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We are now confused on what wedding venue to choose for my brother. We fell in love with Balai Taal’s stunning view of the Taal Volcano and Lake. They used the same landscaping consultant as Fernwoods in Quezon City and Antonio’s Restaurant in Tagaytay. You have to reserve the two 3-storey houses and hold the reception in the garden patio overlooking Taal Lake. This is similar to the view of Days Hotel in Tagaytay but classier because of the private enclave it creates between the two houses.

To reserve for a wedding, book the 2 houses for 3 days and 2 nights for P160,000 and you can use the garden as a reception venue. You have to source out your own caterer and the place can easily house 100-200 guests. We fell in love with the 3 storey-house because of the breathtaking views and the architecture by Bobby Mañosa. There are 4 rooms with king size beds and a kid’s bedroom. You can rent the house for P28,000/ night and they’ll allow a maximum of 15 people but it can really accommodate more! This is one of the awesome places in Tagaytay and thanks to the Concepcion family for sharing this with us ordinary mortals.

” Discover Balai Taal where the calming energies of nature join with metropolitan life’s amenities. Amidst gently sloping hills and a forest valley, be a breath away from contemporary luxuries. Experience a natural environment… experience the calming sanctuary of Balai Taal.

This 19-hectare sprawl of residential lots is home to a fully landscaped forest which affords a panoramic view of Taal Volcano. Wake up to clean, pure air and a cool, windy atmosphere permeating the tranquil, open space. Seek daily refuge amidst a scene of lush foliage and scenic landscapes. Reconnect with one’s inner being, take a forty- five minute leisurely walk through the specially designed forest pathways, meditate and reflect in the heart of a silent haven. The Balai Taal forest is a perfect back drop for paintings, an idyllic setting for art hobbyists. The forest of Balai Taal makes the simple joy of reading in the quiet a reality.

Secluded by nature and surrounded by like souls, your privacy is ensured. You will grow in a quiet milieu enhanced by a locale abounding with natural radiance. Balai Taal is where you will find a forest paradise you can call home. Situated against nature’s own backdrop you can sit and listen to birds sing, watch butterflies fly or simply enjoy nature. Come home to Balai Taal. “(from: Balai Taal Official Website)

I totally agree with this!! How I wish I have the financial means to secure one lot in this Tagaytay haven which would easily costs Php 15 Million+ for a 1,000 sqm lot.

The top floor has 2 rooms with king size beds and outside by the living room has an extra bed! The middle floor is the same except that there is an extra for kid’s room. The basement has the kitchen the living room which leads to the garden patio outside.

Here is the breathtaking view from the top floor. Imagine waking up to this view — simply awesome!

The middle floor is a little bigger with the same breathtaking view.

The spacious living room and kitchen that can be used as the special sponsors area for the wedding.

Imagine having your wedding on this well manicured lawn with a magnificent tree as the centerpiece overlooking Taal volcano. We were so impressed by the place that we decided to reserve it for Christmas Eve so that we can invite the entire family to spend Dec 24th/ 25th in this beautiful Balai Taal house.

See a sample onsite AVP of Jim & Angie (December 9, 2006)


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  1. Ang ganda ganda ng location. There are two places that I throughly admire and dreaming of acquiring a property. That is WestGrove and Ponderosa near Ming’s Garden. Tapos I saw this Balai Taal. Hanggang pangarap na lang ba? Of course not! I always tell myself. ” Danney, you did it before and sure soon enough, you will do it again!” Time will tell and I will be able to settle in any of those places.

  2. Anton,
    You’re doing it again, giving us good insights about places I wanted to have our wedding (soon hopefully). hehehehe You’re actually doing lots of legwork for me. (I really should buy you guys dinner – any place cool with a good ambience and of course food).
    See you guys next month.

  3. Hi Anton! Just got married last march and was one of theose lucky couples to have balai-taal as our wedding reception venue. I don’t think nobody ever came out of the Balai-Taal compound without falling inlove with the place… And we did… the place is spectacular… i have some photos in my multiply… (

  4. hi anton!
    we had our wedding in balai taal… the place is perfect! sir nelson and his team are the kindest too. super asikaso kami sa balai taal.

  5. Hi Anton,
    I was looking for the address of Balai Taal to send Mang Nelson some pictures. Then I saw the pictures you’ve taken. Balai Taal is really sooo nice! I also got married last March in Tagaytay, and we stayed in Balai Taal for 2 days. My relatives who are so hard to please really liked the place! I am so thankful for Mang Nelson for everything he has done! My reception was at Antonio’s and our accomodation was at Balai Taal – it was a wedding I never dreamed of! Mang Nelson together with the other people were very accomodating. If I have to do my wedding over and over again, Balai Taal will always be our choice of place to stay. And yes they hold great weddings too! I told my sister to hold her reception in Balai Taal, hopefuly soon. I miss Balai Taal so much!

  6. Just another comment…
    The night before my wedding, I actually cried because I was so touched with how Mang Nelson prepared the dining area for my relatives & guests! It was perfect!!! The people in Balai Taal are the warmest & most accomodating people. So for those getting married, Balai Taal is the perfect place! Trust me, I searched all possible venues & accomodation for my wedding, and nothing compares to Balai Taal! =)

  7. Hi! I’m planning to have my wedding at Balai Taal. I want to do an ocular but I couldn’t contact the Manila office through the number posted on their website. Hope anyone can help me.

