a Blogger’s Night out @ Swiss Deli & Bistro


Winzer Rosti (P220) (Swiss Hashbrown with meatloaf and cheese) — The best seller in the house.

I was excited to meet one of the country’s top bloggers in a smaller intimate setting sponsored by Swiss Deli & Bistro. This was supposed to be PR event hosted by Amor of Geiser Maclang, one of the countries most respected PR agency. In the blogging world, there are three schools of thought on how to handle PR events. The first one is to adhere to the principle of you always pay for your own meal if you were to blog about it and NO to PR events. I know for a fact that Sassy Lawyer, Wysgal, and Marketman follow this principle. The second one is that PR events are a good way to get more information about the place by letting them showcase their best dishes, a chance to interview the owner, and get lots of pictures without being questioned. The third school of thought is the one that I invented and follow. I usually go for awesome experiences which would include eating at a restaurant I can rave about or meeting awesome people. In the Swiss Deli & Bistro blogger’s EB, I had the chance to meet Jayvee, Noemi, Lauren and Lori in a smaller more intimate setting. This was the first time I met Lori with my wife and son, Aidan.

One thing about Swiss Deli & Bistro is that despite their sossy name and image, the prices in the deli and bistro is quite reasonable and good value for money. If you are looking for low priced exotic gourmet ingredients, you better check out Swiss Deli showroom located in Sheridan corner Pioneer street. The prices in their menu are already inclusive of VAT and service charge. All restaurants should follow the same philosophy.

Swiss Deli replaced the once lovely Morita’s restaurant. Frankly, the food at Morita’s before was not really good and I was not surprised that it closed down. But I have another theory though. I think the location of the restaurant has a bad feng shui. Even for Swiss Deli & Bistro, the friday night is quite empty and for some reason the “european” taste of the food was not really for us. Good thing, the place has free wireless internet so this is ideal for the business meetings of Waltermart, Globe or RFM, (Swiss Deli’s neighbors).

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Check out the rest of the Swiss Deli & Bistro Blogger’s Night out….

Aidan was pestering us to buy the huge sausages he saw at the display.

I got high blood pressure just by reading all the meat choices in the board.

We arrived late and the rest of the gang already finished eating when we arrive.

Tomato Soup (P80) – kinda a bit sour for our taste, truly the real tomato soup! (BTW, I noticed that the prices don’t have +10% and +12% — which is simply awesome!)

Caesar Salad (P150) – decent caesar salad.

Corned Beef German Style with carrots and boiled potatoes (P290) – Jayvee raved about this but this kind of corned beef was not for us…

Winzer Rosti (P220) (Swiss Hashbrown with meatloaf and cheese) — It simply looks like spam with cheese on top.

What are they looking at? Aidan had a fun time with the Mac’s photobooth.

Aidan as the Masters of the Universe.

Oh no! Two Aidans? Think we can handle another Aidan in tow?! We’ll see in a few more months!

Charcoal Portrait of Aidan

Jayvee of abuggedlife.com — Thanks for inviting us to the event!

Lauren Dado of laurganism.com — One of the top 20 bloggers in the Philippines.

Noemi Dado of aboutmyrecovery.com – grand slam multi-awarded blogger who won in the Webbies and Philippine Blog Awards.

Lori of dessertcomesfirst.com – First time that we had a decent talk with Lori and she was very friendly and had a lot to say! All my preconceived notions about Lori were not true at all….. (This was an actual pose from Aidan.)

Swiss Deli & Bistro
Office: +63 2 635 2350
email: bistro@swissdeli.net

Location Map
From Makati cross Pasig River going towards Ortigas, take first right into Robisons Place. After Robinsons Place turn right into Pioneer Street. Swiss Deli & Bistro is 500 meters to the left.


6 thoughts on “a Blogger’s Night out @ Swiss Deli & Bistro

  1. Thanks for posting about Swiss Deli! I have passed it a zillion times and was wondering whether to try it. The fact that it calls itself a Swiss deli already attracted me…but that restaurant seemed to change “theme” every so often so I was a bit wary. Will give it a try now! 🙂 The meat section looks good!

  2. Looks like an interesting restaurant to try out … like Joey I’ve been passing by for months but never really knew what was inside. =)

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