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I love Serendra when it was slowly coming to life last August 2006. Now it is too crowded and it loses that prestige and privacy at night. But I’ve discovered something…. The best time to go to Serendra is during Breakfast! Thanks to Portico for opening for breakfast as early as 7am and for inviting us to critique their breakfast offering. Coincidentally, this is among the few restaurants that I have not blogged about in Serendra 🙂

The Best of Serendra by Our Awesome Planet
Piazza Serendra slowly coming to life…
Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Piazza (a Photo Essay)

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4. Breakfast at Portico’s
5. Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra
6. Mezzaluna-First Night High!
7. Cupcakes+Sonja: Opening Nights and Creating the Cupcake Craze in the Philippines?
8. Balducci Birthday Bash
9. Aloha Polu Kai!
10. Thai at Silk @ Piazza Serendra

I finished my 21k around 9.30am and we headed straight for breakfast at Portico’s in Serendra. It was a cool relaxing scene. There are young families with kids having breakfast. On weekends, you won’t see the power breakfast crowd and it is more the spend-time-to-read-the-newspaper crowd. Breakfast is 7am until 10am and then they close to prepare for their 11am lunch. This is not your typical sunday brunch menu. The breakfast tries to be distinctly unique and captures the Filipino breakfast spirit. We loved it and our only question was, Where is the Tapsilog? Check out the Portico’s Breakfast Menu.

All the Filipino breakfast comes with this Hot Spanish Chocolate . This is how we love our hot choco! This is the cocoa kind stirred with batirol for the rich chocolate taste. I think this is one of the best hot chocolate we ever tasted.

Asian Fruit Plate (P120++). Guava, Chico, Banana, Mango, Papaya. This was not worth it for P120++. A healthy option for healthy eaters out there.

Chicken Salad Open-Faced Sandwich (P160++). Choice of 2 pcs. pan de sal or 1 pc. Multi-grain bread. I’m not sure if I want to pay for the presentation because this is just a simple sandwich to make, don’t you think? Also, price is too much.

The Filipino Breakfast are served with 1 egg, garlic rice and a choice of any 2 beverages: mini fresh juice, brewed coffee or hot chocolate.

Chicken Tocino Longganiza (P175). O

Baguio Longganisang Durog (P225++). This was the spicy kind of longganisa and no need to bother with the skin. The texture felt fried and crispy like the Rodic’s tapsilog version.

Tuyo Fillets Adobo (P175++). This is innovative and I would come back for this! I love the way the tuyo was shredded already with the adobo kick to spice up your day.

French Omelette (3 eggs) topped with Mushroom (P190++). This is served separately from the Filipino breakfast. How I wish this omelette had a dash of truffle oil! Now, I’m always craving for that distinct oil.

It was Aidan’s turn to say “cute, cute” momma for the camera.

Natural Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries (P110++). Aidan did not like it probably because it was not his usual serving of the flavored yogurt.

The Best Bread & Butter Pudding (P150++). It’s like bread in creme brulee – a must try. It was OK but I would still give my vote to Tita Moning’s Bread & Butter Pudding as the Best in Manila.

I love the huge paintings on the wall and the open kitchen concept to complete the ambiance.

Portico @ Serendra
A member of the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants that includes:
Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo Ortigas (Is it true this one is closing down?), Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 and Sidebar, El Pueblo Ortigas.
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations call us at 8560581.


6 thoughts on “Breakfast at Portico’s

  1. I’ve enjoyed all the Chateau 1771 restos I’ve tried, including Portico. And, granted, some of that food looks really good…in fact, the kesong puti fried in butter or melted on pan de sal sounds like a lovely way to start the day. But how can local fruit, longganisa, and especially, tuyo (long regarded as POOR MAN’S FOOD) possibly cost that much?! Does opening that early make that huge a difference in their overhead?

  2. Yeah, it is expensive similar to other Serendra restaurants. I would go back for the Spanish Chocolate though, despite the price! The chocolate comes with the filipino breakfast…

  3. well, it could still be well worth your buck. just think that a cup of chocolate @ xocolat would already set you back @ more than P100. so getting a breakfast set that costs say a little less than P200 is already ok

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