Heritage Park Sunset Airplane Watching


One of our favorite hang-out place is the Heritage Park and it took us a while to be comfortable with the idea of going to a cemetery- technically. But Heritage Park is a special kind of cemetery. We hang out there around 5pm-6pm where we can see the planes landing and taking off from NAIA. Some of the planes were so close that Aidan began to be afraid of the sound of the plane engine, contrary to his previous reaction of being excited to see the real life size airplane.


I’m sure when Aidan grows up, he will conquer come to understand where the sound comes from and eventually overcome his fear of the plane engine sound. We were actually teasing Aidan while he was crying especially with the plane still so far away. His sense of hearing is soo sharp that he was already whining while we wonder why.

Actually, when we told him that we were going to see the planes once again, he was very excited so we thought he was already fine with the sound. Apparently, we still need do it more often so he will be used to it.

This was soo close that you can see the detail of the bottom of the plane.

We had to hold Aidan because he wanted to desperately escape at the sound of these planes.

We always hang out in the Eternity area in Heritage Park.

We usually go to Heritage Park via C5. If you are going towards Libis, you need to turn left by going underneath the first overpass after the C5 Tollway. You won’t miss heritage park and we usually just go in pretending that we are visiting our love ones. After passing by the overpass, turn right into the Heritage park and immediately turn left into Filipiniana street.

It is also cool to catch the sunset in the Fort. The sun is so beautiful during summer that you need to make sure to catch it every day. Don’t forget to bring your mat and umbrella to shield you from the rays of the sun.


7 thoughts on “Heritage Park Sunset Airplane Watching

  1. Sounds like a perfect place for a picnic. Is the park open to the public? Would they allow us to bring in food or a grill?

  2. kawawa naman aidan at pinagtatawanan nyo pa, hehehehe…. maybe he should wear ear plugs para hindi matakot. Earplugs will also help protect his ears… be careful coz those kind of noise can cause hearing problems. 🙁

  3. This is near our place. Check this out, just outside Heritage, near the corner of C5 and Bayani road, Heritage park landscaped this area. Syempre pinoy! people flock the area at night and makes it like a Luneta… there is also a lovers lane… hehehe…

  4. ive been looking for a place where i can have a picnic with my bf.. i havent seen a nice picnic place here, that place is perfect but i wonder if they will allow us to get in and bring food inside? i hope its open to public

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