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Here is a shameless plug for those who are interested to apply in P&G. The Official P&G Philippines Website is up and running at http://www.pg.com/en_PH/ . You can apply for internship or regular employment through the online application process. (Here is the 7 step process for applying in P&G. ) We are looking for qualified individuals who have a balance between academic excellence and leadership skills. We are not limiting our search to the top 3 schools because I personally believe that there are a lot of qualified people out there outside the usual Ateneo, UP and La Salle graduates. As we usually say, we offer a career where you can live up to your potential and truly make a difference. This is an exciting time to be part of P&G because you will become a part of the Greatest P&G Operation of all time in P&G’s History globally.

Also, just a tip for those applying, better read the website so that you’ll know the history of the company and the P&G brands. Let me know if you have questions. You can contact the recruitment team via these contact information:

Corporate Recruitment Manager
Phone: +63-2-8148112

Procter & Gamble Distriuting (Phils.) Inc.
6750 Ayala Office Tower
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines 1226


17 thoughts on “P&G Philippines Career Opportunities

  1. i dont know if this is a sign or what, but i’m in the process of career shifting. are you from hr?

  2. Is there an opening for some kid like me? ๐Ÿ™‚
    P&G, never tried applying there. Prolly, this is the right time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The site design doesn’t seem to be reflective of the business of P&G. There’s so much that can be improved in it. I also notice that P&G has been advertising via adsense.
    Good to know that multinationals are already embracing pay per click advertising.

  4. now i feel kinda stooopid. taga P&G ka pala. based on your tag, are you working in domestic distribution or regional? i was thinking of applying with you guys once… but i wasn’t sure if i was into P&G product offerings. nakakasawa ang soap and shampoo eh… i actually work in corporate responsibility (ethics, compliance, labor issues, environment, etc.). if you guys have any openings in that area i would love to explore the possibilities there.

  5. Hi there! Is it ok to get your personal mail? I wanted to ask you something about the recruitment in P&G and my story’s a bit too long for this message board =)

  6. Hey, i was just wondering how long the paper screening process usually is at P&G. It’s been a month since I passed everything and I’m just waiting for the letter confirming my status. It’s keeping me at the edge of my seat haha. Hope you can enlighten me more about the process! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS Is it true that it’s a bad move to ask the HR people directly about one’s status? I know someone who’s saying that he got rejected because he told someone in P&G’s HR dept about how long it was taking before anyone contacted him.

  7. this is one of MY HERO company……they share and help whatever they can……social responsibility as part of their accountability makes them a hero for human common good-common causes…..they deserve to be respected-acknowledge….thank you for helping

  8. my sister is graduated in adamsons university as chemical engineer, she want’s to apply in P&G she want’s to know were she could send her resume in your email address for HR Dept.?

  9. Hi,
    I’m currently marketing student in Toronto’s Ryerson University – Ted Rogers School of Business Management. In addition to this, I’m majoring in marketing management and minoring in entrepreneurship. I’m Filipino. I usually come home (Philippines) during summer for like three months or so. I usually don’t do much while I’m there and I really want to gain experience in marketing consumer products such as those offered by an exemplary company like P&G. I was just wondering if P&G would entertain someone like me for a summer internship within a 3 month period while I’m there… what are my options? if there are any? hehe
    hope to hear from you. thanks.

  10. the minute i saw this, i was wondering about how soon before the floodgates open and how long the torrent will last… if anything, P&G HR ppl probably get bombarded with more than their fair share of applications everyday so should be a good indicator of how much of a holy grail it is to most job seekers… wonder if the mgt pay is good enough for an OFW to consider coming back to work in Manila for good?

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