My Last P&G Speech: What I learned and What I loved by Francis Uy

I would like to share with you a beautiful moving on love letter from one of my best colleagues in P&G IT as he moves on to an entrepreneurial adventure 🙂 Very touching letter. – Anton What I learned and What I loved (by Francis Uy) My goal is to leave you some wisdom on what … Continue reading My Last P&G Speech: What I learned and What I loved by Francis Uy

8 Best Things I Miss About P&G

It is very hard to leave a company you loved for more than a decade. Like in any other love, you need to put a proper closure to it before you can move on. Allow me to put a proper closure on this part of my life by sharing with you the 8 Best Things I Miss About P&G.

The Greatest of All Time LT Presentation


One of our pride as P&Gers, is to retire in P&G and this night also serves as a venue for honoring the retirees. … Thanks to Direk Mel Soriano and team for creating a memorable fun presentation (that we won’t forget and won’t happen again 🙂 We really had fun with this presentation.
…Pauline, our media manager, was the only female in the team so we had to improvise and make our Corporate Lawyer, Junie and Shared Service Center manager, Patrick be in female roles.

P&G Exec saves a man’s life


This is my big boss @ work 🙂 Exec saves a man’s life By Tina Arceo-Dumlao Inquirer ” MANILA, Philippines — On Oct. … Rather, the person he saw had the build of a wrestler; wore rubber shoes, shorts and a marathon shirt and was furiously giving CPR to his father who had suffered a heart attack. It was more than two months later before he realized that the person who had saved his father’s life that chaotic day at the Nagoya airport in Japan was James M.

Skin Discovery Weekend :)


Some of you have emailed me where you can have your skin check using the patented Beauty Imaging System. … Alternatively, the Olay flagship store which would have the Beauty Imaging System is permanently located in Watsons, SM Makati. So if you have free time or you happen to be in the Makati area, you can drop by and have your skin check.

Olay Beauty Imaging System – Finally in the Philippines!!


Baghag has the scoop on the Olay Launch in Shangrila last Thursday: Socialclimbing hag Log: OLAY Total Effects + TRESOR ( ” After a few times of usage of Total Effects, we met up with the other women who were part of this group, and had a nice lunch at Shangrila Hotel, to discuss the after effects of the product. … 😀 So I religiously used this product to this day 🙂 Olay is the same product that our mothers used back when we were just tiny tots, and now I guess it is really our turn to start using the product. Our moms have sworn by it, and now I am one of the moms who swear by it 🙂 (Olay Total Effects is not yet available in the local market, but soon will be :D)” This cool machine that baghag was talking about is what we call the Olay Total Effects Beauty Imaging System.

One of the Best Consumer Product Companies in the World


Miguel Paul Riano had a post on “A look into Procter & Gamble” and I would reserve my comments since some of the information in his post is already out dated. Just for instance, P&G now has 21 billion dollar brands with the addition of Gillette billion dollar brands with over $50+ Billion in Sales in 160 countries. It is one of the Top 10 Global Companies by Market Capitalization among which Gillette is #1, Exxon #2, Microsoft #3, with P&G alternates in #7-9 with J&J and Walmart on any given day.