Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Piazza (a Photo Essay)


As predicted, Serendra area is one of the coolest place to hang out during weekdays/ weekends. Although, lately it feels too crowded but you cannot ignore how cool the place look. Here is a sneak peak on the latest places to see in Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. I’m sure by now you have a favorite place to hang-out, or places that you are anticipating to open. Let me know what are your favorites.

For me, my favorite resto is Chelsea — I love it, and I can’t wait for The Spa to open! Aidan loves a Different Bookstore, and Gymboree — wee! Rache loves the shopping places in the second floor of the Piazza and I’m sure she can’t wait for Charles & Keith to open 🙂

Very innovative rock waterfall which looks like aliens invading Bonifacio High Street.

Chelsea just opened and probably one of the Best Resto in Serendra (watch out for my detailed post on this)!

After eating, walking along Bonifacio High Street is the popular past time. It is just humid this summer, so expect to sweat after walking the entire area.

Conti’s Serendra is now open and Zao vietnamese Bistro adds to the asian cuisine of Serendra.

Aidan recognizes this as the “mouse”. Interesting art work.

Here is a traditional phone setup. You can speak on one end and be heard on the other end. See Aidan in green talking to Mommy Rache in Red on the other end.

Check out the complete assortment of Crocs!

A Trio of Dessert Places : Sonja’s Cupcakes, Miss Desserts and Xocolat.

After the fading of the Krisky Kreme hype, you can now comfortably check out KK’s flagship store without any hassle.


12 thoughts on “Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Piazza (a Photo Essay)

  1. I like hanging out in Figaro and A Different Bookstore. My 26 year old boyfriend likes playing with the puzzles as Hobbes & Landes and looking at the different toys. He even played with his remote control helicopter in the grass area twice. I can’t wait for Fully Booked to open

  2. the krispy kreme hype has toned down a bit. the crocs hype is not showing any signs of slowing down. some days people have to line up outside the crocs store and wait for their turn to shop! it’s crazy. glad their business is doing great though.
    i can’t wait for all the trees that they’ve planted around serendra to grow so that it will be cooler (literally and figuratively!) in the area. i love having coffee at figaro when the sun sets. very peaceful. especially during weekdays.

  3. great shots from you as usual!
    love going to serendra too. reminds me of how makati was decades ago when the rizal theater and the angela arcade were still there. well, it is a lot more modern now as far as architecture is concerned.
    anton, is taking photos allowed in any area in serendra? the place fotogs so well ive been wanting to do that, except that ive heard so much horror stories about guards not allowing that. did you have any similar experience? implanning on going there one of these days ang shooting away too… after visiting FlipFlops and Crocs of course. 🙂

  4. Im so glad Conti’s serendra finally opened! i’ve Eaten there a few times and its always so jam packed you have to be there early. even during the lean merienda hours, its unbelievably packed! their “comfort food” meals and cakes are to die for.

  5. was there last night. second time. first time, nothing was there, just the doughnuts and hobbes. but any, love the rock fountain (whatever it’s called)! real rock? fiber glass? dont care. it’s cool 🙂 oh try silk, the thai restaurant if you havent yet. great food.

  6. we went to serendra and market!market! yesterday. as expected, the whole family had a blast! especially, my toddler.
    where is gymboree located? i didn’t notice it.
    anyway, i hope that you’ll post more places/activities for toddlers coz i’m already running out of ideas for my daughter 🙂 (she’s already been to tagaytay, corregidor, museo pambata, naga city, camarines sur and pampanga)
    thanks and, God bless.

  7. soothing… first thought of serendra. i believe it’s the blending of those colors. conservative but classic.
    the place will make me calmer-peaceful just because of it’s ambiance. minimalism but complete. this place will last longer and still up to date as time goes by.

  8. …such a cozy and nice set-up plan! as advised by brother, we visited bonifacio high street on a nite time coz of lighting effect and so that our 6 mos old baby can get a better stroll on her wheels(pushchair). Being away from the country for 8 years this is our favorite stop of our pasyalan….

  9. Guys, check out ROX (recreational outdoor exchange) at Hi-Street its a 3 level all outdoor gear store, its the biggest in South East Asia! This is one concept that we can be proud of that not even our rich neighboring countries have. Get Outside! ROX!

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