru ‘great designings’ should live-enjoy life and wealths she-he deserves….not acquiring wealths by waiting for tragedies to happened by using ‘lawsuits’ after lawsuits for millions if not billions of dollars just like here in united states where lawsuits is a way of life to gain incomes others work hard for decades but thrown away to sometimes malicious voltures greedy individuals or groups of people… filipinos enjoy your talents creativities & patient hardworks coz nothing beats{non comparable}smart quality but honest businesses with clean healthy clear conscience who sleeps soundly at nights not in hidings not deported not extra stresses not in courts not in jails lol….so keep your ‘new’ inventions o designs flowing lol!…..

  42. can you help me find multiply sites that offers great pieces for summer? -cover ups, bikinis, shades, etc.. thank you=)

  43. this is one of the best jersey selling online. with very accommodating seller. no hustle order and delivery.entertains both internationally and locally. you guys better check it out!=D

  44. Hi pinkbelter. It’s nice to hear that there is a shop now that customized a swimsuit. We’re having a hard time to look for a swimsuit that will fit/look good for my daughter na medyo mataba. Buti na lang i saw your shop sa show Kabuhayan Swak na Swak. We’ll visit your stores one of this days para mapasukatan itong anak ko. Nagsusukat ba kayo sa lahat ng store? Kasi siyempre doon kami pupunta na store na malapit sa amin and baka hindi kayo nagsusukat sa lahat ng stores ninyo. Let me know ok. Thanks!!!

  45. hi! can you help me find online stores or sites which offers /sells baby slings and pouches..thanks! your blog is a great help

  46. ….hello….can someone designs-produces bathing suits and 2 piece bikini wears that are extended shorts short and some with short sleeves….i am not young anymore gained some unwanted weights so i do not want to exposed my very ‘upper’thighs upper arms anymore so can anyone ‘help women’ who are experiencing the same aging bodies like me we would appreciate them vey much and i am willing to pay a fortune on those kind of designs with mathing eyewears hats jewelries ‘wooden haute couture sculptured high-mini heels bakya footwears’ so long i see them in your finest boutiques-malls thank you philippines lol….

  47. ….hello….can someone designs-produces bathing suits and 2 piece bikini wears that are extended shorts short and some with short sleeves….i am not young anymore gained some unwanted weights so i do not want to exposed my very ‘upper’thighs upper arms anymore so can anyone ‘help women’ who are experiencing the same aging bodies like me we would appreciate them vey much and i am willing to pay a fortune on those kind of designs with mathing eyewears hats jewelries ‘wooden haute couture sculptured high-mini heels bakya footwears’ so long i see them in your finest boutiques-malls thank you philippines lol….

  48. ….thanks ana i will be checking your store this christmas with our grandchildren lol….
    ….also we want to order at least 2 dozens of quality silken cotton white t-shirts{large sizes}also large golden coffee-choco mugs sets of golden tea cups silken-nylon watches back packs or new JOURNEY video games but all of them MUST HAVE the new JOURNEY band with new rock band lead singer PINEDA concert performances ‘printed’in all of them also we prefer if PINEDA’s face is a little bigger in size meaning not just an accidental background coz we want to see him for breakfast lunches dinners snacktime thank you very much in advance lol….

  49. i sooOo love ! they sell boutique-inspired tops in low, low prices. Their clothes are like the ones you can buy in Zara, Maldita, F&H, Kamiseta, even imported brands (Bnana Rep, Hennes & Mauritz). The 1.5k dress that you can buy in Maldita can be bought in this site for only 400!!! But reminder lng, all of their items are strictly 1pc per item only! For uniqueness and individuality. Rmbr, being in-style dsnt have to expensive. πŸ™‚

  50. Please visit
    for shoes, clothes, bags and accessories.
    Our branches are at:
    2/F Trinoma Mall ( Across Bench Fix Salon)
    3/F Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center (Turn right when you see Estilo)
    2/F 50th Avenue, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita ( Soon to Open late June, go up the escalator at National Bookstore)

  51. Truly, online shopping is addictive. I could spend a lot of my money in a week kaya sometimes I avoid visiting multiply sites but anyways, here are my faves: – swimsuits, cover ups and Korean Fashion – dresses – shoes

  52. ….my grandchildren will do their christmas shoppings in the philippines this christmas hopefully our awesome planet will have patience to keep adding more multiply dot com internet shopping system so kids wont stay long in malls while adults wait and falling asleep lol!….i will be sending some local philippines souvenir products to my friends in the united states military in the u.s. navy marine corps army & lots to u.s. air force coz my husband’s brother was a high ranking air force officer so he gets those a little more pricey items for this coming christmas as a treat lol….

  53. So addicted to – for their weight loss & whitening., my MMU primer source. forgot the multiply site but the name of the business is vanilla & co. for their chocolatey body treats!!!!

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    they sell very nice clothes and less expensive compared to others. they even have sale once in a while. great finds for online shoppers.

  57. i can’t believe wasn’t on the list.
    i think they’re one of the top three multiply shops out there today.

  58. Don’t know what to give this Christmas? Check out my cousin-in-lawβ€˜s bag collection for sale – from regular to branded – all are super cutie! You may order directly from her or course it through me. We’re neighbors after all! πŸ™‚ You’ll love her bags – promise! πŸ™‚ – For orders, call/text me at 0917-8103552.
    Visit for the online catalog.

  59. For your organic personal care needs like soaps, body scrubs and body butters, offers great natural products you’ll surely love!

  60. Hi Anton, You never fail to amaze me!!! 2 days of reading through your blogs and I’m alrerady thinking that you can replace ernie baron or kuya kim( in a good way :)I’m on the graveyard shift and have not yet finished anything since monday..not blaming you’ll be worth my sufferring @ the end of the week when I would eventually have to finished my tasks.
    My wife has an online multiply store as well and I just want to invite your avid followers to visit —This is an experimental joke/business venture but we’re serious to bringing quality bags from the US and selling it online with relatively low prices compared to that of the boutiques in greenhills that sell imported stuff. We have XOXO,nine west, Ralp-h, Baby Phat and Victoria’s Secret. I hope that if we succeed we’d see misstrendy619 on your list! Thanks and keep on blogging!

  61. A friend of a friend of a friend (yeah, the wonders of networking) had recently built their multiply bag store. Very good stuff and really good prices too! Too bad I’m in Singapore right now, shipping a bag costs more than the bag themselves. Oh well. At least there’s something I can look forward to when I come back to the Phils!
    Oh, here’s the bag shop’s URL:

  62. hello, please visit our new babies- (offers jewelry, collectibles, rocks & minerals, health stuff) and (offers bead jewelry)

  63. I recommend everyone to visit this site please :>
    It’s a new online store and I hope you try to visit it and look at their clothes πŸ™‚ thank you!

  64. For skinfood and missha products try;
    Has a lot of brands from korea and a wide variety of cutesy make up!

    good seller! thumbs up ! πŸ™‚
    i also made layout for them πŸ™‚

  66. For one-of-a-kind accessories with vintage feel that are affordable check out
    La Vita Bella ( πŸ™‚
    I bought lots of necklaces from the and usually they get noticed. πŸ™‚ I think they have a new collection of lockets right now. I can’t wait to buy more πŸ™‚

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