Pinays on Everest – All Set to Traverse Mt. Everest!


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Let us all pray for the safety and successful Mt. Everest traverse climb of Carina Dayondon, Janet Belarmino and Noelle Wenceslao. They will be setting a world record for climbing up from the Tibet side of Mt. Everest and going down via the Nepal side. No woman has done this before. They are set to climb the summit on the Mother’s day weekend (May 12/13) if weather permits or after the elections (May 15/16).

I just read from the blog that pinay climber Janet Belarmino just gave birth 5 months ago and now reaching for her dreams of climbing Mt. Everest. What determination and strength she had! Simply amazing! Any mother can relate how giving birth can be a challenge and heartbreaking episode to leave a 5-month old baby. Admirable! Janet, you’re baby is just as proud as we are here!

Despite the odds, all the pinays are set to climb Mt. Everest! Good Luck!! Kung kaya ng Pinoy, kaya din ng Pinay yan!


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  1. Anton, methinks you need a better spam comment blocking system. hehe
    Anyway, good luck to the two of them! 🙂 I hope they stay safe.

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