  8. Hi, I couldn’t reach the Manila Office to inquire further with Balai Taal. How much if we are going to use the reception area only, how much would be the rental? Please help. Thanks.

  9. hi. i went to balai’s web site and tried to call the number provided, but i wasnt lucky to contact them. no one answers. i would like to get quotations for a wedding ceremony/ venue and i would like to request for more pics, i saw that they have a chapel as well..can u send me some more pics? pls email me thanks

  10. Hi Anton,
    I have always been an avid follower. I am thinking of Balai as a possible reception venue, and your website just made me really want it there. But does it really cost P160,000 just for the houses? Woah!

  11. ….to offset your wedding expenses-costs….it is wiser to build your own property here if not more then less….that way YOU get your wedding dreams to your hearts contents….plus you can honeymoon in tagaytay for life….build state of the art tents and charge all your guests instead who plans to stay in hotels coz of your wedding….after receptions parties after more parties….then when you have enough of tagaytay….rent your new property to all other weddings anniversaries reunions birthdays engagements debuts baptismals first reunions school graduations celebrities hide outs corporate private meeting venues or YOU can SELL it again & again lol!….so when my high school first love visits….just remember to tell him….what i have just said here lol!….

  12. Hello Anton! I had the pleasure of having the first wedding reception in Balai-Taal. Indeed it was a site to behold. At first the Concepcions wanted to limit guests to only 100. The Santiagos (Reymart and Claudine) wanted to get the venue but they rejected it due to the huge amount of people. The logistics of having a wedding reception at Balai-Taal is really daunting but if you really have the drive to do it then I will tell you folks that it is really worth it. I am glad you people also had the chance to appreciate this secret.

  13. hi! just to inquire if how much is the reception for the wedding (150 guests), as well as the stay, any package?
    melvin, NY

  14. Mang Nelson’s mobile number is +639065006633. For ‘ber months, Mang Nelson told us that they will require you to rent tents if you’ll use the place as wedding reception and he said he can help you with the tent rental (I think they have an accredited supplier). If you want the ceremony to be in that place, as well, you can use the garden of the third house (with the outdoor jacuzzi) … for a FEE, don’t know how much.

  15. hi! if i’m gonna stay here at this place for a day or two, just want to know if they provide food services too?

  16. Just visited Balai Taal and its sooo great. Will have my high school classmates there for a kitakits.
    there is a kitchen if you want to cook and lots of nearby eating places you can go to.

  17. hi! how do we get in touch with the owner or the contact person for the venue? the place looks perfect. i would like to have my wedding there. thanks!

  18. hello there,
    I am planning my wedding and i am really interested with balai taal… i am currently in the united states and i wanted to see more pictures of this venue… is thewre any website i can visit to see more pictures of this place??? pls pls let me know…thanks!

  19. Hi,
    Does anyone has their contact number? How much will it cost for 1 house only? I’m planning to have my wedding ceremony/reception there this December. Btw, what’s the weather there during December?

  20. Yes I wanted to contact them via email… I am residing in Las Vegas, NV… I really love the place! Actually my two choices are Hacienda Isabella and Balai Taal. I am having a Modern and Classic Filipino Theme Wedding. I really loved the character or ambiance of Hacienda Isabella. I think it is the best venue for the theme that I am aiming for but I am not impressed with their packages… I am not sure if 1500/pax is worth it. plus I wanted a different catering service and they don’t allow it. Do you think Balai Taal can fit with the theme wedding I want rather than Hacienda Isabella? Any advice pls…

  21. Yes definitely it can fit it. You can choose your caterer as well. Only thing with Balai Taal is it will be ruined if it rains…. If you are planning a summer wedding then this is the best place.


  22. The price to use this place is just insane. And this guy Anton who wrote the article above is so grateful to the Concepcion family for sharing their place! Excuse me Anton, they’re not sharing it with you – they’re renting it out to anyone who’s willing to pay their hefty fee – what are you thanking them for? And because you love to brag, you’re even giving them free PR. You’re either a fool or a paid agent for this place. HUH!

  23. hi anton! balai taal looks splendid. would you be so kind to send me contact details of balai taal? thanks very much. Joan

  24. Hello Anton,
    Wow, really nice place. It is possible for us to have the contact number of Balai Taal? We’re planning to book the place for our wedding next year.
    Thank you so much!

  25. Hello Anton,
    Wow, really nice place. Is it possible for us to get the contact number of Balai Taal? We’re planning to book the place for our wedding next year.
    Thank you so much!

  26. Hi Anton,
    The very first time I saw the pictures, i fall in love with Balai Taal.
    Can you give me the contact no of mang nelson so that i can contact him?

  27. Hi. Can I ask for the number or email of the contact person for Balai Taal….I am interested for having it as my wedding reception venue…..thanks-ann

  28. hi anton,
    i’d like to do an ocular in balai taal but i can’t seem to get through the numbers i have. is there another number or way i can get in touch with them?
    much thanks,

  29. hi! may i know if balai taal has an official website? i can’t seem to find one and i’m really interested 🙂
    i also want to know who to contact to get rates and booking info. hope u could help me with this 😀
    by the way, great job in finding this one! you helped me a lot. i really think it’s a perfect place for a wedding. i hope i could get in touch with the person in charge of Balai Taal.

  30. Hi! This page was very helpful for me before I booked my reception in Balai Taal. I would like to include your website in my wedding page for people to get info about different places to go to and things to do in the Philippines. Keep up the good work.

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