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” You need a getaway. And fast. What’s holding you back? You don’t want to feel as if you were far, far away from the city.

You want to pay good money for a nice place. But somehow, every other resort feels too generic. Same old cabanas, same old bungalows. As if it would hurt to have just a little more uniqueness and style.

You need to feel refreshed and recharged after, not tired out and exhausted. You’ve realized that taking a break is as much a need of the spirit as it is of the boy. It isn’t about running away and spending all your money and burning out. It’s about coming home to a place that allows you and your family to be the best people you can be, in a place where the true luxury is that of choice.

Hacienda Isabella… The possibilities are endless… Dream Weddings, power team buildings, intimate parties, fabulous events and enchanting moments.

Welcome to the World of Hacienda Isabella!”

In the past, when Republic of Malate was burned down, I remembered Kuh Ledesma opened her Pasay home for dinner reservations so that the chef(s) @ Good Earth would continue to be employed despite the closing of the restaurant. It is too bad, I was still not blogging back then. We ate there when it opened and Kuh’s place has a relaxing zen feel to it (Have you eaten @ Kuh’s place before?). Kuh would sometimes go down to greet and meet with the guests but we never had a chance to meet her. When OAP was born, I was wondering if I can feature that place but I heard they don’t operate anymore.

So imagine how happy I was, when I saw Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay which is Kuh Ledesma’s Tagaytay Residence. It has been opened to the public for two years now for weddings, team buildings. This is strictly- by-reservation lunch/ dinner (reserve 1 week in advance) only. It has exactly the same look and feel that I was looking for. It is just far from the main Tagaytay highway. After Bag of Beans, you need to turn on the first right (you should see the sign to Hacienda Isabella) and drive for 8kms (about 20 minutes by car). I was telling my brother that this was just perfect for a wedding and if I was going to be married now, I would make the reservations immediately.

Only issue I see with this place is that it is far from the main highway and you can piss off some of your guest. Parking would be an issue and you need to park your guest’s cars outside the Hacienda along the road. They have their in-house chef named Joseph who cooks for the Ledesma family. I’m not sure how good the food is, but it should be great because they are charging P650/ head (Anyone of you who has been or tried Hacienda Isabella before? Do share your experience!).

For weddings, they charge P1,300/ Head + 12% VAT which already includes the venue, the food, and the three rooms on the second floor which can be used by the bride and immediate family members for the night. They have 19 villas that you can rent out for your guests and have an all night party with your close friends and family. My kind of wedding place.

Let me tour you around Hacienda Isabella….

After entering the main door, you would see the main dining table on your right .

To your left, would be a series of group tables for a party of 8-10 people. Hacienda !sabella is strictly by reservations only because the main chef comes from Manila and they plan the meal based on exact number of people.

The stairs leading to the bedrooms. Can’t wait to see the rooms!

As you walk up the stairs going to the 2nd floor, if you pause for a while and look behind your back, you would see the entire scene above. For a Sunday lunch, the place looks empty and they are waiting for only one group for lunch that day.

As you walk up to the second floor, you would see this space for entertaining your guests (if ever) and this is just outside the three bedrooms included in the wedding package.

Here is a top view for the second floor of the main dining area. Check out the cute lamps.

A sneak preview of the romantic couple’s bedroom. Aidan beat you to it!

The couple’s bed. Isn’t it just great? It looks so inviting!!! This room is only reserved for the bride.

Here is the bride’s bathroom where you can stay for hours!

Another bed inside the couple’s bedroom. Maybe for Kuh’s daughter, Isabella. The opening on the left side of the photo leads to the bathroom.

This is the middle bedroom in the second floor. This room is quite small and the only room that does not have an aircon.

The third bedroom. I like the way they had set up the rooms where all are for sharing, bonding with family and friends.

This one’s also nice. Definitely a room for everyone else! Located downstairs. This is not included in the wedding package but can still rent this room for P5,000+ (I believe). They offer the room with breakfast.

Look how vast the lot is for the reception area! I wonder how will they transform the place into a dream wedding reception…. Searching through the web, you would see a few concept on how other couples transformed this place into a romantic dinner event.

I walked around the Hacienda and tried to capture the sceneries to give my brother a feel of the ambiance.

There are a lot of big paintings around which really enhances the serenity of the place.

A room by itself. Kinda spooky when it turns dark though. There are 19 villas/ rooms around the hacienda.

One of the villas you can rent out. If this was my wedding, I would ask my close friends and family to stay over and make the wedding an overnight affair.

Here is a view of the main house.

Old stuff?

I want this painting!!

Hacienda !sabella
(contact person: Jojo Jacob)
#8 Carasuchi St. , Indang Cavite
Tel. No. (02)551.7253 to 55
Mobile No. (0920) 953.9488; (0917) 813.9065; (0920) 565.9635; (0919) 301.9525
Site: www.haciendaisabella.com
Email: jo2_jacob@yahoo.com, reen15shey@yahoo.com, verymalo@yahoo.com

26 thoughts on “Hacienda !sabella , Celebrate Life!

