Batungbakal Zambales Mangoes

One of our awesome indulgences unique to the Philippines, is to eat as much mangoes as you want! Not just any mangoes, but you need to try out these super delicious Batungbakal Zambales Mangoes! They are in season this summer and we are loving them now. This is also the best time to indulge in Dulcelin’s Mango Torte because they would be using mangoes from Zambales.

At first, we were kinda disappointed to receive our box of zambales mangoes because when we opened it, the mangoes were green. But we now understand that it was necessary to prolong your indulgence for two+ weeks. Because once these mangoes ripen and becomes golden, oh man, we can’t stop eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can even make my own mango torte or my own mango dessert. We bought two boxes of the Large Batungbakal Mangoes which cost us about P350/ box.

Personally, I love my mango green with a mix of yellow to give it a sweet and sour taste. My wife loves the ripe ones and it is perfect for the lihi period. Check out the email that we got from watergirl below… (Thanks so much!!)

BTW, I’m also looking for other zambales mangoes sources, please please let us know…

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You may contact Jane or Melot at 729-3265 or 729-5413 for your orders.

Pickup will be at 26 Narra, South Forbes anytime after 9 am.

The mangoes come in 5 kg. boxes and the prices are as follows:

Size Weight Range/pc in g Price/5kg. box Approx # to a Box

Small 160 to 209 P200.00 26 pcs. +/-

Regular 210 to 259 P250.00 20 pcs. +/-

Medium 260 to 309 P300.00 17 pcs. +/-

Large 310 to 359 P350.00 14 pcs. +/-

Extra Large 360 to 409 P400.00 13 pcs. +/-

Jumbo 410 and up P500.00 12 pcs. +/-

> >>

Please indicate the size and how many boxes you’d be ordering.

14 thoughts on “Batungbakal Zambales Mangoes

  1. the mango torte looks so yummy! masubukan nga soon. anyway, should it be frozen? can it stand hours out of the ref if ever? ang layo namin eh from paranaque to QC eh.

  2. ooops, sorry anton, i should have read all the comments all the way down. all my questions have been answered na. thanks and have a nice day!

  3. hello anton. my mom gets our mangoes from dizon farms, also in zambales ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, you should try mangoes from pangasinan too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well, Guimaras mangoes are also yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ I know of one Japanese student who became a transfer student here. And her reason for picking the Philippines? She wants to eat mangoes everyday!

  5. Anton, Nothing to do with this blog. Do you have specific directions to Ugu Bigyan’s Studio in Tiaong, Quezon? Just curious. Thanks!

  6. Hi Anton! My cousin is the bestfriend of the owner of Dulcelin and is his business partner. You can also get the Mango Torte from him at #7241624. Balita ko they will be selling pre-cooked and frozen Spanish delicacies. I’m not sure what kind but I think its mga fabadas, callos, etc. Yun mga food ng mayaman. Hahaha. Personally, I don’t eat mangoes. Grabe, ako lang ata pinoy who doesn’t. Ironically, my husband is the lawyer of Diamond Star Agro who imports mangoes to Japan and Korea. My relatives and my kids love their mangoes which are from Bolinao in Pangasinan. We get the rejects which by Manila standards are good quality na. My kids are maarte and will only eat the “mangoes of Papa”. Siguro masarap nga.

  7. If you are going to Subic. Outside the Subic expressway, there are many vendors selling Zambales mangoes. It goes for about P40/kilo (or lower if you negotiate). You can choose your own mangoes and you can get the biggest ones. Or you can get the whole kaing for around P800.

  8. I wish I could order boxes and boxes of these gorgeous mangoes and sent Downunder.
    Anton,I love your site for all the right reasons!
    Keep blogging!

  9. Somebody once told me that one distinguisihng sign of Zambales Mangoes is that some of them have a slightly pinkish color near the stem end. This happens before the mangoes get fully ripe, though I am not sure that it is only exclusive to mangoes from Zambales. I’d also like to say that credit has to go to Batungbakal not only because their product comes from Zambales but also because I heard that they employ the best agricultural practices to truly make the best mangoes.

  10. Being a Zambalena makes me feel good that these luscious mangoes are making our province stand tall and proud of its product. I love eating the crisp green mangoes. Sometimes these are so fresh that the flesh cracks whenever one removes the peeling. And the ripe ones? So sweet. Once you have tasted these ripe mangoes and manage to taste others that are not at par, you will surely look for its unique taste. Happy eating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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