Hacienda Isabella’s Lazy Sunday Lunch


Finally, we were able to taste the Hacienda Isabella meal last Sunday. For P650/ person, you get a set menu of soup, salad, pasta, dessert and drinks. This is exactly the same as Sonya’s Garden set menu plus soup but a little bit more expensive. It is best to go here when you are not in a hurry and you have time to spare to be lazy. The food was surprisingly good and I can’t think of a negative comment except for the salty caesar salad dressing (depends on your preference). We ordered an extra roasted chicken (P400) to add protein to our set menu and it was flawlessly cooked. They also serve breakfast for P300/ person specially for those staying over in one of the 19 villas in the Hacienda.

Overall, nothing to rave about (really) but this is one of those unique Tagaytay experience that you should try to spice up your weekend. I liked the place because there’s not a lot of people around, Aidan has a lot of space to run around and it is off the beaten Tagaytay path (literally).

Aidan all set to cha-cha but as expected he would start to ran off right after the lemonade juice arrives.

This is the “presidential” table and usually there are only a few people who eat in the Hacienda so you have higher chances to reserve this spot.

The meal starts with a healthy serving of pumpkin soup with toasted wheat bread with garlic and butter on the side. My mom can’t stop raving about this soup and all of us had second servings the moment we knew that it is unlimited.

The romaine and iceberg lettuce were accompanied by the raisins, apple slices, mango cubes, walnut bits, langka strips, corn kernels, and parmesan cheese. The caesar dressing won over the vinaigrette even if it was kinda salty. We must have refilled all the toppings more than 3x! I was guilty of eating a lot of salad but good thing, it was healthy anyway.

Kuh’s manang perfected this pasta dishes for the Ledesma family to enjoy. Now, we can enjoy it too and the Tuna red sauce was the overall winner against the Carbonara. The red sauce was a perfect mix of tuna, tomato, olives, capers and some fresh herb ingredients. While the white sauce has the right creaminess (because of the cream of mushroom) with big button mushroom pieces that we loved and strips of bacon. At this point, it was carbo loading for us.

This was an extra order and we wished that we did not order this anymore because we were so full. Good thing, we can take this out and the P400 was worth it.

For dessert, we had a perfectly cooked camote-que. There were no dripping of oil and the camote itself was already sweet.

To end the meal, we lazy around this sofa and slept for at least 30 minutes. The entire place was ma-presko as we would say in tagalog. You will really feel sleepy because of the combination of the gusty winds, the chirping birds, and the carbo overload.

After the 3 hours of lunch and getting answers from all our wedding venue reception questions, we headed back to Manila.


11 thoughts on “Hacienda Isabella’s Lazy Sunday Lunch

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  2. Had our food tasting at HI last Sat night naman. We also had the Pumpkin Soup which is their best-seller. Sabaw pa lang ulam na. The salad was my favorite. The mangoes and lanka are something new but it works. Sana lang they still have mangoes in the salad for my October wedding. Winner din sa amin yung tuna red sauce. For weddings, merong kasamang main course sa menu. A choice of pork or beef dish, a choice of chicken or fish dish and a vegetable dish. I highly recommend their oven roasted tangigue with lemon sauce. Sarap.

  3. Sonya’s has this weird white pasta sauce that has mangoes and chicken. Eeew. Mas ok yung sa Hacienda. Actually, Hacienda’s food like Anton said isn’t all that impressive. Masarap naman but I wouldn’t want it if it was for my wedding because ordinary. The place is spectacular though. Tama lang na pang-lazy weekend trip or for corporate events like teambuildings but not for special occasions like weddings and birthdays (unless you can bring your own caterer) …

  4. hey guys! i found their website!!! sadly, there’s no “rates” to click on.. but they have contact info and a location map..
    here —> http://www.haciendaisabella.com
    keep ’em coming anton!!! someday, i’ll be able to visit as many places as you have!! hehe..

  5. I attended the wedding at Hacienda Isabella and i must say that they really served good food. Try their roast beef, chicken cordon bleu, oven grilled tanigue these are few of the dish to die for at hacienda.Their pasta is spectacular and salad wala akong masabi so sarap.This is one perfect venue for special events like wedding reception.

  6. My friends and I drove to Hacienda Isabella from Tagaytay City proper one Sunday. It’s not the easiest place to find. We were hoping to have brunch or lunch there, but the place was closed. We were allowed to enter only after explaining all the trouble we had to go through to get there.
    Anton: How far in advance did you make reservations in order for you to have a meal there? From the reviews above, sounds like the food is nothing spectacular.

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