  1. hi anton–
    i attended my friends’ wedding at hacienda isabella last december, and it was hands-down the best wedding i’ve ever been to, thanks in no small measure to the isabella ambience. if you think it’s beautiful during the daytime, wait til you see it at night — absolutely breathtaking. i remember thinking the exact same thing when i first arrived for the reception: that if i were to get married now, i would do it at hacienda isabella.
    oh yeah, the food is fabulous, btw.

  2. hi anton! i really like your blog. nice talaga!
    can i have the contact number of hacienda isabella? thanks

  3. ah i want to get married again. Maybe in 3 years for my silver wedding anniversary. I can start dreaming. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  4. My family went to a wedding there over a year ago. On the upside, they said it was truly gorgeous — as your pictures prove! Also, it was a bit difficult to find, but the wedding invitation provided a very detailed map and instructions. The food, however, was ordinary. Mind you, they didn’t find it bad; just nothing to rave about. But then, it may have improved since then. I do love the idea of having your guests stay there too. It solves the problem of having an out of town wedding — namely, that guests have to leave early because of the drive home.

  5. Hi Anton! I found out about your blog while searching for some pictures of Mall of Asia early last year and it was really helpful to me because all the info I needed to know was actually in front of me may pictures pa! At first, i thought that your wife is Anton. Sabi ko pa beautiful face with a guy’s name pero posible naman di ba kasi I have a cousin we call Jack. Kasi most of the pictures was of her and Aidan kaya naisip ko yun, i’ve just realized on my next visit here that she is your wife. From then on, I was a big fan of Our Awesome Planet πŸ™‚ always consulting your site for possible places to treat my husband and kids. More POWER! and keep on blogging πŸ™‚
    This hacienda place is really awesome!

  6. hi anton! i was hoping you’d blog about this (i saw the photos on flickr). i’m considering this as my venue when i get married in 2008. do you know approx how far is hacienda to chapel on the hill?
    thanks πŸ™‚

  7. hi anton! i’ve been wanting to go there.. nabasa ko dati sa isang mag about the hacienda isabella… akala ko may mga spa dyan?? im not sure anymore.. anyway nice post πŸ™‚

  8. hacienda isabella is a nice place.it kinda look familiar.is this the house that rica peralejo and piolo pascual used in the teleserye titled, “Sa Piling Mo” with Judy Ann Santos?is it just open for weddings?

  9. Nice pictures.
    I am getting married at Hacienda Isabella in October. We really fell in love with the place, the first time we saw it.
    Will be having our food tasting next week. Hope the food’s great too.

  10. We love shooting weddings at Hacienda Isabella. There are lots of interesting knick knacks and beautiful backdrops. They also have big windows which means more natural light during preparations. They have a parking lot at the back which can accommodate most of the cars of the wedding guests… so I don’t see parking as a problem. I don’t remember much about the food to give a comment.
    I think it’s around 20-30 minutes from Chapel on the Hill depending on the unpredictable Tagaytay traffic.

  11. hi anton. accidentally stumbled upon your blog spot because was checking if hacienda already has a website. for a moment i thought this was their official website. was surprised you included my multiply link…thank you πŸ™‚ i’ll add more photos to that section so that the people who want to hold their reception there would have a better idea how it would look.
    oh, my friends did stay overnight and we had brunch the following day. a must.
    and to those who have questions, feel free to ask while memory is still very fresh πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi lydia I’m considering HI for a reception for my wedding on March 2008. How was the parking? Where did your guests park? And was it a hassle for them?

  13. The look of the main door is evocative and agonizing-a threshold to what could have been. I wish you were here.

  14. Is hacienda isabella only for wedding? Could we rent a room for a night and have lunch or dinner? Do you know how much they charge for each room?

  15. hi all, contemplating on whether or not we should go for hacienda isabella for our reception… my biggest question is the FOOD. only because I haven’t been there and at best only see pictures of the place, which is hands-down really beautiful! appreciate it if someone can give an honest, objective point of view of the quality of their food. that’s an important element of our reception. thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  16. I saw Hacienda Isabella on My Space at Cinema One, my family is interested to see the whole place for family gathering…the place is awesome!

  17. Hi Anton!
    Those 4 venues are superb! it’s just that they are really big and costs big too!
    I’ll be having a wedding on July 2009 for 60-80 guests. I’m thinking of Caleruega for our church wedding… but I’m seeing suppliers are much more expensive when it’s an out of town thing.
    My budget is only 200k. Can you give me some tips to make it happen?
    Please do email me. Help badly needed!

  18. Very Unprofessional staff. I called up Hacienda isabella’s contact number and inquired on how and where to go for consultation, They said go to the main office located at mandaluyong manila and no appointment was needed or required (“lagi daw may tao dun”). So 3 days after I went to hacienda isabella’s main office right in between my break from work from makati. When I was at the st. where presumably it was located, I had a hard time looking for the main office of hacienda because there’s no signage what so ever, so I was forced to call up Hacienda isabella’s no. using my mobile, The woman said I was really near #479 the number of the house but ” She can’t meet me because shes leaving…” What a great way to run your business….

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