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Q. What do Chef Maurizio, Gelatone and Pagliacci have in common?
A. Chef Maurizio owns them and he just opened a new restaurant in Salcedo Village, Makati.

It was sad to see Cafe Maestro closed and I can still remember our excitement when it first opened in Makati. At the same time, Chef Maurizio’s Ristorante, opened in Salcedo Village with the same excitement along De La Costa near Ateneo. Famous for his gelato, Chef Maurizio provides a complete Italian culinary experience more than the Gelatone teaser located in 2nd floor of Greenbelt. He is also known for the Pagliacci restaurant located in the Podium and credited for opening Pazzo.

The restaurant has an intimidating fine dining presence along De La Costa. We hesitated for a moment to eat dinner because we were in our casual selves with a toddler who has a gourmet appetite and acts like a speedy gonzales in the flesh. Some people just don’t like and appreciate kids. We are guilty of that when we were single but now we are more patient and love to see them. We were conscious to get that casual look of disgust not because we are using a big camera but because of a naughty Aidan. We survived the night and Chef Maurizio granted us the pleasure to take the photo above to be part of Aidan’s Chef photo collection.

You must have seen Gelatone in Greenbelt that sells the now famous silky soft gelato. We loved it!

With this kind of ambiance, expect to pay P700/ head on average and get a satisfying Italian cuisine experience. I love that Chef Maurizio spends time to go around the table and just have a chat. The gelatos are not mentioned in the menu, but be sure to ask for it to end your meal.

Chef Maurizio Menu
Antipasti and Insalate
Home Made Pasta and Carni E Pesci
Pasta Ascuitta

Not included in the menu is Mozarella Buffala which is highly recommended by OAP friend, Daniel.

I love this non-harassed look of Mrs. OAP with Aidan waiting his chance to escape her momma’s embrace.

Spaghetti Tavolara (Tomatoes sauce, crab fat, shrimps, olive oil and roasted bell pepper) P380++

This was labeled as a Must Try because of the Aligue or Crab Fat. Surprisingly, it is one of the aligue pasta that I love because the crab fat taste is light and not overpowering. It was a bit expensive though — P400 for a pasta.

Gelatos (P290++). We had to request this because it is not offered as part of the dessert. The gelato was silky soft to the taste and flavorful. We love the mixed combination of lemon and strawberry.

Aidan poses with his mom in his usual no-look stance. After I finish clicking the shot, he would rush up to me and say “see, see”, to see the shot.

Tagliatelle Tartufate. Home Made Pasta with truffle cream and mushroom (P440++)

As they say, truffle + mushroom ingredients in a pasta is a sure winner. We are figuring out if the pasta was cooked al dente or it was a poorly made home made pasta because it was a bit tough.

Aidan wants to eat pasta for himself. It was a bit messy, but we let him be to be more independent.

Alla Chef M (Fresh Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basilica and anchovies) P390++

We love this thin soft pizza with just the basic ingredients. We were full from the two pastaa we ordered so we had to take this home. Surprisingly, it was still as good even when reheated in an oven toaster. Highly recommended. They also have a no cheese pizza which we decided to try on our next visit.

Maurizio Ristorante,
138 HV dela Costa (former Singapore Airlines Bldg), in Makati.
It’s in the same side of the street as the former Ateneo Grad School (a building or two away).
750-7891 for reservations,


12 thoughts on “Chef Maurizio’s

  1. Hi, where is this restaurant and did it taste as good as it looks? Your pictures are truly awesome but without the accompanying write up it’s hard to tell if you enjoyed the experience.
    By the way, I work in advertising and if you are really serious about getting Aidan an agent, I suggest you ask your P&G agencies (Burnett, Saatchi, Campaigns) for referrals to a good one. Many agents aren’t as caring of their talents as you might wish.

  2. Tried Gelatone a few weeks ago. Just got back from Florence then so I was excited to be able to eat gelato once again. Unfortunately, they tasted more like ordinary ice cream than gelato. Quite disappointing.

  3. i tried gelatone about 2 weeks ago, there was one flavor that tasted like ferrero, i so loooooooooove it! i got myself a scoop again a while ago when we were in greenbelt. 🙂

  4. I walked over to Maurizio’s last weekend and was disappointed with the quality of the food. The tomato soup was okay but didn’t really taste home made. It lacked some citrus element and I miss the basil. The beef carpaccio left a lot to be desired – the parmesan shavings were very dry and the greens were overdressed.
    As for my salad with salmon, it’s really hard to screw that up but they did. The salmon bits were tiny [and some even grey in color] and the dressing, while true to the description of being lemon, was indeed lemony- but didn’t taste of anything else. I love salads of all kinds but I didn’t even finish half of my order.
    The food was sadly, two dimensional.

  5. The gelatone offers the same gelato as pagliacci? Or are they different?
    How much is the gelatone gelato per serving? Thanks.

  6. hi im maurizio answer to venice…im sorry if u find my food not ok..pls try again and look 4 me.we just open fless then month..ciao

  7. Agreed with Venice…food when we went was a tad dissapointing- the mushroom soup was HEAVY on the cream–hardly any mushroom taste, and the tomato sauce on my ravioli was salty and greasy.
    All of this understandably so this being the restaurant’s soft opening. Would like to give it another chance.
    Was also hoping to see some traditional Italian soups on the menu such as minestrone and pasta e fagioli.

  8. i really enjoyed the food. had the grilled sea bass with a light salad (perfectly cooked fish!) and the eggplant starter. my friend had the carpaccio and she really enjoyed it. great ambience! i’m definitely coming back.

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