An Inconvenient Truth


We always talk about this movie within our leadership team but I never got a chance to watch it. We talk about it in the sense of how well the movie provided the truth about global warming that no one can dispute. Despite this fact, most would still turn a blind eye from the truth or decide to continue what they are doing to make the situation worse. If you have not watched it yet, watch it this Sunday in SM Cinema Malls. I’m sure there will be a lot of people watching this since it is free, but I will try my luck in Mall of Asia.

Global Warming affects everyone. See how you can help.

Watch it only at SM Cinemas.

April 22, 2007 – 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Admission is FREE!

For more information, please call 831.7000 loc 2671 or log on to

Participating branches: Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Manila, SM Centerpoint,
SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM San Lazaro, SM Cebu, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, SM Davao

3 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. I applaud SM for showing this for free! (Though the people who paid P300 to see it several months ago will be annoyed.) You should WATCH IT, Anton! The facts are truly terrifying, but everyone should know what is happening to our planet so that they may be convinced to make changes in their lifestyles. I actually am very skeptical that even the threat of our planet (and us!) dying is enough to get people to change, especially in a Third World country like ours. We can’t even get smoke belchers off the road. Our air pollution is in the top 5 worst in the world. And Filipinos are so in love with their status symbol SUVs. 🙁

  2. What this film says is that in the near future we won’t have an awesome planet but a “dead” one. At least seven major crises will take place:
    1. peak oil
    2. epidemics
    3. global warming: drought, mass extinction of several species, flooding, more (and more powerful) storms, etc.
    4. fresh water depletion
    5. food depletion
    6. massive migrations from poor to rich countries
    7. more conflict (e.g., terrorist attacks, invasions, etc.)

  3. or worst…… i expected philippines to be more responsible to all it’s citizens and governances because it is unfair to all citizens of the world that their own enviromental negligence will deprived us of hope-chances necessary-needed. philippines must take this enviromental matters ‘very’ seriously to set a good example so other ‘corrupt-violent-complacent ‘governance of other foreign countries
    may learned some lessons about all things are ‘POSSIBLE’.

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